November 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am thinking about...

Birthdays! Flynn and Madison both have birthdays in the next couple of weeks. I am all ready for Flynn's big day. The cake is ordered and the presents are bought. Cinderella to the rescue! Madison is a bit more tricky...Eighteen is a big one, and not quite as easy to plan without input. Right now she is leaning toward a Frozen theme. She loves all things Disney. : ) Her birthday is the day before Thanksgiving, so I am not quite sure what she wants to have for dinner. Things will come together, right?! : ) I love November birthdays. And I love my November birthday girls.

Here is what we have been up to in our country home...

As if Tara visiting our home weren't enough, she brought sweet touches for us all.
November mornings are lovely here...
but November evenings are my favorite. : )
All ready to begin our family Christmas 2014...
with our annual Ornament Day at Hallmark.
They chose ornaments that reflect their personalities perfectly!
Madison...Christmas Vacation
Flynn...Cinderella : )
And of course...snuggles in Christmas jammies are a must this time of year. : )
Leaving you with a selfie with my happy am I that she loves to spend time with her almost 18 years old?!?
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your November looks beautiful there. Our November turned into January with nearly a foot of snow to fill the yard and 17 degrees this morning. I would much rather have yours :) Enjoy the birthday planning and preparations. I bet they will be awesome!

  2. Beautiful especially the one with you and your daughter!

  3. Wow, almost eighteen! Your girls are simply beautiful and your son is quite handsome. You have a lovely family, my friend.

    Happy Thursday! Hugs

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous!!! And I love that selfie of the two of pretty!

  5. Lovely pictures! Just yesterday it started getting a little cooler here. Lucia was jumping up and down yelling, "I love cold weather it means Christmas is coming!"

  6. Cannot wait to see the Frozen birthday party...looks like that might be the theme her for my little Ava turning 5 in Feb...can you believe it??? 5!!

    18 is a wonderful age. She is just blossoming.

  7. Cute pictures of Flynn in her Christmas outfits and those ornaments are perfect :)

  8. All of your children are beautiful and handsome. Christmas season definitely a special time of the year.

  9. so jealous ya know!!
    next time we make it a party of 3 k?:)

    beautiful flowers, sweet flynn and a porch worthy of many swingy days!!:)

    have a happy day billie jo

  10. Beautiful. Liam will be 18 in March...he has not let us know what he wants etc...Blessings to you.

  11. I love the picture of you and Madison...two beautiful ladies!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

  12. What gorgeous flowers! And a great picture of you & Madison. :) Have a great weekend!

  13. Birthdays are exciting indeed! (And bittersweet at times ;)

    The ornaments are great! I love Christmas Vacation!! Lol

    The flowers are perfect! So sweet and thoughtful of Tara. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. These pictures were so fun to see! You all are precious and your oldest looks a LOT like you! Is that Bitty Baby I see? Oh how I miss those days! Love the flowers, the inviting swing, and the evening shot. November is a fine month for birthdays! Perfect!


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