March 23, 2014

My Rosary Beads

The Rosary has been a wonderful part of my entire life. I feel peaceful bringing my prayers and petitions to Our Lady. I gain comfort as the beads move through my fingers and as the prayers pass my lips and through my heart. Today, my dear husband gave me a most touching gift, one that caused me to reflect on the different sets of Rosary Beads that I have prayed with throughout my life.

As a teenager, I received this beautiful Rosary from my parents. They brought one home from Fatima for each of their daughters. I took this beautiful Rosary to college with me, and remember many, many days rocking in a chair in my dorm room praying for the intentions in my heart at that time in my life. I prayed for my family, and for Steve and our future together. I prayed for myself, that I would succeed in my studies and find a teaching job. I prayed for the things a young woman prays for as she begins her life away from home. And this Blessed Rosary got me through four long years away from my family, my home, and my Steve.

Steve gave me this beautiful Rosary shortly after we were married. I spent many mornings praying for things a young married woman prays for. I prayed for my husband, for my family, for myself, that I would do a good job teaching the young children entrusted to me each day. And most of all...I prayed for children of our own. I'm sure I practically wore these beads thin praying to Our Heavenly Father for a child. Then one more, and then for just one more. And in His own time, God answered my humble prayers.

I received this beautiful, old Blessed Rosary from a very special friend. One day, my sweet little son Rhett was holding my Rosary and it simply broke. My poor Rhett. Even as a young child, he had the most sincere, sensitive heart. He felt so badly about it, even when I held him and told him accidents happen. That very night, our family friend and parish priest, who happens to be Rhett's Godfather was visiting. When Rhett told him what happened, Father reached into his pocket and pulled out this beautiful Rosary. He handed it to Rhett, and told him to give it to me. The smile on Rhett's face is something I will never forget. So, that is how I came to pray with a Rosary once prayed with by a very holy man. With this Rosary I prayed the payers of an older mother. I prayed for my children that they would be happy at school. I prayed for my husband as he worked so hard for his family. I prayed for my parents as they got older. And I prayed for one more soul to bless our family. And again, in His own time, God answered our prayers. I also prayed with this Rosary for my father. I prayed for his health. And in time, for his soul.

This is the gift my husband brought me today. A brand new beautiful Rosary. A Rosary infused with the very roses that adorned my dear, sweet father's casket. Steve had this very beautiful Rosary made for me, so that now, as I move the beads through my fingers, I will be reminded of the man who taught me to pray The Rosary...who taught me to love The Dad. The very last day I spent with my dad, the day before he died, my sisters and I prayed the Rosary around my father's bed. As we started, we noticed his fingers rubbing against each other. We saw his fingers searching for something. Although he could not speak, he was letting us know what he wanted...his Rosary beads. And now, each time I pray with these beautiful beads, I will think of that day, and know that my father is praying with me.


  1. So beautiful. This post brought tears to my eyes.

  2. So beautiful..thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Wow!!! Such a gift. To have is infused with the roses that adorned your father's casket. That is so very special. What a truly wonderful gift from such a thoughtful, loving husband. God bless you!

  4. Oh, I'm glad you saved that one for the end, because I'm in tears!! How special of your husband to know your heart so deeply and to have that made for you.

    It's funny, I have special rosaries that I pray in certain for the chapel, (it's in my purse) plastic ones for bedtime, (so they don't break when I fall asleep) one for the living room, one for the porch, and one for our nightly family rosary...I am not attached to THINGS but Rosaries, I am for some reason.

    It has to be that closeness we share with God, His beautiful mother and all that ties together when we pray....

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful rosaries with us!

  5. Billie Jo, your post has touched me deeply. So lovely to think back to your rosaries and the times of prayer. Thank you.

  6. Such a beautiful post my friend. I read it through tears. What a thoughtful gift from Steve.
    I too have a few special rosaries and they give me comfort as I move my fingers across each bead.

  7. Billie Jo, I there would ever be a 'most popular' or 'favorite' post this would be it. It was so beautiful the way you shared your heart and what you prayed for during your life. I could relate to so much of it. The time in college praying to do well, for time away from Scott, for your future together. And as a young married couple, a young mom and now. Oh, thank you for sharing all of this . I never learned the rosary growing up. It wasn't until college on a youth trip to Dever. I went to World Youth Day when Pope John Paul II came. I fell in love with the rosary then. I do love your new rosary beads from your husband. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift that you'll treasure forever. Simply beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your heart, tara

  8. Beautiful. Simply beautiful, Billie Jo. What a precious and special gift. I was in awe as I read about your new rosary infused with the roses from your father's casket. What a very treasured blessing filled with such thoughtfulness that will hold the memories of your dad. Priceless.

  9. Wow, Billie Jo. What a treasure. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Billie Jo! I loved reading about all your rosaries...they are really 'time markers' for you, aren't they? Each one held the prayers of that special time in life when you used them.

    That last rosary? That was so touching. How thoughtful of your husband to get you that, and what a reminder of your dear father. Thank you so much for sharing your faith and prayer with all of us. It is such an inspiration.

  11. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. So beautiful.
    I have been wanting to write about my rosaries for about a year now and this was just so encouraging and so uplifting!
    What great explanations of each rosary you have - all so special, especially the last one from Steve with the roses from your dad's funeral - just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing, friend.


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