November 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today, I'm thinking about...

Yesterday! Because it was Flynn's 5th Birthday! And I was so happy for her and for the gift of her life, that I spend no time lamenting the fact that my baby is now 5. It was a wonderful day for my Cinderella loving girl.

We spent the morning playing games and relaxing, because of course, when you homeschool Preschool, you take your birthday off. Then we got her all ready for party. She thought her party was going to be here at our house. But we told her we needed to go pick up Rhett from work at the theatre...and...

She was sooooo surprised!!!!!

She was happy to see her best friend/cousin Cammie, as well as her Aunt Margie and Uncle Chris, Aunt Sally, Aunt Scarlett and Grandma Margaret and Madison's bestie Miss Jessica.

They peeked at the cake before we opened presents...

and after presents we had the beautiful, delicious cake!

Then it was time to get our popcorn and head inside...

where my girl got to see her Cinderella on the big screen! She loved every single moment.

Then it was home to open family presents and sing Happy Birthday to our Flynn...just the six of us. And eat pumpkin bread, of course.

My girl had a wonderful day! I am thankful to the amazing friends at the theater who went out of their way to make sure Flynn had a perfect birthday. Thank all of you also for the birthday love. And for the record...we added three new Cinderellas to the mix! : )


  1. What a great party!!!! And what a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Flynn!

  2. It looks like it was the perfect day :) I was homeschooled with my sister and we always got to take our birthday off.

    Hugs to you, friend!

  3. What a special party! Has Flynn seen the trailer for the new live action Cinderella? Looks good!

  4. Wish you were my mom! Seriously! The love you give is loveable! She is a blessed little girl to have you.

    Love that cake!

  5. What a fun day! I love the picture do her hugging her cousin.
    Good job mom!!

  6. What a perfect day!!! ...Blessings

  7. Happy birthday to Flynn! What a sweet, special day for her! You are an amazing mommy!

  8. Sounds like the best birthday ever!! I love the cake, it's so perfect and getting to watch your favorite movie on the big screen it doesn't get much better than that!!! Great job Mom :)

  9. Billie Jo, Flynn always has the most adorable dresses on! She is a doll! What a fun birthday! Is there a new Cinderella movie or is it the original Disney version on the big screen? Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess.

  10. Oh, chills, I got chills for this post. Can a girl have a better birthday ever? Not a chance. A private showing of Cinderella... my word... I am oh so very happy for you that you were able to give your baby such a wonderful party. The cake is amazing! How perfect to take the day off. Gotta love so many homeschool perks! So glad it was a delightful day for you all. xoxoxo Happy Birthday Flynn! You are so sweet!

  11. What a beautiful moment...(moments!) for your Flynn and for you all.
    Love the love here....

  12. What a fun party for a sweet little girly!!

    I see others are telling you about the new Cinderella movie too...wont' it be fun? I can't wait!!

  13. Love this so, so much. Looks like a very special birthday for your sweet girl. :)


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