February 12, 2021

Chinese Takeout And Everything Hearts


Happy Friday, friends! And Happy Chinese New Year! We will celebrate tonight with some delicious takeout from one of our favorite places in town. Although I usually get some beef with broccoli, I am thinking of sesame chicken tonight. And an eggroll. And maybe some wonton soup. Can you tell I haven't eaten my breakfast yet today?? The remainder of this cold February weekend will include preparing for and celebrating Valentine's Day, which I strongly suspect is a commercial ploy to get people to buy expensive cards and gifts in an attempt to relay feelings of love that can be conveyed just as strongly with a home-cooked meal and a handwritten note, but that I happily celebrate every year with chocolate because it is a holiday, right? But I do tell Steve that I know he loves me. I don't need him to give Hallmark money to let me know. I am lacking in the romance department, I know.

In other news, the pups got treated at the groomer and look fresh and smell clean. Little Mocha loves to go and doesn't even bark when I leave her with Alyssa, but the excitement clearly wears her out! Kirby takes it all in stride, as usual. He takes his role as big brother quite seriously. Peyton made cupcakes that were as delicious as they were cute. And I planned a little brunch for my people to celebrate the special day of hearts and love. I am thinking scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee cake, fruit, juice, and coffee. And then a nap. 
Have a cozy weekend filled with lots of love, my friends.
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  1. Your weekend sounds perfect. And your pups are adorable!

  2. Hi Billie Jo - what a love-filled Valentines Day weekend you have planned. Chinese take-out sounds so good. I also love beef-broccoli, and that is my usual order, but lately I have been branching out. I am getting my second Covid Shot today, so perhaps Chinese take-out will be just the thing tonight! Thanks for the great idea! Have a great weekend. Love from Utah, my friend.

  3. I didn't realize today was Chinese New Year, but I was already thinking it would be a good night for take-out Chinese. Beef and broccoli is my usual order, too, with an eggroll or shrimp rangoon. Tonight I may just get the honey chicken, too. Leftovers for tomorrow!

  4. Hello my friend. I love the idea of your brunch- think I might steal that idea...the pups are certainly ready for the festivities.

  5. Sounds lovely. We will celebrate oldest's 40th tomorrow and then go into chocolate coma on Sunday only to be revived by oldest grandsons birthday with dairy queen cake.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese take out. That was my plan until my husband decided to treat himself to Panda Express for his birthday lunch on Monday. My oldest son's favorite is sesame chicken. He'd approve of your choice. Those cupcakes look yummy!

  7. Sounds like a cozy way to spend the weekend.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    M : )

  8. Happy Valentines Day! Your day sounds perfect.

    We've got 10+ inches of snow here in Seattle. And Chuck is at work... We're definitely not celebrating today. Maybe later this week!

  9. Oh my goodness - your poochies are just the sweetest! Mocha sleeping - be still my ♥️. And brunch was a perfect idea! You are the most fun mom around. Enough said. 😉

  10. Peyton's cupcakes look so Yummy. They look so nice, I thought they were store bought. Your pups look adorable in their little outfits, especially the red outfit and the red hair accessory. So cute. Oh, how I miss Chinese food. I hope your takeout was delicious. Sesame chicken sounds wonderful. : )

    Have a beautiful rest of the week, Billi Jo.



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