May 23, 2013

Weekend Plans...Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day Weekend? Amen! The crazy busy month of May is winding down and summer vacation is almost here...This year, our Memorial Day Weekend is quite busy with assorted parties and what not, and you all know just how much I love that...insert massive amount of sarcasm here. ...Anyway, Friday is actually a free evening. I think I will pack away all my springtime decorations and get out red, white, and blue Americana decor I put out for summer. It works for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, so I am all set. These don't come down until it is time to still my heart...decorate for fall! My favorite time of year... Wait...getting ahead of myself here...

Saturday we have a graduation party for my nephew and then a birthday party for my sweet sister Margie, which is being held at our camp, and then a quick trip home for late mass so Rhett can serve. And then me collapsing in exhaustion, or thankfulness that I am home.

Sunday Madison is singing at our high school graduation in the morning, and then we have two graduation parties to attend. One is for Jeffrey, which I am planning on attending for sure. The other...I may put a card in the mail and call it a day. Is that awful???

Monday, Memorial Day, we spend together as a family. We always attend the parade in our little town and then plant our flowers. Steve is planning on making a pork loin on the grill and I think I will keep it simple with some baked potatoes and steamed broccoli with cheese. And then we will do baths, showers, backpacks, and lunches to get ready for the last week of school! Well, That is what we have planned for this holiday weekend. I hope yours is happy, and warm and festive, whatever your plans may be!

The beautiful trees that line our driveway did their thing this year...
and I am glad.
Somebody likes to give her brother lots of love before he leaves for school.
This is what the bottom of our driveway looks like with all in bloom...
and after Steve spends a few hours on his mower!
 And here is where he keeps that huge machine...along with assorted bikes, scooters, balls, and bubbles!
Someone had ponytails this week...and looked a little too old for her mama.
One more birthday boy pic...
and a few of my little sweetie on a random spring morning...
Spring is here! Spring is here!
Wondering what is happening to her beautiful dandelions...
and being ok with it when I told here you can blow on them and make a wish...
Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!




  1. I cannot get my 3 year old to wear anything in her hair except a pony tail. No bows, no flowers. Nothing. Your sweet girl is adorable!

    We have a ton of grad parties this year, a weekend full of them!

    Love the patriotic look over here!

    I love your yard and trees!!!! I'm jealous of people who live in the country. I'm a country girl, my husband is a city boy. Our backyard is country looking, hills, no neighbors...but our front looks typical neighborhood in a town. I guess it's our compromise!

    Our flowering trees are just about to open up, so we must be about a week or so behind you!

    Have a great weekend!! God bless!

  2. Ahh! I love the last one especially with those cute lips puckering out like that. My goodness, your trees in bloom are just fantastic, just gorgeous! Your drive, especially the end of it, is amazing. I would sit on my porch and look at it all day long :) may you enjoy your festive weekend! And God bless our troops!

  3. What beautiful trees you have in your yard. I wish we had some land for the kids to enjoy.

    I love that your town has a parade. We live in a smaller town and the 4th of July week is big here with a parade, rodeo and fireworks all week long. I love small towns.

    Good luck with the know I would be the same way. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am in love with your property! It's beautiful. Flynn is looking so adorable in that hair bow. You have a busy weekend ahead. I'm all for ditching the other party--but I hope they don't read your blog!
    Have fun, Billie Jo.

  5. Love your yard and the pictures of your beautiful children! Happy Birthday Rhett! So happy my son shares his birthday with such a sweet young man.

  6. what a beautiful yard and those trees!!! and driveway!! lovely!
    and Flynn in that yellow head band is the most precious thing ever!! I recognize the other dresses, but where is that last one from? super cute!
    a little late catching up here...but hope your long weekend was beautiful
    have a happy day billie jo


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