November 4, 2012

Trick-Or-Treat!...Halloween 2012

Our Halloween began with a spooky Halloween breakfast. This is what the table looked like when my little ones came down on Halloween morning.

I had planned on Halloween Confetti pancakes, but due to the storm, we had school off on Tuesday, so I made the pancakes then. On Halloween morning, we had cinnamon rolls with orange icing. It actually worked out better, as the girls need to leave quite early in the morning. Note to self: remember that next year! After the kids left for school, Flynn and I whipped up some quick Halloween brownies because you can never have too many sweets on Halloween, right? Yummy!

 After school, we finished some quick homework, then Steve came home early from work with pizza. I learned long ago that Halloween trick-or-treat night is not the time for a fancy Halloween meal. We have that the night before, so on trick-or-treat night we can eat, get dressed and get out the door quickly and without hassle!

This year we had some super cute trick-or treaters.

a cat...

a mouse...

a joker...

and a princess...Cinderella!

After trick-or treating for a couple hours on a rainy, cold night, this is what my kitchen table looked like!

This always makes me a little crazy...but fortunately, with my littles, it is about getting the candy, not as much about eating it! The first thing the kids do is go through and put anything they don't want...the "yucky" stuff in a bag for Steve to take to work. This bag is always much bigger than the ones we keep at home! Then the trading begins with whatever is left. After everyone is happy, I give them individual bags to keep their own candy in and we put it in the pantry. Usually in a couple weeks, it is long forgotten! Except by me, who can spot a snack size bag of peanut m&m's a mile away! 

After the candy was taken care of, we washed up and tried to watch a movie, but eyelids drooped, and we called it a night. Halloween 2012 was a huge success and a day I hope my littles will remember long after all that candy is gone.

Halloween 2012
Madison 15, Peyton 12, Rhett 10, Flynn 2

Things I want to Remember:

How excited all 4 of my kids were to get ready...

How sweet it was that my 15 year old wanted to dress up to help out...

How content I felt as my whole little world was together in our van on Halloween night...

The excitement in Flynn's eyes as we pulled up to a house with the porch light on...

How wonderful my husband is to enjoy this as much as I do, and how he held Flynn's hand all night...

How Rhett looked up an address for a little girl in his class, and wrote in on a piece of paper...

How he asked me if he looked alright before he went up to her door...

The special giant Hershey Bar Rhett received at another little girl's house!

How I willed myself to enjoy THIS moment, not long for years past, or worry about the future when I won't have littles anymore...

The tears that welled in my eyes as I watched from the van as my littles went house to house...

How Flynn turned and said at every stop,"Mommy, you wait here. Don't leave, ok?"

How Flynn gathered up all the "red" kit kats she could hold and asked me to put them in the candy jar.

How Peyton thanked my over and over for the wonderful day as I tucked her in.

The smile on my face as I snuggled under my flannel sheets at last.


  1. Great memories, Billie Jo! The time passes so quickly, it is good to stop and reflect on the present, isn't it?

  2. Love your "tablescape." Glad a good time was had by all. They sound like such sweet kids.

  3. Your decorations were so cute. It sounds like yall had such a great time and a memorable one at that!

  4. You are such a sweet mom!! I absolutely love how you decorated the table for breakfast and all the memories you shared! Flynn's Cinderella dress is amazing! :)

  5. what a sweet, sweet night! cutest princess i have seen ever i must say!!:) i love your list of memories at the end. it's funny how many we can think of when we try...makes you wish you had written a list like that every year doesn't it!!:/
    have a happy day billie jo

  6. I loved how your son looked up that address and then asked how he looked... love that! And I love the whole list because in time we do forget all of those little happy things. And so true about getting the candy is more exciting than eating it. So true. Loved your little Cinderalla... such a beautiful costume. have a happy night friend, tara


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