October 20, 2023

Friday Photos: Fall, Family, Food, and Fun!

Good morning! This was our delicious and good-for-you breakfast one day this week. Avacado toast on whole grain bread topped with an egg is my favorite, and Steve has actually seen the light that is the goodness of the avocado! Not pictured is my junk breakfast that I have other days because even as a middle-aged woman, I cannot pass up some of my favorite childhood treats. 

Remember these? Franken Berry was always my favorite. This Carmella Creeper is new; honestly, they all taste the same. So, this year, I got this one! 

Do you have a favorite from your childhood? 
Or now???

In other news, I posted this picture before but forgot to mention that I took it because Madison texted to ask me what I was doing that night. When I sent her this picture with the strings of lighted leaves, she sent me this.

She was also watching TV with her string of lights glowing, too! And then Peyton, who is also in that text, sent this.

Same! That made me so happy! And longtime readers may recognize the little witch next to Peyton's TV from years and years of Halloween in our house! As I get older, I like to give special things to each child as a memory of their childhood and a way to carry a piece of it with them forever. 

We get pictures from the girls almost every day. I am so thankful because it is almost like we are there. Madison sent us this picture of a dinner party she and Nicolas had with Peyton and Christopher and a sweet picture of their pup, Draper! Peyton sent us these pictures of her and Christopher out for a walk to show us the leaves around her house back home. I was happy! 

Peyton also shared a recipe with me that she made and loved, and I thought it sounded so good I made a big batch, too! It is a good, hearty, cozy meal, and we all agreed it is a keeper. It is a one-pot, easy-to-make meal too! I served it with Caesar salad and fresh bread.

Want to hear a weird story? Madison is getting our mail while we are here, and she texted me this, showing me this book that came in the mail addressed to me. I admit my memory is not as good as it used to be. However, I didn't recall ordering that book! We checked our Amazon orders and any other place we could think of. No record of such an order. I thought about a book-purchasing app I have, but I have deactivated it since we came here. I checked it, and...nothing. I checked my Visa statements and my PayPal account. Nothing. Granted, it is a book I would order, but what the heck?! Finally, I contacted the help center on the app, and they looked into it. They responded a few hours later with this.

June 2022?! No wonder I couldn't remember buying it! LOL. And that mystery is solved. I am so glad I watched all those episodes of Scooby-Doo. I will leave you with some photos of the life and times of Mocha, an eight-year-old Yorkie who has me wrapped around her little paw.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I will be around visiting this weekend and will be back here Monday. Finally, I saw that one of my blogger friends answered questions from comments in her posts, so I decided to give it a try! Thank you, happyone!

Mary ~Thank you! I am tidy and minimalistic by nature, but I do have help! My kids help me, and I have a very good friend who is the world's best housecleaner, too! 

Jennifer ~ Our World History is The Story of The World. It is awesome. 

Sheri ~ I get most of my candles from Yankee Candle or, for more personalized ones, Etsy. 

Judee ~ Teaching Textbooks is an excellent math program. It is online now, but you can also get books. One of the things about it is that it applies the lessons and skills taught directly to real life. Following the unit on percentages, for example, there is a unit on ways it is used in life. Flynn learned about profit margins, sales tax rates, sales commissions, and interest. And somehow, they manage to make it fun!

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! 
Thanks for visiting!


Images, not mine, are from Google.


  1. That little Yorkie would have me wrapped round her paw too, so cute. We've just lost our 14 year old Cockapoo and I miss her so much...
    Our breakfast in winter is usually porridge, I'd love it with cream but the diet says no, but I do have sugar.

  2. I love how your girls are continuing your traditions. That's so amazing. By the way, you told me to check my email my I did not receive anything, sorry. dawnmarie1078@gmail.com

  3. Happy Friday Billie Jo. Love the photos and that you and your family are so in touch with each other. That is crazy about the book finally showing up after all this time. Mocha is just so adorable how can you not be wrapped around his little paw. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love everything here today, and have had so much fun scrolling through, looking, and reading. Draper is a cutie, as is Mocha. And Mocha is always dressed so cute! The cheeseburger casserole looks so good. And all of you have lights in front of your T.V.'s! I am going to try that! Maybe I can find some small leaf ones on Amazon! What a story about your surprise book! I adore junk cereal, and am going to look for this Monster Mash next time I am in the grocery store. I hope you have a super weekend!

  5. Oooh, tThat hat spider made me jump! :) I love the Apple Cinnamon cheerios. I could eat a whole box at one sitting! I don't though, I try to keep it only for weekends. My mom used to make that cheeseburger macaroni skillet - but she called it Goulash - perfect for your halloween theme! Aren't family text threads the best?! We text almost everyday too, it really does make you feel physically closer to them!

  6. That's so sweet your girls take after their mother! One of the lovely things about social media is texting and receiving photos--amazing. Darling photos of your sweet Mocha. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. A surprise book sounds super fun! Glad that you solved the mystery and now have what looks like a very good book to read for the weekend. Enjoyed seeing the photos as always. Love the little strings of lights, very cozy. Hope you have a great rest of your Friday!

  8. I just loved this post! So much catching up, the joy of autumn, a reminder of homeschooling and the surprise book in the mail! Awesome!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. A surprise book in the mail is a dream! And Mocha looks like a puppy - can't believe she's 8

  10. Never ate any of those cereals.
    My favorite when I was a kid was Lucky Charms but my mom only bought once in a while.
    Now my favorite cereal is Cocoa Krispies. I do like raisin bran a lot too.
    I have a string of white lights around the mantel which is kept up all year!

  11. I love how the girls had the same lights too. A girl can leave home but she never really leaves!

  12. I love that you all had your lights on together. They add coziness to the room. I also love that you give your kids things you decorated with. I got rid of a lot, and I wish I had done like you because those things can carry such memories!
    Too funny about the book.

  13. My daughter Mandy, is much like yours. She sends me texts with photos throughout her day. Our son Alex and DIL in London do the same. I'm very grateful for that so we can feel close in our lives. So, I really enjoyed all of the photos of the lights under the TV. So fun! That casserole looks really good and like something our family would enjoy too.
    Mocha is such a cutie. Our little Zoey has us wrapped around her paws too and she knows it. :-) I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  14. My daughter and granddaughter are in a group text and share the events of the day. It is almost like being together:) I love passing on things from childhood memories. Love the witch. The book, wow... that's a long time to finally make it to you! Enjoy your day dear friend, it looks like you are planning on it! HUGS!

  15. Good morning, Billie Jo! Your little Mocha is beyond adorable! Aren’t they just little love bugs? Have a great weekend!

  16. I loved the pictures of the TV watching with the fairy lights. I totally understand why it makes you happy. I love it when my adult children have chosen to carry on things that we always did when they were kids growing up.

  17. Hi Billie Jo~ Beautiful post in every way! I really love that you and your girls are all "in tune" with the little lights, it made me smile. Mocha is adorable, no wonder you love him! Have a great week-end!! Hugs, Barb

  18. Oh, Billie Jo, I love how you give certain keepsakes to the girls, especially when they remember these from childhood. I like to do the same, and as we get older, we often think about these items and wonder who would love them and appreciate them the most. That was such a heartwarming story about all of you having your glowing lights on while watching tv. They do make the house more cozy for sure. The cheeseburger macaroni looks delicious, and can you believe I still get the boxed cheeseburger macaroni and make it sometime? Homemade sounds much better. I love the pictures that Peyton sent you of the walk around her area. The Fall foliage is so pretty. You're right, sometimes those cereals are so good, even at our age. ; )



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