October 23, 2023

Monday Morning Coffee

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a lovely October weekend. Peyton and Chris came for the weekend, and we had a wonderful time. We visited at the house, went to the farmer's market, attended a beautiful mass, then went to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant. We spent Sunday at the condo, watching movies and playing games. I even spent some time in the pool, and although I strongly dislike exercise of any kind, I do enjoy swimming. It is the only time I don't mind actually doing some sort of physical activity! It felt good to move my body, and even better when I was showered and back on the couch with my Halloween throw blanket and my pup!

Peyton and Flynn made one of our seasonal favorites, Spiderweb Munch. It wouldn't be Halloween without it! Here is the recipe if you want to try it this Halloween.

Just click on this!

We were also so happy to see Rhett's very good friend, Gabe. He drove down to visit Rhett and Kyrstin. If you have read here for some time, you might remember Gabe. He lived across the street when the boys were little, and he and Rhett became friends in Preschool. It seems like Gabe was knocking at our door yesterday and playing on our driveway. He was the sweetest kid and is now an amazing young man. This is a picture of them this weekend...

And this is how I still see them in my heart.

While we were down here doing all that, Madison and Nicolas visited my mom! My hometown has the most beautiful Main Street, which is extra amazing the first two weeks of October.

Madison said they had a wonderful visit, and Mom was so happy to see them. I love this picture so much. It shows two of the most beautiful, amazing women who have a most beautiful relationship and who have forever blessed my life: my mother and my firstborn daughter.

Well, Mocha and I are off to start our day. We have school and laundry and some other beautifully ordinary things to do today. I hope your day is beautifully ordinary, too!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends!


(Google for the Halloween fun.)


  1. Happy Monday Billie Jo. I always enjoy reading about your family and the time you spend together. Do you realize in today's world, just how special that is? You all look so happy together and I LOVE that. The photo of your Mom and Madison is beautiful, as are all of the others. The spiderweb munch looks delicious and I'm going to try it soon.
    I have some sewing to do today. A gentleman at church brings me his clothes to shorten as his legs are VERY short. (He buys size 30 length and I take off about 4-5 inches!) He brought me two pair of jeans yesterday so I want to get them done. He may need long pants soon. They're predicting the "S" word by the weekend, although it is supposed to be 84F today! I have a list of very mundane things to do today, but that's my favorite thing. Puttering around at home. I could so easily be a hermit! :-)
    I hope your Monday is full of amazingly oridinary things my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. We've been making that spiderweb dessert since I saw it on your blog years ago...thanks for the reminder and the recipe!

  3. That dessert looks yummy! Sounds like a great weekend. Hope the week ahead is a great one. And thank you again for your generosity.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hope the week is great too.


  5. What a beautiful weekend with your family!

    I am feeling a little confused about where you live! I know you bought a house on the lake. And also had a condo somewhere, and then bought a house on the ocean. Is the ocean home your permanent residence? Where does the condo figure in? Sorry---so many questions. I think I would be in a constant state of confusion with (3) homes. Like "Where is stuff??" haha. I'll bet you are super organized.

    Your Mom looks wonderful and happy. Enjoy your week!

  6. Hi Billie Jo! Again, it's been awhile since I've been by---watching my now 2-year old granddaughter 3 days a week and working on a genealogy project the other 2 weekdays gets the lion's share of my time. But I do like to pop by and visit my blog friends when I can. I always love seeing photos of your mom. She really is a beauty, and her smile is such a joy-bringer! How blessed are those of us who still have our moms! Mine is now 83 and still in good health. I will be taking a trip to see her (and my dad) in about 3 weeks. Flynn is really getting tall. Could be the angle of the picture, but it appears she is taller than Peyton. The photo of Rhett and Gabe is adorable!! Isn't it great to have pictures to remember those days? Generations before us did not have that ability! Blessings to you!

  7. I cannot get over how much little Rhett and Gabe look exactly like their grown up selves. I love that he came to visit!

    How wonderful to have Christopher and Peyton for the weekend and I just love Madison was able to go see your mom. That must make your heart feel good. Happy Monday!

  8. What a wonderful weekend you had! I have been away from blogging for a few years, but they have been years of importance in your family for sure! Peyton and Chris look SO happy...and she is still as talented as ever when it comes to her baking. Rhett and Kristyn look amazing and how wonderful that Rhett was able to spend time with his friend Gabe, too! Loved both the pictures of them. And then sweet Madison and your mom...oh my! Your mom is still as beautiful as ever. Does Madison still blog? I enjoyed my visit here today.

  9. I'm sorry to need to comment again, but I can't forget to mention that the most surprising growth I saw was in Flynn. What a beautiful young lady she is. Her hair is beautiful and her smile is still just as sweet as ever. Okay...that's it. The End.

  10. What heart touching photos of Gabe & Rhett, they really made me emotional! Your main street is beautiful! Both you and your mom are so beautiful! How cool for Madison to pay her a visit. Those stained glass windows in the restaurant are beautiful. Your sky shots are beautiful, too. I agree that being normal is very overrated! God made each of us different for a reason.

  11. What a wonderful post with beautiful pictures! I am glad Rhett was able to spend time with Gabe. The fall colors in your pictures are spectacular. Enjoy your week, Billie Jo!

  12. Always enjoy reading about your beautiful family and seeing your beautiful photos, they look like fall is there now. Definitely planning on re-watching Halloweentown sometime very soon. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  13. Happy Monday -- what a great visit! That Halloween much looks delish! Happy to see that you can enjoy the fall trees too. Nebraska has some gorgeous trees this year! Have a great week!

  14. Your weekend looks wonderful--family, food and fun. I too love visiting with my grown children's friends. It's great when they all get together in our home. Great photos of you all!

  15. That is so nice of Madison to visit her grandma. What a special photo that is. And I have to say that I love Peyton's blouse. I always seem to love what she's wearing, maybe we have the same fashion taste? Oh, your Autumn trees and skies are beautiful, Billie Jo. I'm a nature lover, so they spoke to me right away. This is such a dear picture of Rhett and his friend. They do grow up fast, and we always remember them when they were little ones. And that spiderweb munch! So festive and Yummy.

    Have a great October week, Billie Jo.


    1. ps.....I forgot to mention your black cup! You know how much I love your coffee cups! ; )

  16. Such a great photo of your favorite women! Looks like a great weekend all around...and even some swimming!? Isn't it cold for swimming?? So glad you are living your best life right now:)

  17. Hello dear Billie Jo!
    So nice to see fun family bonding time always. ;) And so much pretty FAll goodness too. That pic of your son and friend when they were little is SO precious. And the pic of your Mom and Madison. Your kiddos are definitely chips off the 'ol block. Lol 😉 I finally printed up the spiderweb munch! I so want to make this.
    Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

  18. Hi Billie Jo! Lovely pictures of your mom and children. It's so good that Gabe could come to visit Rhett. Cute pictures of them, then and now! Your spiderweb much looks really good. Thanks for the recipe! Have a great week, my friend!

  19. P.S. I love your meme about books and Halloween. That would be me too! :-)

  20. Such a fun post! "Being normal is highly overrated!" Love that.
    Such great pics of your beautiful family, it's just so good to see.
    The pic of your mom and daughter is the sweetest. I saved the munch recipe. :)

  21. What a great weekend with family time! I love that old photo of your son and his friend...it pulled at my heart strings, because we also had neighbors like that and get to see them occasionally today. It always makes me a little emotional! That Halloween Munch looks amazing. I hope you had a great day!

  22. Flynn is growing up so quickly, she's a young lady! I love love love that picture of Rhett and Gabe when they were little, the years just fly by, don't they? Thank you for sharing, loved this post so much!

  23. Loved this post and the before/after picture of Rhett/Gabe. So wonderful to watch them grow...but remember them as littles. I am saving that cobweb dessert! Thanks- xo Diana


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