June 9, 2013

Mommy Notes

I wanted to share a couple little things I do to help me remember the special moments and events in each of my children's lives. The first idea is something my own mother did for each of her five girls. She suggested I start when Madison was born, and I am so glad I did.

I have a note card box for each child, and starting the day we came home from the hospital, I jotted down a few notes on a note card once a week for the first year. It was so easy to take a few minutes once a week and write down the baby's accomplishments, feeding schedule and milestones. It isn't fancy or complicated, but it sure comes in handy as a reference and a memory keeper!

Despite having no scientific proof, I believe that from the moment each of my precious newborn souls was placed in my arms, time moved much quicker than before. I lived in the insulated, beautiful, sometimes chaotic moments of sweet smelling babies, late night rocking chair snuggles and first days of preschool, blissfully unaware or unwilling to admit that those days would not last forever. I was certain that I would never forget the details surrounding my child's first smile or giggle or first bite of food, but trust me...I did. Taking those few minutes once a week means I will have those precious moments documented forever.

After the first year, I jot down random events as they occur, being sure to date each one and record the child's age. I have one for Madison's first play date, Peyton's first time baking brownies, Rhett's first time telling me he loved me, and Flynn's first time in the swing. I also do a note card on each birthday with a few notes about the past year, always amazed that another year has passed so quickly.

I keep a separate box for each child for sickness. I can't tell you how glad I am to have those little notes about fevers and symptoms when I make those late night phone call to the doctor!

My note card boxes...told you they weren't fancy!

One of Flynn's first year note cards...

and one from her sick box...

Here is one my mom gave to me from my own box...wait...does that say potty trained before 2?!  What a little overachiever I was!  Jeesh!

Another thing I do for myself and also for my children is write a card out to each of them as they celebrate special occasions and milestones.  I don't give them to them just yet. I am saving them for when they are older,  perhaps at graduation. They are simple reminders to them that I have loved them and been there for them for all the important moments in their lives.

I have written a card for the first day of Kindergarten, First Communion, Graduation from Fifth Grade, Graduation from Eighth Grade, Sweet Sixteen, and the first day of high school for Madison, and for Peyton and Rhett just the things they have done so far.

All my cards for my kids...I keep them tucked safely in my drawer. The kids don't know I do this, so I am counting on the fact that they won't read this particular post!

Just a little bit of the card I wrote out for Madison when she graduated from fifth grade...
These are just a couple things I do to keep these precious moments of motherhood close at hand. Time is gradually pulling my babies away from me, but with these simple little moments written down, I will have them in my heart forever.


  1. Oh, I love this Billie Jo. I'm super impressed with how well you seemed to keep up with it over the years; and how it's changed from the kids "stats" to letters that you've written to them. What a keepsake. They'll love this when they're parents themselves.

  2. *Love* Nothing else. What an awesome mom you are!

  3. the most awesome-est mamas in the world!!!

    Billy Jo, you impress me with your huge heart and love you give to those precious babes of yours.

    I have a journal for my kiddos. Every birthday I asked them what their favorite things were..food, color etc..and traced their hands and feet then had them write their names and draw stuff. I have baby books and school books ...it is crazy trying to keep it all together.

    but, like you, it is all worth it because these babes of ours grow up fast!

  4. Oh my goodness, you are such a wonderful mother! I love this idea and would love to try to do something like this! :)

  5. This is delightful, Billie Jo!! how wonderful you are carrying on this tradition from your own mama, too! Your children will love it when they receive those cards!!

  6. Oh Billie Jo I wish I would have met you many years ago! I LOVE the idea of writing a letter to the kids and then keeping it to give to them at a later date. You are a wonderful mom!

    I have a journal for each child and I write in it on their birthday or around there.

  7. I love the mommy notes! I have a health notebook on the girls but I love the milestones on cards. So cool to look back and remember! Wish I did that when they were babies!

  8. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful idea! I am TERRIBLE keeping notes on the things my children do- and regret it all the time. I think I'm going to have to do this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What absolutely loving ways to express to your child the deepest love a mother has for her children. They will cherish those FOREVER!!

  10. What a fun box for your kids and you to look back on...and something so easy to do! Love seeing the card your mom wrote for you - so neat!

  11. what a super super idea and a treasure to pass along to your kiddos for sure! that is amazing!!:)

    and your note from your mom...WOW!! that's about all I can say!:)

    have a happy day billie jo

  12. This is awesome. What great ideas! These are perfect for me. I may not have your awesome handwriting, but it'll work. I so often say I'm going to sit down and work on baby books and realize already how much I've forgotten and need a way to "remember". We put aside things for Ava in a "Time Capsule" for her graduation year (also had family members and friends bring things to her 1st birthday party to put inside) Keep sharing those great ideas!


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