March 31, 2017

Weekend Plans

It's Thursday night, and I am siting here in a sweatshirt, covered in a blanket, still freezing, watching robins outside my window, and thinking that this weekend is April. That's spring in Pennsylvania for you. This weekend will be filled with food, games, movies, and more food. All because my bestie Marian is coming!

Before we start the relaxing weekend of fun in the country with the hardworking gal from the city, here's a look back at the past week here in our country home...

I spent some time relaxing last weekend with coffee in my cute bunny mug.
By the way...I love the weekly wallpaper from Blessed Is She .

Update from my Denmark daughter Madison...
She finished the first six week module of her Danish language course, and passed her exam beautifully! I am beyond proud of her! She starts the second six week module on Monday. She is also putting her professional makeup artist license and love of helping others to good use by making application videos for the amazing all natural, organic, and cruelty free cosmetic company third culture

I actually placed an order for some products she demonstrated, and was thrilled when they arrived...

So pretty...

It was like Christmas!

I am excited to try them, especially the gloss...but am even more happy with the price!
All this, including shipping for only around $40. Yay!

As happy as my oldest was this week, my youngest was sad.
Club Penguin, an amazingly cute and fun online world that has been a part of our house for almost ten years ended this week. And Flynn was super sad to say goodbye to her penguin, PinkMice3.

Until she realized that the new and improved Club Penguin Island debuted the next day!
Happy days are here again!

My girl...

Just the sweetest little thing ever. 

This little gal is pretty sweet too...

She is always near me...

Except when she's not. : )

I bought myself a treat this week.
Zulily for the win...

It looks even better at night. : )

No words...or edits...needed.

Happy Weekend...

Happy April!

Thanks for visiting, my friends.

I am always glad you do.  : )


  1. Yay first comment! :) Your girls are so lovely and so are you! Similar weather in Nebraska and it's been raining all week and forecast is for rain every single day til Thursday! :( Making the best of it and i think some baking is on the agenda! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  2. What a week! Congratulations to Madison! She is flourishing in Denmark!! I am interested in the makeup! Looks wonderful and affordable! So happy she's living her dreams ♥ Enjoy your weekend with Marian. Welcome to April! xo

  3. Yay for Madison. That last picture has me dreaming of Morton's Salt Girl and doing some sort of phootshoot inspired by that. Have an awesome weekend with your bestie!!

  4. All that for $40 bucks? That's awesome!! And I'm so happy for Madison. Although, I'm a little worried that if she's learning Danish she is never coming home! :(

  5. That's wonderful for Madison! And I love Flynn's dress. So adorable. Happy Friday! :)

  6. Good for your daughter. One of our friends' daughter moved to Denmark and married some there. She is now on baby #2. Sadly my friend passed away before she found out about baby #2. Flynn is darling and I am glad her new and improved game is up and running.

    BTW, I grew up in PA--close to the NY state border. I miss the mountains. xo Diana

  7. That's great that your daughter is doing so well with her studies in Danish. Immersion learning is the very best way to learn another language. What a grand experience for her. Flynn looks so cute on your beautiful porch swing.
    Your new lantern is just lovely. Lanterns look so inviting in the evenings. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  8. Hi Billie Jo~

    Your daughters are just gorgeous!! I loved, Madison's makeup video. She sure does make it look easy! She's just beautiful, I can see why she is interested in makeup.

    Its also cold here in Idaho...:0/ I now it will warm up, so I'm still loving these cool days.

    Have a wonderful weekend...oh wait, I know you will!


  9. Have an awesome weekend with Marion! And a HUGE congratulations to Madison for passing her language class! How absolutely wonderful for her! Love Flynn's dress!!

  10. Congratulations to Madison. I'm sure the language is not easy to learn, either. Here's to a bit warmer weather for you. Happy Saturday!

  11. Hope you had a great weekend! Glad to hear that all is going so well for Madison!


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