February 8, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee


Good Monday morning, my friends. Today dawned cloudy and cold. As in cold. Taking Mocha out this morning felt good though. I took a big deep breath of fresh, cold air and thought how blessed I am to have a brand new day ahead of me. Then I turned around and ran back into the house. Because did I tell you? It is cold. I pulled out my Valentine's Day mugs this morning. I found them years ago online at Life is Good. I finished my ground Dunkin and am drinking Starbucks House Blend today. I added a bit of Pumpkin Spice Creamer because I love fall, and even though it is February, I drink pumpkin spice anything. 

Today we need to take the pups to the groomer. I tell them it is the spa. While they are there, Flynn and I will homeschool. After we pick them up, Peyton and I will make Taco Pizza Rolls ~RECIPE HERE~ with corn for dinner. After that, it is Bachelor Monday! I am so happy Chris Harrison is on my television Monday nights helping people find their true soulmate from among the many there seeking social media fame love.

We enjoyed the Superbowl yesterday with food and fun. The game itself I have been told was not that exciting, but congrats to the winners and the other team who are certainly not losers, because being there is a testament to greatness. I enjoyed some of the commercials, and did I mention the food?

Have a cozy day, my friends.
Thanks for the coffee date!


  1. Your Super Bowl spread looks yummy! Some of us were happy here with the game, others not. Benjamin was thrilled that his Bucs won! I went to bed in the beginning of the 4th quarter as I have "A" and her baby brother "C" here this week starting at 530 every morning. It is cold here too but the cold is refreshing. I'd rather have cold than oppressive heat and humidity. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Wow, what a great Super Bowl Spread! We kept things super simple over here. Freezing cold here as well. Hope you have a warm, wonderful week!

  3. Yes the cold air did feel good in the lungs. My fingers felt otherwise, even in gloves. But the cold sure makes coffee taste even better doesn't it?! Happy Monday!

  4. Hi Billie Jo~

    I love that you make every event special...and it looked delicious! I enjoyed watching some Youtube, while my husband watched the game...I'm only in it for the commercials and the food ;0) Happy Monday!!

    Hugs and Love,

  5. Your stromboli looks delicious, Billie Jo, as does everything else. I can hardly believe it was LV Super Bowl. I was dating my husband when the first one occurred! I know, I'm old! Have a lovely evening.

  6. Such a great table of deliciousness! Love your posts.💖

  7. Wow that food sure looks good, I would be happy with whoever won if I got to eat like that!

  8. That Super Bowl spread looks mighty good. I love pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee all year not just Autumn. Have you ever tried it in your hot chocolate? It's wonderful! Pumpkin and chocolate are a delicious combination. And yup congratulations to both teams. Have a good one!

  9. My word what a spread for your game, It all looks so delicious. We have had a little snow too and the temperatures have dropped. HOME is where I am happy to be.

  10. That's quite the spread! I only had two things and one was a new recipe I was trying out that was a FLOP! At least now I know! :)

  11. It is cold here, too, and snowy. It looks like it's going to snow at least a bit every day this week. Yay. I like pumpkin spice everything at any time, too. I just had pumpkin spice hot chocolate today. A little different, but after a few sips I decided I like it.

  12. Now _that_ is a Super Bowl spread!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes, a lot of us, are in the Deep Freeze for a while.

    Nice to stay in!

    And we have to go out and find a recliner, after mine broke.

    -sigh- I soooooooo dislike to shop for anything, at any time.

    Oh well, just gotta' do it.



  13. Look at all that Yummy food! And those paper plates are perfect for the day. It's so funny how the pets look after going to the groomer. I remember when Nel took her furry dog to the groomer and he came back all shaved. He looked so cute and funny. When I first see your cups on your Monday Morning Coffee posts, I have a big smile on my face. This one is delightful. It's nice that you have more Valentine cups to enjoy. Starbuck's House Blend is the best. ; )


  14. Love your mug.
    The boys and my husband watched the game.. they weren't invested in any team but were disappointed at the slow pace of the game.


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