January 16, 2014

Weekend Plans

Is it me, or is January flying right by? In any case, the weekend is here again, Yay! Friday night Steve and Rhett are heading to camp to check on it and have a guys night. I am so happy they have so much fun together. The girls and I will be home feasting on take out and indulging in Lifetime movies. The perfect Friday night. : )

Saturday Madison has a retreat day for her Confirmation which is coming up in March. It concludes with Mass in the late afternoon, so we will be attending that and then heading home. Peyton and I are making Barbecue meatballs and pasta salad for dinner. I have a pile of ironing that refuses to do itself, so I think I know what I will be doing after dinner.

Sunday can be summed up in two words...brunch and football. I know my life is ultra exciting...you know with all the lazy days spent lounging and watching football and eating...but that is what we do. And that is what I will miss one day, so that is how we spend our time. Together. : )

I hope your winter weekend is full of the things you love, whatever they may be. Thanks for visiting! I am always glad you stop by!  : )

We were able to take the trip to visit my father last weekend...and someone always gets sleepy on the way!

And look how well he is doing! This picture is actually one my sister sent me from a party they had this week. He looks sooo much better! That right there is a look I know from my sweet father. : )
Thanks for all your prayers my friends. Keep 'em coming. I know that his Dementia will never get better, but quality of life is what we pray for...and right now our prayers are being answered. : )

One more pic of Madison and her bestie Jessica before the dance. Madison had a great time, and Alan brought her right home after. Amen.

These are my new favorite things...Halos. If you haven't tried them, you must. I insist. You're welcome.

I did put a pot of sauce on the Stove Sunday morning, and Peyton and Steve made tons of meatballs. Fr. Jim came and we had a great visit. It was weird to realize that he and I are the same age. Like, we graduated in the same year...I guess I just always think of priests as being older, you know? So I guess that means I am older than I think, right? Does any of this even make sense?!

Anyway...we had spaghetti and meatballs with this easy peasy salad...

fresh Italian bread from the bakery...

and the best chocolate cake ever...

which I served like this because I like to pretend I am working in a fancy restaurant, and because I watch way too much Food Network programming.

This little guy likes snuggling on my lap these cold winter evenings. : )

January's cupcake delivery from our sweet little bakery did not disappoint...

And because there just isn't quite enough food in this one...I'll finish off with Flynn's reaction to the dinner surprise Steve brought back from a business meeting this week. No more words needed. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. Since I am fairly new to your blog, I did not know about your dad. My mom had dementia so I know how terrible it can be. God bless your father; I know this snapshot of him is precious to you.
    I love the photos you have shared. Such pretty daughters and a sweet tiny dog!

  2. It is breakfast time, but I am now hungry for meatballs in that sauce and the salad and cake. Yum, yum! Praying your Dad continues to be happy, as I know what dementia does to us. Enjoy him while you can. Your family is so precious, and I feel like know them from your blog. When people shrug as to blogging, I just tell them they dont know the super nice people they are missing. Enjoy the day. (I love the Lifetime movies too)

  3. Your home is just so warm and inviting, I love it and all that you do!! I will keep your Dad in our family prayers!

  4. I will say a prayer for your Dad, Billie Jo. Looks like another wonderful weekend for you & yours - enjoy!

  5. I am sorry about your father. My mil has a mental illness & dementia. Love the pictures of Flynn. Sure makes me smile. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings

  6. You have the cutest little dog. Can I trade yours for my two mutts...lol. All that food looks so yummy, makes me hungry at 9am. Hope you have a great weekend. God Bless!

  7. I wish we had a cupcake delivery service around here! Those cupcakes always look so yummy!

  8. Hooray for Lifetime movie nights and giant pots of sauce and millions of meatballs and lazy winter football watching weekends…oh and those cupcakes!!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend! <3

  9. I'm officially hungry! We have one making their Confirmation this year too. I'm with you....food and hanging out together makes for the best kind of weekend. Enjoy.

  10. Sounds like you are going to have another great, relaxing family weekend -- the best kind! Enjoy! (My all that food looks good...making me hungry!)

  11. Once again, sweet friend, you have made me hungry with all of your delicious food pictures!

    Yes, January seems to be flying by. I remember January used to be the longest month for me and now it seems to go by faster every year.

    Your weekend sound lovely and I do hope you enjoy it. Many blessings to you and big hugs!

  12. Billie Jo!!!

    I've never even met your Dad but somehow I knew that must have been a look you know! I'm over the moon happy for you and for him! (hugs) Yeah!

    And is there anything more precious than a little one asleep in her carseat? I mean really, it's a heart meter for sure!

    Glad you know how to do it... family, food, football because that's what makes you happy! I love it all! Have a yummy, cozy weekend! Lots of love, tara

  13. I laughed outloud about the food cooking shows!! So true! That is the same cake. I can taste it through the screen. Mmmmmmmmm.......Your meatballs look wonderful. Meatballs is one thing I never make on my own. Sam's Club thank you very much. They are too piddley for me to make. I'm sure yours are wonderful though. (I don't eat meatballs...maybe that's why I don't want to piddle with them?) Tom probably would love me to (piddle with them) OH, my gosh, where is this going?

    How cute is Flynn sleeping on the ride home in her beautiful bow? (VERY)

    I want the salad recipe. That I'll piddle with.

    Boring weekend here I come.
    Love being boring.
    Love you too.

  14. I really think I need to look into the cupcake delivery service for our family!

    I just love the picture of your dad. It brought tear to my eyes know what he is going through...what your entire family is going through.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  15. Oh...your little Flynn looks so content sleeping; I love sleeping on car trips.
    I thought about spaghetti for last night, but I made bread and rolled beef hotdogs in it instead, and my husband made up fresh homemade salsa and a guacamole bean dip, something simple after a long workday. Your meal looks very tasty and you cake presentation is divine.

    Your Friday plans are similar to what I like to do for the weekend.

    Happy Friday!

  16. Love this post-all the things you love wrapped up in one:) Looking at the photo makes me miss my parents so. Treasure your time.


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