October 25, 2019

Pumpkin Patch 2019

I hold traditions very close to my heart. They bring comfort and a sense of continuity to our days. Something I am learning to embrace is the change in our traditions. Maybe evolution is a better word. We went to a new pumpkin patch this year. My children no longer wear matching Halloween shirts, and we don't sing Halloween songs in the truck on the way anymore. In fact, we didn't even bring our special Halloween CD. Two of my kids couldn't make it this year. And you know what? It is ok. We had a wonderful time, picked out some perfect pumpkins, and sent pictures to the ones who weren't there. We were so happy to have Chris join us too! Actually, he is the one who told us about this beautiful farm and pumpkin patch. Time passes. Children grow. Things change. And it is good! Traditions are wonderful, my friends. As long as you allow them to grow along with you. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
We will be Trick~or~Treating, carving pumpkins, and watching Halloween movies. How about you? What are your plans?

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  1. What beautiful family pictures. I love traditions too; but yes, we have to roll with the changes. Have a great weekend doing ALL that stuff. ;)

  2. It looks like a fun time. I can relate to the evolution of our traditions as the children grow up as well. Life is dynamic and always changing, but that is part of it's beauty and why making those special memories are just such a blessing. Hugs to you dear friend. ~Juli

  3. You had a beautiful day for visiting the pumpkin patch. The gorgeous blue sky makes a perfect background for the vibrant orange pumpkins and crunchy corn stalks.

    I am in kalispell, Montana this weekend, visiting my parents. My mom and I are watching hallmark Christmas movies and food network Halloween shows. So, I am enjoying 2 holidays this weekend


  4. Well said! Your day looks absolutely beautiful! Peyton and Chris are so cute together! And I can hardly believe that Flynn looks as tall as Peyton! Whaaaat?
    We grow and change with our traditions and it's OK. New is fun too!
    Happy Weekend! Miss you!!!

  5. I looks like a lovely pumpkin patch! I also like seeing how traditions morph from year to year.

  6. I love tradition too. You are right it does change and you better be willing to bend at times. My youngest sister was such a stickler for her traditions , she would get fighting mad if any of her children wanted to change them. She's still just be like that. LOL. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  7. I recently came across your beautiful blog and thoroughly enjoy reading all about you and your lovely family. The pictures from the pumpkin patch are great!! Happy Halloween to all!!

    1. Hello! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your kind words. Have a cozy evening. 🎃

  8. We have not been to a pumpkin patch in many years! Kids outgrew it and the ones here are very small. There is a sugar cane maze but we only did it once. This year there just hasn't been any time.

  9. The only pumpkins I see are at churches that sell them and they are all out front. We are not big Halloween folks - could be our age. Your pictures are pretty and I always enjoy seeing them.

  10. Beautiful, Billie Jo...I am always so happy to see Flynn and oh my how she has grown, smiles.

    Halloween here? I have class until 4 and then drive home--make it home in time to hand out candy. Our 'traditions' have long gone...since Liam is 22. I do miss those days when things were so innocent. smiles

  11. The pumpkin patch is a wonderful tradition in our family too. My youngest daughter is 35, and we still enjoyed the pumpkin patch last year. How very special that traditions are close to your heart, Billie Jo. Hold on tight to them, as things will change through the years. Wonderful pictures today, and my heart sings every time I see an orange pumpkin. As a new friend to your blog, I must tell you that your posts are filled with simplicity, beauty, and goodness.


  12. Fun day!! I love fall but Halloween not so much!!!! Enjoy!! Change is good!

  13. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. That's one good thing about phones these days, you can instantly share special moments with people who can't join you. Love your Autumn posts. Actually, I just love all your posts :) xx Susan

  14. I relate to this so much.. So many events change as the kids grow but we still enjoy those moments whenever we get them. If I lived nearby.. we would totally be riding around in our jeeps blasting the Halloween music. just sayin. I love the pictures as usual. and chris... what a cutie!

  15. Catching up with you dear Friend!
    Love this! And so true. Gorgeous Fall pics too. 🎃
    Love your book too - so much!! It's your blog and YOU ...basically warmth, wisdom, insight, traditions, the best of motherhood and the strength we have, faith in all the gifts God gives us. What an amazing tribute to your Mom - but to all of us moms and women of the world.

    Love it and so honored to call you Friend. xoxo 🙏 ❤️

  16. Lovely Fall scenes. I don't do Hallowe'en myself but I do love the Fall season.


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