February 5, 2016

Random Photo Friday

We celebrated my mom last weekend as she turned 79! She had an amazing day!

This is my favorite picture from the entire day!
My niece Ali organized the party and did a wonderful job. She and my mom are so close!

Flynn was excited to go to Grandma's party and play with her cousins. : )

Love this picture of my mom celebrating her 4th birthday with a brand new doll.

In other news, we had a glimpse of winter last week...

and it was beautiful while it lasted. : )

Lastly...I have become THAT lady. You know, the one that dresses her dog and takes her everywhere. I stop short of carrying her in my purse, however. I do have some dignity left. ; )

Happy Weekend!
Happy Superbowl!
Eat lots!!!!


  1. Awesome. I love everything about this post!

  2. Looks like a fun celebrating of a wonderful lady! How adorable your mom was with her new doll!
    Beautiful snow. We have a couple of inches falling at this moment. It's that thick, wet kind of snow that looks so pretty because it really sticks to all the branches on the trees.
    Enjoy the big game weekend!

  3. Good morning Billie Jo,

    ♫ Happy Birthday to your dear mother!♫ She looks wonderful at 79. It must have been a very happy celebration, indeed.

    I just love that adorable little girl photo of your mother - how precious she is! And little Flynn looks so sweet all dressed up to go see her Grandmother.

    Happy Thursday,

  4. Good Morning Billie Jo,

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom - Love the photo of her as a child.
    You and Mocha look so cute! Happy Friday!

  5. Your Mom is so pretty -- what a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday! YOu are pretty cute too with that pup! Glad you enjoying a little winter. I'm hoping for a big warmup to get rid of a lot of snow! Have a great weekend!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mother, and hope you have a fun weekend. Eat lots - sure we will! lol

  7. Belated Birthday wishes to you Mum, have a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a wonderful celebration. It's wonderful that you still have your mom to celebrate! You are beautiful! The picture of you looks just like your daughter. You could be sisters!

  9. Love the picture of your mom and her doll. Oh and you and mocha...adorable!
    Have a good weekend!

  10. Hi Billie Jo~

    First of all you are just so sweet, just sayin'... :0)

    Happy late birthday to your sweet mother, It looks like she was having really fun! She is a beautiful woman, you truly inherited all that beauty.

    Your snow picture is so pretty! We still have snow, lots of it, and it's cold here, so there's no chance of it melting anytime soon.

    Flynn is adorable, you always have the most darling dresses on her! Of course, she could wear a potato sack and look adorable!

    Your little dog is so cute, I would dress her up too. Such a cute picture with her, you are so pretty. I was grocery shopping one day, and I was standing by a lady, when all of a sudden, out popped a little dog from her purse. It was very cute, but I must say I thought it was a little odd, especially in a grocery store.

    Have a wonderful week-end!


  11. Happy Birthday to your Mom...and Flynn is just precious. Snow here today Billie Jo. I have to remind myself it is still winter.

  12. Love the picture of your mom with her doll! So cute!!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!

  13. Happy birthday to you very sweet mother! How fun to be celebrating life like that :)


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