November 1, 2012

Weekend Plans

This weekend is a mix of seasons for us. We are still celebrating Halloween and actually thinking ahead to ...yikes!...Christmas! Friday after school we are heading out of town to get Flynn's picture taken. This is something I do with all my littles. I have a 4 month, 8 months, and 1-year picture taken. Then I have a yearly one taken every year around their birthday until they are in school and begin to have it taken there. I have gone to the same place for all my children and am excited to see how Flynn's 3rd birthday picture turns out. After her picture, we are going to the Hallmark Store so each one of the kids can pick out an ornament for Christmas. This is a tradition I started with Madison and we have continued every year since. It is actually the "unofficial" start of our family Holiday Season! I have a labeled box for each child, and every year we put his or her ornament inside. We use these ornaments to decorate the kids Christmas tree. This is the tree Santa puts the presents under! I love to look at all the ornaments and see what each child was interested at each age. And when they are all grown and leave when they are say...30, they will have a whole set of ornaments to take with them!

Saturday morning I will visit with my dad at the nursing home. Last week he called and asked me not to come because his roommate was sick, so I am looking forward to visiting with them both. Saturday afternoon is free, so we will probably rest and relax before Mass. Dinner on Saturday is a family favorite, tuna and noodles. Yes, believe it or not, my family actually asks me to make that! Madison has a Halloween dance on Saturday night, and the rest of us will be home watching movies and taking it easy!

Sunday morning is also free! I am planning on sleeping late...ahhh...and then having a big brunch. I like to do this once and a while when we are home without plans on Sunday. We have pancakes, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and fresh fruit. Sunday afternoon will probably bring football and more football. The Steelers play around 4 so we will have a light dinner during the game, then it will be baths and bed! I am taking advantage of these lazy weekends! I know that hunting season, birthdays, and Christmas are not that far away! I hope your weekend is lazy too, whatever your plans may be!

Our spooky, fun jack-o-lanterns from last weekend!

My Rhett standing still long enough before school for a quick picture!

My little pumpkin...outfit by mommy, shoes by Flynn!

Look who's old enough to take Kirby out all by herself!


  1. Love your carved pumpkins. I love hearing about your weekends and your meals always sound wonderful. I thought of you today and this afternoon I took a coffee break! I felt a bit more relaxed when the kids came home from schoo.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I just love how your pumpkins turned out! That is such a neat idea for the Christmas ornament tradition. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Billie Jo! :)

  3. Doing a 7 Quick Takes hop and just happened by! What an adorable little pumpkin lady! Mine was a pumpkin too. Happy weekend!

  4. Can I come for brunch? My favorite meal ever. All of you who love fancy dinners out on the town can have em! I'm a breakfast girl myself and that sounds soooo good. I think I'll make a plan an copy you since I don't have to teach Religious Ed class this Sunday!

    I love your traditions. And the ornament one is darling. Scott and I pick out a Hallmark one for the girls each year also and they open them on Thanksgiving morning. They go on the little artifical tree so we can put them up that day! I love how you let your kids pick out their own each year. so special!

    Enjoy your weekend. You always inspire...


  5. We have the ornament tradition in our home, too! Actually, my parents did this with me. Unfortunately, when I was in high school, our basement flooded and we lost all of my baby ornaments. But since I was 16 (after the flood), I have gotten an ornament from them every year. Even now, all grown up, I still get one from them each Christmas!

    And now, we do the same for our kids. They each have a Rubbermaid box filled with ornaments just for them. They usually get 6 ornaments a piece each year thanks to us, two sets of grandparents, godparents, and aunts and uncles! By the time they're grown, they'll have enough to fill an entire tree! So fun! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Those pumpkins look fabulous. I hope you're enjoying your lazy weekend, although it sounds like you're doing a lot. Have fun.

  7. i just love the ornament tradition and i told myself this is the year i am starting it!!!! so i better get to the store and pick three quick before all the good ones are gone!!:)
    i agree with tara too...brunch is awesome!!
    i am trying to keep my heart on thanksgiving but i have one foot in christmas too...i love it too much and it always feels too short!!:)
    have a happy day billie jo


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