December 7, 2015

Holiday Home Tour...Part Two

Welcome back! I'm glad you can join me for the second part of our holiday home tour. Pour a cup of tea and relax as we leave the foyer and move into our family room. On the way we have our powder room...

which has only a couple touches of Christmas...

but the smell of this soap more than makes up for it!

This wall is  across from the stairway...

which leads upstairs. We will check out those decorations in the upcoming weeks. : )

And this is the view as you enter the family room.

This little table holds the telephone as well as one of our favorite candles and some canisters that may or may not have some yummy Christmas candies inside. : )

This is the view of our family room as you enter from the foyer. This room is where we live. It is where we gather day after day, night after night. It is cozy and warm and most of the time cluttered and messy...just like a good life should be.

This is the top of the bookcase that holds our movies and books...

and this is one of my favorite decorations. I have had it since we were married. I find a different place for it every year. : )

The sofa is big...big enough for each of us to have his or her own spot...

this is mine! : )

On one side of the television, we keep our Christmas games and puzzles...

and on the other we keep the book basket...

and video bucket...

full of the magical movies we have loved year after year. : )

Today, Flynn was watching a Disney Sing-a-long. I love hearing those songs in the background!

This is perhaps the favorite seat in the room...

right next to the computer table...

which also holds Flynn's Christmas activity books and crayons...

but more importantly because it offers the best view of our Christmas tree!
Be it day...

or night.

Some of these ornaments are the candles...have hung on every one of our trees for twenty-five years.

Our tree isn't real, but you wouldn't know it when we burn this candle. : )

And tucked underneath always, the beautiful manger that Steve's parents gifted us all those years ago.

Christmas is filled with memories. Memories from the past, and memories I hope to make for my children. Thank you for joining me today here in our family room. Next Monday we will visit in our country kitchen. Until then, have a wonderful week. And make magical Christmas memories of your own. : )


  1. Your home is so cazy and inviting! Your decorations are all so nice and I especially love that garland - it's perfect for your cozy, country home!

  2. Good morning Billie Jo,

    You have entertained me for nearly 30 minutes! I got myself a cup of coffee and settled in, eagerly following you through your photos of your lovely home. I soaked up every detail and had such fun! You make your home a happy, peaceful place.

    You have got a great spot on that family sofa, looking at the tree and out the windows. It must be delightful when the snow is falling.

    I will be at your door - so to speak - next Monday morning... So looking forward to visiting you in your kitchen.

    Thank you for sharing your home,

  3. I love it! Bath and Bodyworks Christmas soaps rock. Even if they don't have my iced gingerbread scent this year. :) We'll have to try the Cranberry. I love your cozy house.

  4. I love everything about it! That cranberry soap sounds like it would smell yummy! ;) Also, I love that you have holiday themed board games. How fun!! :D

  5. Well you certainly made me feel welcome. You have a beautiful home, filled with Christmas cheer and love. Some stunning décor and treasured ornaments to help build the memories.

  6. I enjoyed visiting you and seeing the family room today. It is perfect for gathering day or night and so nicely set up and decorated. Wishing you a wonderful 'Christmsy' week ahead.

  7. You are so creative and organize. You inspire me to try more. :)
    You have a beautiful loving home!

  8. Hi Billie Jo!

    I just have one question . . . does Santa live at your house?! It is just so gorgeous, just what I would imagine Santa's house in the North Pole would look like!! So cozy and warm!


  9. Beautiful! this post makes me smile,because I also put out Christmas books, games,and DVDs so I get it! and love it. I feel its those small touches my family look forward to and hopefully will cherish and carry on in their own homes someday. I like how your powder room only has a couple of touches, its so easy to get carried away with Christmas décor but you can truly feel (see) that Jesus is the reason for the season in your home. Merry Christmas Billie Jo
    confession: I have to start another fabric garland because I got impatient and in my haste I put in donation bin oops maybe I should start one for valentines now lol

  10. Wow, wow, WOW! Your home is from a fairytale, my friend :) I always love seeing inside your charming place and even through the computer I feel "right at home." :) You are such a beautiful lady, Billy Jo, and your love for home and family shines through in all that you do.

    I will have to get check out part one.... Hugs!

  11. What a cozy, inviting home you have created - just as I would have imagined.
    I love love love your big sofa especially the fact that everyone in your family has a spot! Looks to me like you've got the best spot on that couch! And the chair looking out the window must be dreamy.
    Your tree is beautiful and so is your Nativity set.
    Thank you for inviting me "over" again and I so look forward to seeing in side your kitchen!!!

  12. Oh it's just perfect and beautiful and country and inviting. And I love it all... all of the special Christmas touches. I'll be there one day when it's all set up... I will! (I adore the candles on the tree... so simple and country) Loving this tour!!!

  13. Oh so many pretties to take in all at once. I'll have to sit and look again. I love scented holiday soaps and candles. My DIL always has everything smelling like goodies when you walk in the door. I've got to do that this weekend as well as get some crafts to make with the kiddos. Thanks for all the ideas!

  14. Gorgeous and perfectly Christmas-y and cozy. I love it at your house and these pictures just make me want to visit and sit in your living room. I imagine Christmas movies being on a constant rotation on that TV. Someday I'm going to just show up plopped on your couch with my fluffy slippers asking for hot cocoa! :)

  15. Loving these tours my Friend!! Your home just opens its arms in warmth and each room feels like a cozy hug of comfort and joy! Your tree is just gorgeous!! And I love your hug cuddly couch. That kind of family room is the BEST!!
    Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you. xoxo (P.S. Annie and I watched Jack Frost just a few nights ago) ;)

  16. Oh I just love your home! One day I will visit! I love all the old Christmas movies and the candles in your tree...beautiful!

  17. Beautiful! I love your garland on the stairs and your tree is so pretty too! I would spend a lot of time on that chair by the window too! xx

  18. Absolutely beautiful!



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