March 8, 2019

Wrapping Up The Week

Dinner after Mass at our favorite Mexican restaurant...

Pancakes and improvised King Cake/Monkey Bread on Mardi Gras...

Ladies Luncheon with this lovely on Ash Wednesday...

And ashes and our first fish fry of the year for dinner.
If you happen to be in the area during Lent, you must try our parish fish fry!
Fr. Ross and team make the best fish around.
And unbelievable ice cream too.
This makes me happy.

And this makes me sad.
We were honored to have these two amazing young men visit with us all the way from Denmark.
Jakob, on the left, is Nicolas' younger brother. Mads...pronounced "Mess" Jakob's best friend.
They spent a month or so here with us, and we all enjoyed every minute.
Rhett loved having some "brothers" to play and watch basketball, run to Taco Bell, watch movies, and hang out with. They are both well mannered, respectful, kind, fun, and intelligent young men and we are sad to see them go. Mads left Wednesday, and Jakob will follow shortly. We plan and hope to see them both again someday.

Well, that's a wrap on this one, my friends.
Our weekend involves more fish, mass, bowling, and a Twilight Zone marathon.
I hope your weekend is everything you want it to be.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Glad Rhett had some guys to hang out with for a time and you enjoyed having them in your home. Have a good weekend and dont forget to set the clocks ahead on Saturday night!

  2. Wow that Fish Fry looks amazing! How lucky! Danes are wonderful, I am glad Rhett got to have some guy time, how fun that must have been for him.

  3. Love the picture of you and Madison...isn't it fun having adult children to go do things with? My only regret is that my girl lives five hours away and works 5 days a week but when we are together it is FUN! :)

    If I was up in your neck of the woods I would definitely be by your church for the fish fry! And that ice cream looks amazing!

    Have a wonderful and cozy weekend, dear one. xo

  4. Looks like a week full of family fun and lots of love! I love visiting your blog, it is so uplifting. Hugs to you. ~Juli

  5. I've missed so much since my blog blank,I'll call it. Did your daughter and her husband move here to the states?

  6. Great pictures! You are so beautiful my friend!

  7. Wishing I lived nearer so that I could enjoy the fish fry and ice cream with you. What fun to have two extra young men to join the family for a short time.

  8. How nice that those young men could stay with you for a nice little time. I know great memories were made and the friendships will endure. Our old church does a good fish fry too. Joe isn't much into fish, so we are more inclined to cheese pizza on Fridays. I always love your photos an your beautiful family!

  9. What a great opportunity for those men to stay with you. I'm sure Rhett will really miss them! The fish looks delicious! You both looked beautiful for the ladies luncheon.

  10. So glad you had a great week!

  11. Hi Billie Jo~

    Looks like a very fun month!! I love a good fish fry, and nothing better than homemade ice cream, yum! What fun photos, nothing better than family, and extended family!!

    Have a wonderful week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  12. I loved your week, Billie Jo. You are such a good soul and your love for family and home just shines through. I really love that those boys were able to stay with you-I am sure they felt like family while they were there.
    Have a blessed week- xo Diana

  13. Love all the pictures of everyone! I'm excited for the new Malificent movie too :-) Looks like a busy weekend, enjoy!


  14. Billi Jo, you have such a beautiful family, and an equally beautiful outlook on life. I've added you to my reads list today. xx

  15. sorry, I missed the e from your name!! *blush* xx

  16. Thank you for the smiles...and marriage so agrees with Madison!!! smiles

  17. I wish I could join you for your parish’s fish fry it looks amazing. Hope you have a great week.

  18. So nice to see you all! Your parish fish fry looks yummy! We can't wait for Malificent too! Sad to see Jakub and Mads go : ( Tell Rhett John would be happy to come hang out and watch movies sometime! LOL Have a great new week, my friend! Spring is coming! xo


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