March 14, 2013

Weekend Plans

Usually, this is where I say, "The weekend already?"...but this week seemed soooo long. We decided it was due to the time change. Ugh... Needless to say we are indeed happy that Friday is here once again. Friday evening we are free. I am planning a family favorite... pierogii lasagna for dinner. I usually serve it with steamed carrots and applesauce. After dinner, we will probably watch some tv and try to stay awake long enough to pick Madison up from work at 10.

Saturday during the day we are free as well, and I am planning on getting some odds and ends done around the house. The kids and I may tackle drawers and closets and weed out some outgrown clothes. We have Mass in the early evening, and then Steve and Rhett are going to a Knights of Columbus Dinner and Raffle. Madison has work, so Peyton, Flynn, and I are planning on Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. My kind of night!

 Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, a favorite holiday here in this house. Dinner will be smoked sausage and cabbage with a lime jello poke cake for dessert. After the fun, we will pack backpacks and lunch bags and prepare for a brand new week. That is what we will be up to this chilly March weekend. I hope yours is happy, and green, and cozy, whatever your plans may be. I am so glad you stopped by!

All ready for Mass on Saturday...

and finally outside making her first ever Frosty the Snowman on Sunday. Don't you just love my thrown together hand me down winter boots and gloves paired with a spring jacket and no hat because it was almost 60 degrees?

Frosty himself...upon completion, Flynn admired him for a mere 2 seconds before proclaiming, "Now let's make Rudolph!"

March cupcake delivery...boy, do these months pass quickly!


  1. Look how stinkin' cute Flynn's outfit is!!! What is your lasagna recipe???? Will you share? Made your muffins...AGAIN! They were a hit with my Women's Group!!! Everyone wants the recipe. Cute snowman...don't you love 60 degree days with snow on the ground. Great until it all turns to mud. It was 71 degrees in KS today...rain/snow by Monday. bleh!

    Have a great St. Patrick's Day weekend! I will be traveling with the littles to St. Louis.


  2. Wow, that's a good snowman. I was just thinking that I hadn't seen your cupcakes in a while. Those ones that look like chickens are that what they're supposed to be? It's late, I'm half asleep. Have a great weekend. Erin Go Bragh!

  3. What an awesome snowman! Those cupcakes look way too good. YUM! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day celebration! :)

  4. That snowman looks professionally made! I wish St. Patty's Day was on Saturday so we didn't have to cut off the celebrations early because it's a school night!

  5. Your March cupcakes look wonderful. What a great gift to give to someone...a year full of yummy cupcakes.
    Now that is a snowman!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. That is the best snowman I've ever seen! And I loved Flynn's comment after! Have a super fun Saint Patrick's Day on Sunday. We're going to make shamrock cookies and do a little craft! And then it's all packed away to get ready for Easter. The days fly by too quickly!!!

  7. Love the snowman!
    Hope you all have a happy weekend!
    This week has been so busy for us. My parents came to visit. Art show. Chorus performance. Meetings. Busy, but fun!

  8. That is one of the best snowmen I've ever seen! Frosty looks so neat and well put-together. You guys did a great job!! Hope you had a great weekend!


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