June 11, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...graduation! This weekend, my firstborn graduates high school! And we couldn't be more happy for and proud of her. We are blessed our cyber school holds an actual graduation ceremony, and will be traveling this weekend to attend and watch our daughter walk across a stage signifying all the years of effort and study to receive a diploma and begin the next chapter in her amazing life.

I thought this time would be sad and difficult for me. I am finding it to be just the opposite. Perhaps it is due to the year long preparation that begins with the completion of junior year. You know then that every thing that follows for the next year will be "The Last". You know that pictures must be taken, plans must be made, exams must be taken, announcements must be ordered...Senior year passes quickly in a haze of lasts and firsts. In times of looking back and looking forward. Of knowing that the day is coming. And now that it is here, I am happy. I am prepared. I am ready. But this really isn't about me, I know. This is my Madison's time. Her time to revel in the fact that she did it. She accomplished something we began for her when we held her hand and walked her into that brightly decorated kindergarten classroom all those years ago. And you know what?

She is happy.
She is prepared.
She is ready.

Meanwhile, here is a peek at the first week of summer in our country home...

We broke out the sundresses for Mass on Saturday...

and I thanked God once again for the gift of this little girl.

We took my mom to Mass and Subway, and then these two played a few games of Tic Tac Toe. : )

We resumed our tradition of late night movies...

after enjoying summer dinners...

and desserts on the porch.

And baths for some who enjoy coffee ice cream as much as I do. : )

I got pictures on my phone from my beautiful daughters...and was happy that they are the best of friends.

We had some stormy afternoons...

and some cozy evenings.

These two celebrated two months together. And yes...apparently that is cause for a dinner out celebration. : )

And...I got a new color for summer. And I loved it!

Until I didn't. And went back for more blonde. Good thing my hairdresser is a good friend and knows the extent of my neurosis. : )

Happy Summer weekend, my friends.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So happy for Madison...it is a special time for sure. Enjoyed spending the 'week' in pictures with you. Your hair color is so pretty. Enjoy this Thursday. Time is going by too fast!

  2. Congratulations Madison! What a proud Mom with so much goodness around you. It makes my heart happy from here. Enjoy your weekend together!!

  3. Congrats Madison! Such a wonderful accomplishment! You have the sweetest family! Love your hair color! Enjoy the summer!

  4. Congratulations to sweet Madison! I'm so excited for her :) Love your hair, my friend - you look stunning!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  5. Congratulations to Madison! Seems like she's got it all together! You've done a great job, Mama!

  6. Congratulations to Madison - what a happy time! The end of high school is the beginning of good things to come! Glad you found a hair color that is good for you. I think you look great - with either color. I haven't colored my hair for a while now, but last time I got a hair cut, the hair dresser asked me where I got my highlights? What? Yes, I am getting red highlights in my hair - at this old age. I also have a nice strand of white - right at the front. What up with that?! Charly says I'll be completely white by the time Josh gets home from Mexico and he might be right about that! You all have a great summer. I love how you involve your mom in your family activities. I know she loves that! Have a great week and love to all!

  7. Congratulations, a great achievement. Have a great summer.

  8. Oh how I love your stories. Yes, your daughter is prepared because she's had such wonderful moments that not all children get, to be at home to prepare for the next step. I listened to a tape by James Dobson one time that say that from the time our children are born we are in the process of letting them go. His main topic was "Releasing Your Grown Child." It helped me let them make small decisions as they were able to handle it. It was hard to have them move 6 hours away for college and life but now I am once again near them and watching them teach their children all these things. Continue to share your story. Love your hair!

  9. Love your hair. I need to grow out my bangs. I cut them again because I have this huge age spot on my forehead that I am terribly embarrassed about. I hate bangs..oh well.

    Congrats to your beautiful daughter. I didn't get sad for my first born till I dropped him off at college. That was so hard for me. But...he is home right now...sitting right next to me..I am happy!!! Love having all the kids here. Not sure what I will do when our babies leave...ahhhhhhhh!

  10. Congrats to Madison! Such wonderful milestones. And now the big world ahead! Best of luck to her and her big adventures. ;)

    Looks like a great start to summer! Such a beautiful family and beautiful home. And looks like some delicious goodies!! Summer food is awesome, isn't it?

    I love your hair color!! The blond is so pretty on you. I add little bits in the summer - I love some blond to help hide my gray!! Ha!

    Happy summer blessings to you. xo

  11. Why am I teary and trying not to cry reading this? I just met Madison and your family is new in my life? But somehow I've known you my whole 'mommy' life. It feels like you've always been there for me encouraging me since the day Anna was in my arms. It feels like you've always been funny on instagram, inspiring me on your blog to enjoy my family every single day. And yes, it feels like I've known Madison longer than I have. Oh how I wish I could be there celebrating with you this weekend. I am there in my heart as I think of you and pray for you. You are a treasured friend and I am a better mother, wife, friend because of you. Congratulations to Madison of course but congratulations to you also. For walking her through every age and stage. Ever winding and straight path on her journey to the finish line. You inspire. God bless you sweet family this weekend and always. Love, tara

  12. Congratulations to Madison! I love your new hair color, mine needs to be cut and colored, but I will wait until right before school starts. (what will my mil think when she's my gray? giggling) Blessings

  13. Congrats Madison! She is a well accomplished, beautiful young lady. You've done well, Billie Jo! Enjoy every moment this weekend celebrating your first graduation in the family. We're all celebrating with you in spirit!

    ps...being nosey here, but curious what her plans are post-high school? I know she is so ambitious and doing such amazing things already. :)

  14. Congratulations to Madison! I hope that whatever the future brings for her it will all be wonderful! xx

  15. Hi Billie Jo!

    Sounds like you are going to have an exciting summer! Congratulations to your daughter, I know she will have a very bright and wonderful future!

    Your pictures are all so beautiful . . . summer has arrived! Your new hair color is so pretty, I always wanted to be a blond . . . :0)



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