April 22, 2020

A Day In The Life...Shelter In Place Edition

Wake up.
Call and chat with my mom...

Make some breakfast.
Think about what to have for lunch...

Tell myself I 'll go watch some news.
Fall back asleep...

Wake up for the second time.
Make some coffee...

Take a shower.
Try not to use heat products on my hair in an effort to make up for the years of damage I have subjected it to...

Get dressed.
Choose an appropriate pair of pajamas depending on whether it is cold or really cold outside...

Start Homeschooling.
Continue to follow the lesson plans I made before the entire world was subjected to a deadly virus resulting in a global pandemic...

Make lunch.
Eat cottage cheese and a sweet potato to make up for the apple pie and chips I will have later on.

Wipe everything down with disinfectant and spray Lysol.
Shake Lysol can repeatedly thinking it will magically refill itself because it is basically empty.

Have a Facetime visit with Mom over Zoom.
Best part of the week!

Make dinner.
Or relax while the kids make a delicious meal for me.

Gather together for family movie night.
Hope whoever has the turn to choose picks a good one, preferably not a robotic, superhero movie with extended action scenes and car chases.

Pray for everyone affected by the horrible virus, especially the lonely, the sick, and the people who care for them.
And finally, drift off to sleep.
After scrolling through TikTok while laughing hysterically without making a sound so I don't wake Steve.

Stay safe, healthy, and cozy my friends!


  1. Thank you for isolating. This is my 40th day...family will drop off food outside apartment building today...40,000 Americans gone...all we are asked to do is remain inside...you are an inspiration...

  2. Oh, what an adorable day in the life post...just love your pictures!
    Happy Wednesday! ♥

  3. Sounds like a good day! I am actually thinking of doing a day in the life post for tomorrow. Have been taking a few pics here and there today. Want to document at least one of these "stay-at-home order" days. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Love your post! So adorable! Stay safe and healthy! We had 5 inches of snow last Friday -- happily it melted quickly! Take care sweetie!

  5. Oh, these animated posts are delightful, Billie Jo. And they look just like you! I chuckled when you mentioned shaking the Lysol can. I was fortunate to find one early on, and it has lasted me. It's so nice that you do Zoom with your mom - I bet she loves that. And your prayers are very special for the sick and the lonely and the ones who care for them.

    Stay well, my friend.


  6. Oh those pictures are adorable. What fun!

  7. Oh, I can so relate. Enough already, wink.

  8. I love this post! It is so cute, and it sounds very similar to my days. Have a cozy day my friend. ~Juli

  9. You are such a fun friend! Wish I was closer. It would be fun to hang out together.
    Today was my day off from the doctor's office. I planned to sew masks, but I ended up taking my husband to the dentist over an hour away since he had a horrible toothache. They had to pull it. ~frown~
    But tonight, I came home to homemade potato soup not made by me! Thanks to my eighteen year old.
    There are things I ought to do around the house, but tonight, I'm going to relax after cleaning up dinner.
    Be blessed,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. Family and food. What more could a girl want when in isolation! xx Susan

  11. This was great! I think you just described a typical day in EVERYONE'S life right now! :)

  12. Ha, ha, this is very cute presentation Billy Jo. You are making the best of your isolation. Take care and stay safe. xx

  13. Basically eating is all I have to do any more! :) Love this post!

  14. I enjoyed your description of your day, similar to mine! You looking cute girl:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  15. I'm on the prenap breakfast... Later I will change my pajamas and walk aimlessly around the house looking for something to get into. Maybe I'll brush a dog or clean out the refrigerator again! Happy Friday!!!

  16. You are doing it all right. I love you and your PJ's. :)

  17. I enjoyed your post this evening! I think I will do something like that for a project I am working on.

  18. Just catching up on your delightful posts, Billie Jo, and reading my favorite blogs this morning with a cup of coffee. This girl is so cute, and I love the expressions on her face haha.



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