November 4, 2019

Just Wondering

  1. Do you put silverware in the dishwasher with the handles up or down?
  2. Do you send Christmas Cards?
  3. When will you put up your Christmas tree?
  4. Do you ever clean your washing machine?
  5. Do you shower in the morning or before bed?
  6. How often do you vacuum your carpets?
  7. How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink in a day?
  8. Do you use bleach when you do laundry?
Just some things I was thinking about.
Because I am weird like that.

Have a great Monday, friends!


  1. LOLOL. Have a great day Billie Jo. smiles
    Do you put silverware in the dishwasher with the handles up or down? I don't have a dishwasher-its goes in the thingy handles up.
    Do you send Christmas Cards? Use too...and want too.
    When will you put up your Christmas tree? day after Thanksgiving
    Do you ever clean your washing machine? yes
    Do you shower in the morning or before bed? morning
    How often do you vacuum your carpets? once a day
    How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink in a day? two
    Do you use bleach when you do laundry? only whites

  2. I wonder about these kinds of things too.
    I don't use a dishwasher.
    I do send Christmas cards, although it seems like fewer each year that passes.
    I have a real Christmas tree and usually bring it in the house the second week in December.
    I clean my washing machine whenever there's a window if opportunity - it's always in use.
    I shower in an evening.
    Carpets get vacuumed every day - crumbs!
    Too many! ☕
    I use a little bleach for washing cleaning cloths and the shower curtain.

  3. Such a cute avatar, Billie Jo! Fun questions.
    1. I mostly hand wash my dishes, but when I do use the dishwasher, I put the silverware handle up.
    2. Most years I send Christmas cards, along with an annual letter. Last year, we moved in November, so I was busy unpacking and didn't get around to cards.
    3. We stopped putting up a Christmas tree a few years ago, but I put up other Christmas decorations and will do that in December. For me, the entire month of November is still fall, so I don't think Christmas until December. But then I keep the Christmas decorations up through January.
    4. I wipe my washing machine off regularly, but I don't deep clean the innards very often.
    5. In the morning.
    6. I have wood and tile floors, which I vacuum/mop weekly. They could stand to be vacuumed more often, but I just do it weekly.
    7. 2 cups of coffee a day, and they must before noon. Otherwise, I won't sleep at night.
    8. No bleach, but I do use an oxy brightener for whites.

    Have a great day!

  4. 1) Handles up or else I stab myself on the forks.
    2) Fewer than I used to but yes. Last year I lost my address book so I'm stuck writing them only to the people who send to me first.
    3) Christmas tree goes up mid December, usually on the Sunday my kids have a Christmas program at school.
    4) We have cleaned out the washing machine twice in recent years. My husband had to fix something inside it and then could not bear to put it back together until the tub had been scrubbed.
    5) Shower in the morning whenever possible. Never tubs.
    6) Vacuum some rugs almost every day (lots of kids!) and others get forgotten about for two weeks.
    7) A few cups of sweetened black tea a day usually, though I also drink way too much diet Coke.
    8) I do a bleach load of whites every so often. I have ruined to many things with bleach spots that I'm very wary of using it on a regular basis. I live where's the water is very hard, so I should probably use bleach more often to brighten up the whites.

    1. The stabbing on the forks- that's my reason for handles up too! I always know when someone has helped load the dishwasher cause I notice the forks up- yikes! :)

  5. We load the dishwasher with the handles down. It is not my preferred way but they do get cleaner and I conceded to my husband since he felt very strongly about it.

    I love sending Christmas cards, but you knew that I think!

    The tree will go up on Black Friday. I would do it sooner but my kids are very set in their ways.

    I clean the washer with Afresh once a month. Then wipe down the nooks and crannies and clean the dispenser drawers a few times a year.

    I prefer to shower before bed but if that isn't possible or I have something special then I will shower in the morning.

    We vacuum a lot. At least every other day, sometimes more.

    I don't care for tea and only have coffee on special occasions. Maybe once a month or less.

    It depends. I always have it available for when I need it, but I don't use it for laundry frequently.

  6. Do you send Christmas Cards? Nope.. don't celebrate.
    Do you ever clean your washing machine? Yes.. on occasion I wipe out all the grime around the door.. sometimes add some vinegar to the load.
    Do you shower in the morning or before bed? Morning.. not first thing.. but usually before noon.
    How often do you vacuum your carpets? every two weeks
    How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink in a day? 2
    Do you use bleach when you do laundry? the color safe kind..

  7. I love this! So...let's have a go...
    #1 - My "dishwasher" comes in the size of my two small hands so everything lays flat in the sink of sudsy dishwater.
    #2 - Yes, we send Christmas cards because, well, it just wouldn't be Christmas time without sending cards.
    #3 - Don't judge me for this but actually a small ceramic Christmas tree (a recent auction find) will be set out this weekend as it will be the last time our one adopted Filipino son will be with us before he goes back to the Philippines.
    #4- Shower in the morning
    #5- Most of our floors are either hardwood or tile but I vacuum our bedroom at least once a week...more often if it needs it.
    #6- Now that the weather has turned to more autumn like temps I usually drink two cups of tea a day.
    #7- No, I don't use bleach in the laundry. I do use some Oxi in the wash but only use bleach to disinfect things like glassware, dishes, etc. that I find at auctions.

    Thanks so much for asking...and we'd love to hear your answers to these questions. :)

  8. Love it!
    Dishwasher - handles down usually unless it's steak knives then the handles go up. If the kids do it for me (rare) then I don't care which way they go!

    Christmas cards - I used to but stopped years ago and found out it was one less stress for me at that time. I may start up again.

    Christmas tree - usually goes up the first weekend in December

    Washing machine - gets cleaned sometimes, usually when it flashes a reminder at me

    Shower - in the morning after I've walked the dog although if it's summer it's often a quick one in the evening too as our summer's are so hot and humid

    Vacuum - I refuse to answer this in case it may incriminate me! (I hate vacuuming)

    Coffee/Tea - one cup of coffee at morning tea time and at least 3 cups of tea throughout the day. I can't start my day without a cup of tea!

    Bleach - haven't used it in years but always have some on hand if something needs a good soak

    That was fun. Have a wonderful day! xx Susan

  9. Inquiring minds..... too funny! I'm curious to see all your responses, so I'll play along..
    1. Handles down
    2. Yes, but I've pared it down to mainly those who ALSO send them to me.
    3. Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving, unless we are traveling, and then right before, so it's up when we get home.
    4. Washing machine- yes, but I still need to figure out how to get the mold stuff out of it- so gross!
    5. Shower- always in the morning
    6. Vacuum- About once every two weeks- needs it more, but I'm kind of lazy.
    7. I don't drink coffee or tea (please still be my friend- ha!)
    8. Very rarely do I use bleach in the washer

    Now I'm off to read what everyone else said. :) Have a happy Tuesday!

  10. Oops- handles up!! :) That's an important one! :)

  11. 1. Handles up. My Dad insists on handles down and I'm always afraid I'm going to stab myself. If I put them in handles up he flips them : )
    2. Yes! One year I skipped it and I felt so guilty!
    3. Tree goes up the weekend before Thanksgiving. I've already started listening to Christmas music though!
    4. Yes, occasionally I run a cleaner through it...maybe a few times a year. The smell reminds me it's time : )
    5. I've always showered in the morning however I like the idea of at night. I would like to give that a try.
    6. I vac at least every other day. After I vacuum I feel like the whole house is clean! LOL
    7. Do I really need to answer this question??? It's never ending. I think I'm on a continuous cycle.... #bottomlesscup
    8. I do not use bleach. I've always been afraid I would ruin something!

    That was fun!!!

  12. 1. I put the silverware handles up so when I empty the dishwasher Im grabbing the handles. I don't like to touch the part that goes in the mouth.
    2. Sending out Christmas Cards is a tradition for me, I do it every year.
    3. My tree and decorations go up on the first of December, not a day earlier.
    4.I wipe down my washing machine all the time and will set the wash mode every so often.
    5.I shower in the morning
    6. I vacuum all the time boarder line obsessive haha
    7. I don't drink coffee
    8. I use bleach on the whites and sheets and sometimes with the towels( just a small dabble)

    Have a great week, that was FUN!

  13. Great questions! 1 - handles up; 2 - yes on cards; 3 -want to put tree up now; 4- sometimes clean washing machine but probably need to do it more often; 5- alternate showering in morning or evening; 6 - weekly; 7 - 2-4 cups; 8 - not usually.

  14. *silverware in the dishwasher with the handles up.
    *yes, I still send Christmas cards.
    *put up the Christmas tree usually three weeks before.
    *yes, sometimes clean washing machine.
    *shower in the morning and before bed. ; )
    *vacuuming is one of my least favorite chores, so don't do it as often as I should. ; )
    *two cups of coffee a day, sometimes three when having a hectic day.
    *I use bleach with my towels.

    This was a fun post, Billie Jo. We should do it again sometime!


    1. Ooooops, I was loading the dishwasher tonight, and realized I put them in handles down, so most of the silverware gets a good washing. ; )

  15. Our dishwasher has the 'lay down' feature'. Yes to Christmas cards. I put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving...or soon after.
    Do you ever clean your washing machine? I clean my washer when it starts to get a funky smell. :)
    I shower after the gym, usually in the afternoon just before starting dinner.
    Vacuum once a week.
    1 to 2 cups of coffee.
    No bleach, unless its absolutly needed.
    This was fun. :) You're silly and I love that!

  16. I know I"m late but I still wanted to play 😉
    1. I put knives handle up, but forks and spoons I do handle down
    2.I do send cards every year
    3.I'll put the trees up right after thanksgiving
    4.I do wash my washing machine with cleaners you can buy in the store when it looks like it needs it. Including using soapy rags to wash the door etc
    5. I shower in the AM"s because that's usually when I workout
    6. I vacuum (or have Annie help) usually 1x/week depending on need
    7. I drink one coffee every AM, sometimes have a treat one in the afternoon...but more of a tea person in the afternoon or evening. But don't drink tea everyday
    8.I only use bleach doing laundry when something seems to really need it
    Thanks for the fun!


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