March 27, 2024

This Or That ~ Easter Edition


My little Flynn ~ Easter 2013

What are your thoughts on these?


Easter Dinner


Easter Brunch

Matching pajamas


Sorry, Mom. No way.

Also, do you color eggs?

Or make this cake?

Are there any Easter ideas or traditions you would like to share?

Before I start my day, I will give you my answers to the above questions!

1. I love Here Comes Peter Cottontail! It is by far my favorite Easter movie.

2. I prefer Easter Brunch. We have had that for several years, and it is a nice change from a big dinner. We are having Easter dinner this year, though, and I am actually kind of excited!

3. I LOVED getting matching holiday pajamas for the kids when they were little. Loved. Alas, all good things must end. And honestly, now, I feel relieved. One less thing!

4. We used to color eggs every year with my sister Margie and my mom. It was a tradition that we all loved. As the kids got older, the eggs were left uneaten due to an unfortunate unrelated incident: One year, Peyton and I had a severe bout of the flu the morning after coloring and consuming too many eggs. 

5. We make the Easter Bunny Cake every single year! The kids love that tradition, and I am glad. Especially since Peyton took over the decorating!

Enjoy your traditions, my friends!

Billie Jo


  1. 1. Peter Cottontail!
    2. We do both sort've. We're typically just the 4 of us, so we do a brunchy special breakfast and then still do a dinner later since we have to eat anyway!
    3. Not for Easter but still yes for Christmas!
    4. Color eggs (that no one really eats)
    5. Always bunny butt cookies.

    Getting excited for a fun Easter!

  2. Any traditions are fun for the family. We always bake and do crafts! The kids love them!

  3. 1. Peter Cottontail
    2. Since we do church into late afternoon it's dinner for us
    3. Never matched pajamas, although I wish I did when the kids were smaller
    4. Yes, color eggs every year
    5. I have Easter shape cookie cutters so I usually make cookies or some type of cake but that bunny cake is too cute.

    It's hard for me to wrap my head around Easter since it's arriving so early this year. I am not yet prepared but it is one of my favorite holidays.

  4. How fun it must be to be in your family! We did color eggs when our kids were little. Have to wait now for grands to come up. Thanks for sharing your traditions.

  5. Hmm I think I remember Peter Cottontail but not sure. We love to watch HOP now.
    We have done both brunch and dinners. Depends on what family we are celebrating it with. This year probably brunch just three of us. Oldest in college so not home and youngest in HS. All other family is not around anymore.
    Matching PJ's were for Christmas never did Easter but they always received new sandals and swimsuits.
    Color eggs, love them. I have a pack ready to do with the high schooler if I can convince him :-)
    No special cake or cookies for it. Others have done them in years past when we have been there.
    Love your questions always bring back memories.
    It has arrived so quickly this year, not really ready for it.

  6. **I actually haven't seen either of these movies! Now, I must check your favorite one out.

    **We always eat early on Easter, so I'll say Easter Brunch!

    **I think matching pajamas are cute. The kids had matching Grinch ones at Christmastime. ; )

    **Oh Yes, we used to color eggs when the kids were little, and Jess and Nel still carry on that tradition with their little ones.

    Those are the cutest bunny cakes, Billie Jo. And they both have sweet smiles. You can tell they are made with love and creativity. These old pictures of your kids when they were little are wonderful. They made my heart smile. Happy Easter, dear friend.


  7. Nothing is worse than getting sick on eggs!

  8. I loved all those traditions when my kids were little! The outdoor egg hunt especially. I still do Easter baskets for my boys, at 16 and 19, - but this year my oldest isn't coming home from college. First Easter without him and it's a little sad even though they weren't interested in dying eggs anymore. As an aside - he was born on Easter Sunday!

  9. I love the bunny cake. It's the cutest I have ever seen!!!

  10. 1. I've never seen either one of those movies. Where have I been?

    2. In the past we've always done Easter dinner, but since this year it's just the two of us we'll probably eat lunch out somewhere after church.

    3. We've never done matching p.j.'s.

    4. We always colored eggs when the kids were small. It was so much fun when we were all together.

    5. I made that exact cake for our 41 year olds second birthday as it fell on Easter Sunday. I'll never for get it. It turned out well, but I am NOT a cake decorator.

    Today is our granddaughter "Baby J'" in Londons second birthday. They've sent several videos of her today and it's wonderful to see her. However, it doesn't take the place of hugging and kissing her on her birthday.
    Blessings and hugs,

  11. No to either movie: never watched๐Ÿค” Easter dinner. No to PJs. Usually dye eggs. Our tradition is an Easter egg hunt with filled plastic eggs - money or candy.

  12. Oh my goodness this brought back such memories! ๐Ÿ˜
    1. Peter Cottontail all the way. And I love the Peter Cottontail song too. Lol
    2. We always do Easter ham dinner...but we do it in the afternoon. Have extra time to lounge after and play games and do dessert.
    3.I never really did the matching pj's thing. Though I think it's adorable. But I'm kind of glad I never did because - as you said "one more thing" Lol I think it was because my 2 had a pretty big age gap (6 yrs) between them.
    4. We used to color eggs when the kiddos were little. I often did that with my former MIL because she was my daycare for Aaron when he was little and I still worked. So started a tradition with her.
    5.And that bunny cake brought back such memories!! We did that for many years in a row. Annie especially loved that and helping me with it. Then we started doing the fruit pizza cookie things and everyone loved the flavors of that so much - we switched to that. And this year I think I'm going to do one giant cookie, with the sugar cookie dough, in the shape of a giant Easter egg and use the fruit to make the decorative lines and moments on the "egg" ๐Ÿ’—

    Happy Easter to you and all of your Crew! ๐Ÿฐ๐ŸŒท✝️

  13. I enjoyed seeing all your preparations for Easter, and looking at all the photos of your dear family and preparations. I don't color Easter eggs any more but enjoyed looking at yours. Happy Easter to you and all those you love my friend :)

  14. Used to color eggs with my kids were little but haven't done that in years and years.
    I never did get what the Easter Bunny had to do with Easter. :)

  15. Love the pics of your cute kids!
    I never made a bunny cake, but it's cute. We always colored eggs.
    This year we are doing Easter supper, sliders, veggies and dip and salad. IT's a new thing but will be easier.

  16. Here we dye eggs, make buns and cookies and buy new shoes for the children!! Very nice post. Thank you and have a happy Easter.

  17. I would prefer Easter Brunch...and also I loved making the Bunny cake! So fun!

  18. What fun! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen either movie – yikes! Dinner for me, so there’s time to change clothes and prepare food after church. Matching pajamas at Christmas for sure, but I’ve never thought about Easter.! Definitely coloring eggs and I’ve never made the cake - am I too old to do it now?!!

  19. Here we used to go Easter chocolate eggs hunting and then an Easter meal.Happy Easter !

  20. Thank you for reminding me of Here Comes Peter Cottontail (the best!). Brunch all the way here, might be biased as I hosted Easter brunch here for years. I always thought matching pj's were more a Christmas thing so never did them for Easter. We've not done eggs in a few year, we didn't have enough fans of hard boiled eggs in this house to start so didn't always do it. Such a fun cake though I've never made it. Always love your this or that post, so fun to read all the answers :)

  21. How fun! I made that bunny cake many years ago for oldest son - when his birthday was on or near Easter. We had a quiet Easter meal on Saturday evening with one of our sons. Easter day was spent relaxing - which was good since we were up early for duties at church and by the time we got home we were pretty tired.


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