November 29, 2017


I totally stole borrowed that title from Rhett. He always comes up with the best one liners. But, I digress. This one is about Mocha. We always say that Mocha is happy to be here. She is always playing and running, snuggling or napping. Perhaps I should resolve to try to live like Mocha during these weeks leading up to Christmas. Perhaps I should try to live in the moment and enjoy each and everyday.

If I tried to live like my precious pup, I would~

Find joy and happiness in every part of every matter what is going on around me.

Drink plenty of fresh, cold water.

Eat only when I am hungry. Except for a few bites of sweets every now and then.

Get some form of exercise everyday. Although probably not running circles around the couch.

Take a cozy afternoon nap under a soft Christmas throw blanket. I have a good start on that one. : )

Put complete faith and trust in those I love.

And snuggle on the couch at night while the tree lights glisten.

It seems to be working out pretty well for Mocha, don't you think?!


  1. Yes I do. What more could we possible need? Sounds like a good life to me. Maybe even perfect ♥ #livelikemocha

  2. {{{grinning}}} I just love this post, Billie Jo (well, truth be told, you know, I love all your posts). One thing I have learned these past 12 days of my recovery, is to drink more water...sad to say, that was a lesson not previously learned. It has been easy, just saying...smiles

    P.S. Good book, wink, you are reading. I love Leslie Meier.

  3. It would be a happy world if we all lived like Mocha does!

  4. Oh my goodness! You have him underneath a BLANKET!! That's the cutest thing ever.

  5. Excellent plans! Especially for this Build Up to Yuletide! When the world tells us to rush, rush, rush. And to buy, buy, buy. And to try to make the purrrrrrrfect Christmas.

    Silly world!

    But we are smarter! :-))))))))

    Happy end of Nov. hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Oh my... The little Blogger Christmas Trees, do not show, in comments on this blog.

      All those ??????????? under my name, are supposed to show Blogger Christmas Trees. :-))))))))))

      Luna Crone

  6. I'm always jealous of how comfy they look....ALWAYS! ;)

  7. So cute and Mocha looks so contented!!

    Enjoy, Janie

  8. awwww that sweet little pup of yours. Truly, so much to learn from pets.

  9. Darling Mocha lives a wonderful life, Billie Jo. Sounds like a good lesson here. ♥

  10. Mocha looks so comfy and cozy snuggled up in the last pictures! Our pups are such sweet companions!

    Mocha is such an adorable pup. Is she a Yorkie?

  12. We can learn a lot from our animals if we just pay attention. I love this post!

  13. Hi Friend, I've been M.I.A but am taking some time to sit down and catch up on some of my favorite blogs, so glad I did because Mocha is adorable...look at that face! I agree we should all #livelikemocha :)

  14. I love how Mocha looks at life! haha....I am all about napping myself and eating a feel sweets here and there. Not sure I am up to run around the couch....maybe chasing my tail would be more like it. HAHA....I love it! Mocha is a sweetie.

  15. A lovely post with good reminders - I don't really like winter or the shorter days but I do love candles haha and they are burning almost non-stop this time of year. I've been playing lots of Christmas music and looking for ways to celebrate this year as none of our kids will be home for Christmas :( How exciting for your daughter to be living in Denmark - good for her! Our twin girls are 26 and travel the world working in the tourism industry as guides (mountain, glacier, kayak, deep-sea, you name it). Me - I have ZERO stamps in MY passport haha! Love all your pics - a beautiful family!

  16. Oh! How stinking cute is that pup?!?!


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