July 27, 2013

Christmas In July 2013

You know how much we love holidays here, right? So any excuse to celebrate one does not go unnoticed. I have been celebrating Christmas in July since the older kids were quite little. It began as a nice break in the middle of summer for a young mommy and her three littles. And because most everything I do becomes some sort of tradition, we are still celebrating it today.

It is not fancy or expensive. We don't decorate or anything crazy like that...we just pause and spend the day together doing a few of the things we love to do during the Holiday Season. This year the weather even cooperated. It was a chilly 65 degrees in Pennsylvania!  So here are a few pictures of our Christmas in July in case you want to think about doing something next year. : )

Ok...I guess we DID decorate a little bit.
We pulled out and lit a favorite candle.
We baked some yummy cupcakes...
and delivered them to some special family and friends.
The kids opened a few small gifts...
and we watched a few favorite movies. : )
Peyton baked a delicious Red Velvet cake...
and we called it a day.
Merry Christmas in July friends!


  1. *GASP* What an awesome idea!! Seriously, the cleverness is so neat. LOVE it! What a great tradition and how yummy everything looks to celebrate. I wish I was there with you!

  2. What a fun idea! I love hearing about other families' traditions...it's always motivating to get up and do something fun and quirky with our own ;)

    Looks like you had fun!

  3. That's a great way to shake up the summer doldrums!

  4. Oh my... that is the BEST idea ever! I sooooo love that tradition you started waaaay back! Thanks for sharing... we just might do that here this week. We could use a little change of pace around here! Love it! Oh that cake!

  5. I LOVE this idea! It's always so busy in December that I feel like we miss the quiet moments to just watch the Christmas movies or read all the Christmas books. I'm definitely doing this next year! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. How fun! You are the most fun mom EVER! I bet the kids just loved that.

  7. My girlfriend, Patty, down in Texas does this. But she even puts up trees...bit too much work for me to do, but I could handle those cupcakes and a Christmas video or two! LOL Hugs.

  8. What a FUN idea!! That cake, looks, amazing!

  9. HoHoHo...it almost snowed this past weekend it was so cold..soYES celebrate Christmas with all the wonderful traditions especially the yum yums.

  10. Sounds like so much fun! Hope you all have a happy week!

  11. I love this idea! I have to put this on the calendar for next June.

    I love the cupcake boxes!


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