June 6, 2013

Weekend Plans

So we are in summer weekend mode here, which sometimes translates to lazy days of a whole lot of nothing, but more often to busy days of random events and activities. This weekend falls into the latter category.

Friday night Peyton and I are having a mom and me night! She and I are the resident homebodies, and rarely go out unnecessarily. But we are going to break out and have a night on the town. We are planning on dinner and a movie. I gave Peyton the choice for dinner, and as of now it sounds like Taco Bell. : )

Saturday during the day we are going for try #3 on planting our flowers. Last weekend I decided to deep clean the house instead, and am glad that is done. Any takers on coming and planting mine for me, so you don't have to hear about it anymore? Saturday evening Steve and I are joining his six brothers and sisters along with their spouses to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday! She is a sweet lady and I am looking forward to spending some time with her. We are going out to dinner, well actually a late lunch. Steve's mom likes to eat at 4:30, so 4:30 it is! Our plan is to eat, visit, and make it to late mass before heading home.

Sunday we can sleep in and have a lazy morning. I think I will make some pancakes and fresh fruit for a late breakfast. Rhett has an away soccer game at 4:00. We are all going and then going for dinner at this little place that has the BEST pizza around! So, if you are keeping track, that is 3 for 3 on my not cooking this weekend. Just sayin...

Well, that is what is happening around here this weekend. I hope yours is happy, and sunny, and yummy, whatever your plans may be!

What better way to celebrate the first day of summer vacation than with homemade waffles...

Ignore all that butter. Focus on all those fresh strawberries instead. ; )

And...this is how you can tell she is the 4th child...lying on the end table watching TV. Note the Cheetos crumbs on her face as well. And may I add, this was at 10:30 in the morning.

Here is the "Afternoon Coffee" part of my blog title. : )

Favorite summer scent so far...wild berries!


  1. Sounds wonderful! I LOVE Taco Bell. I always order 3 (yes, 3 ) Taco Supremes. I could eat about 10, but I go when I'm alone and that would be embarrassing. And you are so good making homemade waffles. They look delicious. (what butter?) Have a nice time at the birthday party with your in-laws and a "date" with your husband. Enjoy, my friend.

  2. Awww I love mom and me time, even as a "grown-up"! :) Those waffles look delicious! I hope you have a great weekend, Billie Jo!

  3. Oh my goodness... she is gorgeous... cheerio crumbs and all! And the weekend mom and me plans sound perfect. I have to get more of those in. Thanks for the reminder! And yum!!! Wish I was there for your coffee and goodie... looks soooo good! Happy weekend friend ~tara

  4. Yum taco bell! Sounds like a fun mom and daughter night out. It is so nice to have that one on one time. Enjoy.

    Oh how I would love to be able to join you for an afternoon coffee and one of your wonderful desserts. We are going to have your berry pie this weekend. :)

  5. Hi Billie Jo! What a fun blog. Thanks for visiting. I have thy same Wild Berries scent on my bathroom counter. Love it! Happy Summer!!

  6. Hi Billie Jo! What a fun blog. Thanks for visiting. I have thy same Wild Berries scent on my bathroom counter. Love it! Happy Summer!!

  7. weekend plans with three dinners out...girl you are living the high life!:)
    love those mommy daughter dates.
    what movie?
    epic was great!:)

    Saturday night sounds fun. lots of grownups to hang out with. not that the little ones aren't fun or anything!:)

    the waffles look yummy. funny, we both probably made waffles on the same day. wait...that was French toast...anyway...

    and yeah...we have quite a few "she's the third child" moments here too....sigh...love love that dress.

    enjoy every moment of your weekend
    have a happy day billie jo

  8. Girls night out! Enjoy enjoy enjoy..every stinkin moment.

    I love the cheetocrumbbaby..My 3yr old loves those also. Sometimes, it is the only way I can get through the fun times at Wal-Mart!

    Come live by me and make waffles! I will be over every time.

  9. love it! sounds like a great weekend to me and all the food choices would be high on my list, too!
    hope it's a great one!

  10. Hope you have a very happy weekend! We just finished school yesterday! Hooray!

  11. Have a GREAT weekend! As I'm typing this...(my internet was down for 36 hours - they cut a cable ;( I realize that you are celebrating you MIL around now. Hope you are enjoying yourself!!


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