November 10, 2013

Keepin' It Real...I Lost Track Of How Many Edition

Here we go with another Keepin' It Real post. You know...the ones where I share some of the mundane true facts of my life, and hope you all like me anyway. ; )

Oh...and first of all...these quality pictures were all taken with my phone because I was too lazy to go downstairs and get my camera.

So...I am extremely fashion challenged. For real. I wear almost the same thing every single day. Because I like it. I have always loved black and khaki and beige. And that's about it.

Here is a look inside my closet. See all the neutrals?
Any bursts of color I may wear are most likely gifts, and are chosen only when my Madison decides to give me one of her "What Not To Wear" makeovers.

And my pants...jeans, black, and khaki...because I like to blend in.

And here I am sporting my daily shirt...

and jeans. Ahhhh comfort...

While we are at is what you will find me in by 4:00 in the afternoon these days. I love when it gets dark early...cozy evenings inside call for cozy jammies, right?

Now I'm off to enjoy a piece of this...for breakfast. Because we are keepin' it real here, and the truth is, I love my sweets!

Thanks for visiting, friends!


  1. Love you! Your wardrobe looks like mine…only I have to wear mine outside of the house! I had a 3rd grader say to me (and no, not my own kid!), "you must really like that dress (it's black!) b/c you wear it ALL the time." LOL Out of the mouths of babes. I spy with my little eye…a homey quilt on someone's bed… ;)

  2. THere is nothing wrong with neutrals, sweets for breakfast and transparency on the internet - love you for this post, especially the part about using your phone because of not wanting to go downstairs, LOL!

  3. Oh my gosh... we ARE kindred spirits and have the same wardrobe. The reason I never signed up for that "What I Wore Sunday"? because it would get boring real fast. I wear a LOT of black (easy to match) and jeans nearly every day. Totally a t-shirt and jeans girl. Totally. I used to be more hippie and I think that's still in me, but overall it's just what fits these days. And that breakfast looks yum. So the consensus is... yes, I love you anyway!

  4. I'm a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal too! Nothing wrong with that! But I think if my husband came home from work and I was cooking dinner in my pjs he would wonder what was wrong with me!

  5. You & I would be fast friends if we lived by one another. Thanks for keeping it real, as I am just like you..neutrals and pj's around 5:30--after the boy gets off the bus..and on the weekend..around 4:30, lol. BTW, since you kept it real and you asked.. I changed my profile pic. I DO NOT like my pic taken, so there are few. It is a bone of contention with my husband & son ;). Have a blessed day.

  6. Left over birthday cake for our after breakfast, Sunday snack…with my cup of coffee :) In my humble opinion, sweets are THE best breakfasts in the world :)

  7. I still like you, probably more so after reading your keeping it real posts. Pj's are the best. What's not to like about a warm, cozy life? Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend.

  8. I just love this. Me too Me too! I have all neutrals in my closet and wear the same thing every day. comfy comfy is my motto. Plus I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Like what goes with this and what goes with clue. FOOD! thanks for thinking of me.

    like everyone else said. we could be neighbors.or should!!

  9. I'm with you - I love would live in jeans if I could. Thanks for this glimpse into your life.

  10. I am the same with PJs and sweats. This time of year as soon as I get home I go up and put on sweats or PJs.

  11. is that carrot cake cuz that's what I'm eating right this minute!!! oh and I showered and put my pj's on at 3pm today ;)

  12. Seems we all have the same wardrobe!! I'm with Marijanna, the big reason I never did that What I Wore Sunday thing is I wear the same black skirt every Sunday, with a black long sleeve T or maybe Blue or Dark Rose color. I do like colored T's but almost always wear black. I have 3 black ones. And jeans every day. I am too cold to change into jammies in the middle of the day, SO I live in my jeans.

    We all love the keeping it real posts!
    Cake for breakfast? Just as good as a granola bar! (OK, better)

  13. Black shirt and jeans... hey that's my uniform too!!! And I have those leopard print jammies...vic sec right? Love them!!! And I had to chuckle at your Madison and how she does "what not to wear makeovers" :)

  14. You know what! I am an all neutral kind of a girl, too. I have to force myself to add a little color every now and then for some variety. But if I had my way, I would wear black, grey and beige every day of my life. And the jammies! My favorite thing about winter for sure are the earlier nights so I have an excuse to put on my most snuggly jammies. Love this. Thanks for being real. That's what I totally love about you. <3

  15. Hi Billie Jo! That photo of you is so stinkin' cute! I love the smile on your face :)

    We used to make fun of my sister because she would only wear black and white. But she would just say it was easier to match everything! So I would go with that, feel free to borrow it! But as I get older, I can appreciate that wisdom more and more.

    We have some green tomato bread around here, maybe it's time for a slice. Your cake looks awesome! I'll think of you as I munch.

    Happy Monday! Love those PJ'S! They match? There's something you don't see all the time around here!


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