March 22, 2016

Palm Sunday Weekend

I say Palm Sunday Weekend because we go to Mass on Saturday evening. So it's like Palm Saturday? Or no? In any case, it was a beautiful...if chilly...weekend to start off our Holy Week. : )

How happy am I that Madison is home?
She actually asks to do my hair and makeup!

My girl was excited to get her very own palm branch...

and to hear the Passion read at Mass after we studied it last week. : )

Palm Sunday was a nice day! My sister brought her granddaughter Cambree ...who happens to be Flynn's very best visit and they played and went to the movies. : )

And we ended the night with delicious "Palm Sundaes" enjoyed around the table.

Have a blessed and fruitful start to your week, my friends.
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  1. You are gorgeous! And so is Flynn! Have I mentioned I love your mantle?

  2. The perfect weekend! You look stunning! I wish you guys lived closer so Madison could work her magic on me!

  3. Wish Madison could work her magic on me too! You look beautiful and everything is so pretty decorated for Easter.

  4. How lovely to have Madison home and share her talent for beauty. I did smile at the 'Palm Sundaes'.

  5. You look gorgeous! Madison did a fabulous job!
    What a fun weekend, especially the sundaes - I need to remember to do that next year as I'm up for any excuse to eat ice cream!

  6. Love your palm sundaes! And you my friends..what a beautiful picture!

  7. Sounds like it was a perfect Palm Sunday weekend to me! ;) xoxo

  8. So adorable - palm sundaes! :-)

  9. Love that photo of you! how cute Flynn and her bestie are. you know I didn't think about it but on Saturday night after my hubbys family got out of church (they go on sat. we go on Sunday)went for Sundaes too! I love this idea and am going to try to remember and incorporate it starting next year. Thanks Billie Jo you are always an inspiration


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