March 17, 2013

From The Files Of...I Agreed To What?

Do you ever have those moments as a wife and mother where you are participating in a conversation, but in retrospect, you realize that obviously you actually heard nothing that was said? Perhaps it was because you were loading the dishwasher, checking homework, and mentally calculating if you have enough milk in the fridge to get through until morning, all while looking at the clock and deciding if your toddler could skip her bath that night? I admit it. I do. And here is the proof...

 ( Love Flynn peeking around here! )

Yep...that would be a full set of drums. In my basement. Right beneath my family room. At some point during the past few weeks, I somehow agreed to this. At least the remaining members of my family tell me I did...Yes, it is louder here in my cozy, country home these days, but when I go down and see this, how can I not be so very happy for my son? And glad that I don't remember half of the things I agree to.

He is really quite good, and Madison's boyfriend Ryan plays too, so he is giving him a hand. Add those drums to this... which is Ryan's and somehow has taken up permanent residence in my basement as well...

and we almost have a band! Madison sings, so perhaps we have the new Partridge Family here! : )  And if you are too young to know who The Partridge Family is ...I'm sorry. Not really...I'm jealous.


  1. LOL! This is a good way to catch up on some reading. I ALWAYS wanted to wear the jumpers that the Partridge girls where allowed to wear. I wore jumpers...but not as bold as they did ;) I thought David Cassidy was such! a! dream! (swoon :) Keep us updated on this one. Happy St. Patrick's day!

  2. You know, the Mom in the Partridge family sang and played instruments too. Get out your tambourine, girlfriend.

  3. I love the Partridge Family! My boys would go nuts with those drums...and I would literally go nuts :)

  4. Hi Billie Jo!

    Oh my word that's so me! Do I have enough time to get 'bath in'? Should I run to the store for milk or can anna have eggs? Check that homework.. start lunches for tomorrow.. unload the dishwasher. I guess that's why my tea and blog reading right now feels like heaven! Have a happy Monday ~ tara

    PS I love Flynn peaking around the drums.

    PPS You're a great Mom!!!

  5. Oh you are so funny! Yes, I have those moments often where I am not really there when the kids ask me questions. :)
    I love the Patridge Family! I know that Nicolas would LOVE having a drum set.
    Happy Monday!

  6. You are a more generous mom than I am...There is no way I'd agree to something that could make that much noise comng into our house! My children alone are enough to bust my eardrums; no need to add drums to it too! :) But that is pretty cool that there is so much musical talent around you guys; nights spent playing music together will make for great memories if nothing else.


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