August 24, 2013

Keepin' It Real...The Third Time Around

Time for another Keepin' It Real post. You know, the ones where I fill you in on all the "real" stuff about me you would probably rather not know. Or, as my family so lovingly puts it...the stuff that is not "Blog-worthy". In any we go!

This was my dinner the other night. And if you are familiar with the menu there, you may know that this particular meal comes with TWO cheeseburgers. I may or may not have eaten both. You decide.

These are Flynn's new jammies. See how cute? And now know that she wore them all day. And played outside in them. And then slept in them. Yep.

We are still featuring these beauties at our house. Steve returned from buying yet another box and informed me that the next time we will be buying Depends, as she is currently outgrowing size 6! Yes, they do make size 6 diapers. Trust me.

This is where you will find me almost every afternoon. Around 2:00. Under that soft brown blanket. Sometimes my baby joins me. Sometimes not. And all while...

it looks like this outside. : )

Thanks for visiting...hope you come back!


  1. "Keeping it Real" is a good thing for a blog. I like real blogs such as yours. Yep, I love those 2 cheeseburger meals. Cute pj's and thanks for sharing your photos. Blessings

  2. I am totally with you on those afternoon naps. I take a quick one almost every day when I get home. Makes the evening go better! Thanks for keeping it real! Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Joseph isn't potty trained yet. I'm starting to work on it, but he is so not interested! He's gone a few times, but doesn't even say he has gone in the potty till I notice and then he'll say something. A little delayed response I think!

    As for fast food, I know I feed Chick Fil A to my kids way too often!

  4. Mmmm, I like McDonalds more than a grown woman should....glad to see i'm in good company!

  5. I love your keeping it real!! McDonalds Yum...have you had their egg white McMuffin(I think that is what it is called)They are wonderful!

  6. Love the new look of your blog...fall is on the way!!

  7. My first thought about McD's was she only eats a tiny cheeseburger, I always have the quarter pounder with cheese!! Then I read about the 2nd burger missing....hahah!!! (This is a pregnancy place for me, I admit, I don't go there when not pregnant, it's a craving for those quarter pounders with cheese, no onion extra extra pickles!)

    Love your keeping it real posts....I love non blog worthy posts, which actually makes them blog worthy.

    I know you love fall, but I'm hanging on to every last second of summer!!!! (SO I am NOT going to say it's cute over here or anything!)

  8. Don't worry Billie Jo. These kinds of posts make everyone feel better. It's nice to know we're not alone. I ALWAYS eat the 2 cheeseburger meal and still want more!

  9. Oh my gosh you ARE HUMAN!!! I'm with Jamie Jo. Those two Cheeseburgers are like "snack-burgers"... but I do Wendy's. That baby girl can wear whatever she wants and look sweet sweet sweet. We love us some PJ's round here! As for Naps... I love naps. I keep trying to tell Clara about the blessedness of sweet sleep (usually while trying to catch a nap with her) ...but she doesn't always get it and needs constant reminding (like a few times a night still and she still only naps for like 20 min!!! 20 min! 30 if I'm lucky! Crazy 6mo old. How DOES she function with that constant smiley grin on almost no sleep?) *yawn* pull me up a corner of that coucharoo! ;)

  10. Flynn could join Miss Clementine with pj's day! Seriously. I picked her up a third set (for the trip since I won't be washing clothes on vacay), and they are her FAVE!! She will pick them out of her dirty clothes basket and hold 'em and snuggle 'em all day after wearing them all the day day before and that night! She cries when I try to take them away :)

  11. What a great post and I love that you keep it real! Your daughter is absolutely precious and I have to admit that I enjoy McDonald's fries more than I should :) Have a wonderful Monday!


  12. I thought Jamie Jo was preggers there for a second and got all EXCITED!
    My Miss Ava still loves her boggie-warm (bottle of milk warmed up before bed) and still loves her nuk. I think it has something to do with her being the baby in the family.

    I am usually the one in the PJ's all day. Kids are in their underwear...well my boys. It is one oclock right now and we are all still in pj's. School really helps me stay on schedule.

  13. I love your "keeping it real" posts. I think they should be weekly. One of these days I'll have to do one. This one was awesome! There's nothing like a good McD meal when you're craving it! And Flynn in those jammies. love that too!

  14. I envy you that spot on your couch!

  15. lookin all cute and fally over here I must say!!:)
    heat index in the 100's this week for us:! ugh!!

    anyway...keeping it real, always a blast!
    mcd fries have crack in them I think...I can't stay away!:)

    jammie days rock, if I could pull it off I would.

    yep, we busted out of our size 6's too. finally free of those though I must admit and it feels good!

    you lost me on the nap. if I lay down for a second it is all over for me!:)

    have a happy day billie jo and keep these posts comin!:)

  16. I love your "keepin' it real posts!"

    And now, I'm gonna keep it real for you...I am insanely jealous that you still get to buy pull-ups/diapers and wipes! :) I was just not ready for Luke to do this potty training thing...and so I didn't. Recently, he relapsed. Not.Surprised.At.All! I just don't know many newly turned 3-year old boys that don't forget! Unfortunately, he is night-time wetting. I've decided to go back to pull-ups for's the lazy mom in me! :)

    I think with my return to work...the transition out of his crib (yup, my 3-year old still slept in a crib...and I haven't taken it down yet!)...and preschool, we've had a little regression. No big deal. I'm secretly glad. :)


    Oh, and I always eat BOTH burgers! :)

  17. I love new jammies and I'm a bit jealous that they are long pants and it's cool enough to wear them. It's still in the very high 90's here! Dang fast food, so easy and tastes so good ;)


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