March 29, 2018

Happy Easter!

In the meantime, here are three totally random photos from this past week that I am posting because any other photos would include the hot mess that is currently my house, and let's face it...who wants to see that??

I was super happy to return to my morning smoothie making this week, despite missing the really good breakfasts on the ship.

And a little public service announcement for you. Wendy's has really good Caesar salads!
Really good. Again, not as good as the one I had every single night on the cruise, but close.

And my little therapy dog Mocha, who is working overtime this week as we finish packing and sorting and decluttering and saying goodbye to this cozy country house that has been our home for the past thirteen years.

I will be sad to leave this home, but I think of my amazing mother, who tells me that each time she moved, she closed the door with a smile on her face, and moved on to a brand new adventure without looking back. 

I also think back to her mom, my Grandma Mildred, who lived most all her life in the home she and my Grandpa Johnny built. When the day came that she no longer could live there on her own, she too closed the door, and walked down the steps into the future.

I am blessed to have these amazing, strong women to guide me as I too move on to the next stage of my life. Not to mention a super husband who has made this as easy as possible on all of us. Our new house is quickly becoming a home, and we cannot wait to move in for good!

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter, my friends.
I will be back online next week. I apologize for not visiting as much as usual.
I have no excuse except. Life. : )

 If you would like to see more of our cruise memories from a younger point of view and with even better photos, please visit my Madison here!

And lastly, thank you for the kind comments about my brand new blog design. I would love to take credit, but that all goes to Madison's amazing boyfriend Nicolas!
He is unbelievably talented and is actually getting his degree in Film and Media Science in Copenhagen. 

OK. That is it!

Happy Easter!!!
Thanks for visiting.
I am always happy you do.


  1. Have a wonderful Easter! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you do with your new home. <3

  2. Happy Easter, Billie Jo!

  3. Happy Easter! I pray your move is stress-free as possible. :)

  4. Happy Easter and all good wishes for your move!! We moved to our new home a year ago after 28 years in the same house. Been there!!

  5. Hi Billy Jo~

    I loved your cruise photos, I can tell you just loved it, and I know it was a much needed vacation before your move.

    Your new blog design is beautiful, simple and classy!

    Moving can be so hard, but leaving with a smile makes it much easier. I know that wherever you live, you and your wonderful family will be a wonderful addition to that community! I can't wait to see photos!!

    Happy Easter sweet friend!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. Good luck with your move, Billie Jo! I know moving always carries a bit of anxiety and can be bittersweet. I can't wait to see you all settled into your new home. Blessings and Happy Easter to you- xo Diana

  7. Girl I do understand! We moved last year into our dream home and it was so hard but so worth it. I admire your Mom And Grandma for being able to do that. I STILL miss my old house and all the memories there!!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  8. Happy Easter from me to you, my friend! Good luck and I'm thinking of you ♥ I can't wait to see you all settled in your new home. It's just a new place to read books, drink lattes, and make memories! xx

  9. Happy Easter!
    And happy moving : )

  10. Well Hi THERE! Happy Easter to you and cheers to new adventures! Enjoy your day and don't work too hard! HUGS!

  11. Happy Easter my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family!

  12. Happy Easter Billie Jo, I am praying for you and your beautiful family during your move. Hugs. Juli

  13. I haven't read any blogs in forEVER, including here. You are moving! :() Now I really have to go back and catch up. In the meantime, it is Easter Sunday and I'm sending you a big, Easter greeting. God bless you in this next chapter!

  14. Your mother and grandmother are truly inspiring - I have had to move more times then I care to remember - I must admit I did not handle it as well as they seem to have each time - but I have learned a lot and have had to depend on God for many things - which has made my faith even stronger. I hope all goes well - your new home will be lovely I am certain.

  15. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!! Best wishes on your upcoming move!! Can't wait to see your new home and how you get settled in and decorate.



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