February 17, 2021

Mardi Gras And Ash Wednesday

We celebrated Mardi Gras last night with some delicious homemade Jambalaya and cornbread. The girls and I all worked together in the kitchen while talking to my mom on the phone. It was so fun! This recipe is a new one for us, and it was delicious! I will link it down below. Peyton makes cornbread from a box, and it, too, was amazing. We use Fleischmann's Simply Homemade mix. 

After dinner, we visited and talked about our Lenten plans and how we spend it is an individual decision between God and each of us. And then we had our version of King Cake. Peyton's Monkey Bread!

This is a photo from the archives. I plan to display this with some of our favorite Lenten books, but the box containing it evades me right now. I think I remember seeing it before the move. Or maybe after.

And this. Because Flynn will always be this age in my heart.

Have a cozy Wednesday, my friends!
Stay safe and warm.

We followed the recipe, except we added some extra rice, sausage, and broth. We also cut the cajun seasoning to one and a half tablespoons. It was the perfect amount of heat for us.



  1. That's such a darling photograph of Flynn. X

  2. I hope you find your box with the Lenten decorations. And that Flynn sure was (is) a cutie!

  3. I'm glad I am not the only one, who can't "do" as much "hot spice" as usual. But then, even your amount would probably be too much for me. I am a wimp!!!!!!!

    Love all the food, and the way you celebrate, as a family. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Oh, a lost box!!!! -grin- It's bound to happen though. Bet it will turn up, right at the end of Lent! "Murphy's Law"!

  4. I will have to show you how to make a real jambalaya because that isn't it! lol! No tomatoes... and it shouldn't have any liquid in it at all! Your king cake looks really good!

  5. Grinning over the lost box...if and when/where we decide to move, I am sure a lost box or boxes will be a true thing. Have a beautiful day, my friend.

  6. I am so excited you put up the recipe for that jambalaya! It looks delicious! I think I’ll have to try to make it, but I might need to make some substitution for some less spicy ingredients for my sensitive taste buds!

  7. That jambalaya looks delicious. Thanks for linking the recipe. I love the way your celebrate each holiday and teach your children the meaning of each one. I'm not Catholic, but I do love the whole idea of Lent, so I am celebrating it myself this year, by giving up Facebook. It's always fun to visit and see what you and your cute family are up to. :-)

  8. I always loved ash Wednesday when I was teaching. Most of my 28 Irish dance team students were Catholic and class on Ash Wednesday was all of them trooping in with ash crosses on their heads. They would sweat them off after 3 hours every time.

  9. My parents are devout Catholics and we had always gone to Ash Wednesday mass but I don't remember them actually participating in Lent. This year I decided to do it, giving up sweets. I love that you celebrate Mardi Gras. Since here in PA it's also "Fastnacht Day" I always but fastnachts for the family. That was my last sugary treat for awhile.

  10. Well, I smiled big at all the wonderful photos of Mardi Gras, as my daughters celebrate this every year. The Jambalaya looks delicious, and Payton's cake looks amazing with all the vibrant Mardi Gras colors.

    Then, I saw the picture of the candle and my heart was still. I even got a tear. That is a beautiful photo, Billie Jo. Often, I use the color Purple in my Easter decorating. With the crown of thorns and the candle and the Purple table runner, it just spoke to my heart.

    That is a special picture of Flynn to keep and cherish forever.


  11. Playing my usual catch up dear Friend. You folks sure know how to live life in the most fun ways! That jambalaya looks amazing!! And don't even get me started on the cake. Flynn looks like an absolute doll there. I thought it was interesting - this year at ash wednesday service they just sprinkled some ashes on the top of your head. Like they do in Europe. That way no direct contact. Blessings. xo


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