November 18, 2019

I'm Baaaaaack! With My Legos!

HOLA, it's me, Flynn! How's your day? Hope it's good. I LOVEEEE Legos. I have some pictures of them. I have a hobby of taking pictures of my Legos. I take my main Lego Minifigure (Little Lego people) Jaylyn EVERYWHERE, and I take pictures of her. She is cool. My mommy gave her to me on the way to the BEACH! Here are some pictures of my Legos I took and some funny Memes! Hope you like them!     

 Snow snow, look at the snow!

 I built this. Well, Nico and I did.

 True stuff.

 It may not be Lego, but this Taco Bell one gets me every time.

 This was my Halloween Pumpkin based on an emoji!

 Me. Everyday.....

Apples and a lemon. Yummy! Apples!

 I feel like this every time I do it.

 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I got the Robin one!


 Shawn Mendes. My FAV singer-songwriter!

 My mom did not get this one! *frowns*



Look at these boots!!!

I don't like cornbread, but Jaylyn does! Thanks for reading! This was fun sharing my hobby with you! 

Love, Flynn!


  1. Oh what a fun post! We have Legos and still play with them occasionally! Love your creative placement of Jaylyn all over the place! Have a great day!

  2. Flynn, sweetie, it is so nice to see you and Jaylyn, I have a 9 year old niece named Jaylyn (grin). Thank you so much for sharing your Lego adventure. My son is Madison's age and do you want to guess how many Legos he has? (big smiles)

  3. How fun!! You are so creative with the legos and your Memes. I totally got the Spiderman-Better Lego set one. ;)
    Jaylyn is so cute!

  4. Loved all the Lego pictures and memes. Uh, I don't get the Spiderman one either? Hoping you explained it to your mom and she can explain it to the rest of us...Hope you have a great Lego-filled week!

  5. A Flynn post!!! Finally!!! I've been waiting for this! : ) I love your Legos!! You are too funny! I am showing this to John! He loves the memes! Have a great day!!! Miss you lots! XOXO

  6. Darling, I can see my grandson doing this.

  7. Love your memes, Flynn! We have lots of Legos stored in our basement and I'm hanging on to them until I have grandchildren!

  8. Evie & Ella say hello! They wanted me to tell you that they have legos, too. :)

  9. Flynn, thank you for sharing your Legos with us! I love the TRIPLE decker couch you and Nico built. (It's Awesome, just like everything.) Have a great day!

  10. How cute! My kids always liked Legos too. Now that they are grown, though, we have them packed away. We will bring them out when we have grandkids! Flynn is very creative, and it is easy to see she enjoys her hobby very much. I think Jaylyn may end up with a belly ache from eating too much cornbread.

    Have a great day,

  11. Fun, fun, and more fun. Thanks for showing us your pictures.

  12. Tell Flynn, my son Alex who is 8 1/2 yrs old and I both loved this post! As soon as I saw this I called him over to read it with me! He LOVES Legos too!! Alex said to please tell Flynn that he likes to take Lego tracks and make "rollercoasters" with them! He says you should try it!! It is much fun! You can build up the height of the ride using other Legos or even raise the tracks using books, coffee coasters.. Whatever works! Then he let's his Lego figures go for a ride!! They sell a rollercoaster set but you can just buy the tracks separately and create your own! So much more fun! And Less expensive cause you can get more tracks that way! He loves the idea of taking a Lego buddy wherever you go! He says he is going to do it too! And that he named his Lego buddy Jake! Also, Alex saw that Flynn was eating pepperoni pizza which is his ultimate favorite! Thanks for such a fun post Flynn!

  13. Btw!! Billi Jo, I got so caught up talking about my son Alex that I forgot to add.. It's me Lisa from Instagram! lol..(hotcoffee4lisa) Hope you are well!

  14. Flynn, I loved seeing your post! My children loved legos also. Reading your post made my heart feel happy! God bless. ~Juli

  15. Your Lego post was delightful, and I got smiles the whole time, as my son used to love Legos and create amazing things with them. My favorites were the Lego in the snow and face down eating the cornbread. That cornbread and butter sure looks good. ; )



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