January 25, 2023

Things I LIke And Things I Don't


I Like...

  • A fresh cut and color
  • A happy phone call with my mom
  • Brushing my teeth right before bed
  • The first sip of my morning coffee
  • The Price is Right reruns with Bob Barker 
  • A brand new shower curtain hanging in the bathroom
  • Daily texts with my kids
  • Vacuum lines on my bedroom carpet
  • Special K cereal with raspberries and blackberries
  • Sharing a Hershey Bar with Flynn after dinner
  • Starbucks Iced Tea Lemonade 

But I Don't Like...
  • Mint-flavored ice cream
  • Packing Christmas away
  • Greasy breakfast food
  • Musty smells in the basement
  • Drop-in visits 
  • The smell of maple syrup
  • Really long car rides
  • Wrinkled clothes left in the dryer
  • Spilled Milk
  • Scented garbage bags
  • Any winter outdoor activity

How about you, my friends??

Have a cozy day!

Billie Jo


  1. Hi Billie Jo~ I have to agree with you, so much, on the scented garbage bags...the smell of them make me just a little nauseous! But, I do love a new shower curtain, and a new cut and color. I love hearing about, likes and dislikes - most of us are more alike than we are different! Hugs, Barb

  2. YES YES YES to scented garbage bags. They're the worst. And they even make the cupboard smell. And also drop in visits. Just no. Why?!

    And Bob Barker is the best. I love those Price Is Right Reruns, it takes me back to such a familiar cozy time.

  3. You are not alone on the scented garbage bags. They are horrible.

  4. I love first morning coffee too. It's such a special time early in the morning with that first cup of hot coffee. And I like brand new shower curtains too. I just bought one. Every now and then, I like bacon or sausage and eggs and toast, so I guess that falls under the greasy. So nice that you share a Hershey bar with Flynn after dinner. Those are so good, right?

    I appreciate your "things I like and things I don't" posts, Billie Jo. Lets me know a little about you, my friend.


  5. I really liked your 'like or don't like' lists. I may steal that idea, if you don't mind, for a future post. Had something else on my mind today to post about so the likes and dislikes will have to wait.

  6. I pretty much like everything. One exception crude language or language that is too detailed. I do not like people who blog about politics and blame one party for everything. Other than that...I am ok. I do like your blog, my family, reading...and life.

  7. It's a good thing I don't mind long car rides! Actually, I look forward to them!! ♥
    I'm with you about brushing my teeth before bed. And taking all my makeup off. I love it. That first morning sip of coffee is my absolute favorite. Give me a bag of Swedish fish on a rainy day in October and put on an episode of I Love Lucy and I'll be happy as a clam. I love bookstores and coffee shops and old fashioned general stores with creaky floors. I hate the smell of fish cooking (although I LOVE eating it!!). I agree about the "drop in" visit. Absolutely no. Also public restrooms (even though they are necessary - see long car trips!) are my worst nightmare. LOL

  8. We are very similar! Except I haven't colored my hair in ages. Maybe I should start again. :)

  9. I love my first cup of Asian black tea, brewed, in the morning. I love my easy chair with my special pillows for my back. I love a well written British mystery minus crude language. I love my loving family interactions. I love meeting a friend for lunch. I love listening to oboe classical music as well as other instrumentals and vocalists with unique voices. ❤️

  10. Oh I have to agree with pretty much ALL of these! Maple syrup does not bother me but the rest are spot on!

  11. I love the smell of a new shower curtain and like carpet vacuum stripes…and hate the smell of scented garbage bags🫢. Love my first sip of Assam tea my DH brings me every morning…love him, too🥰
    And it does feel so good to get your hair done.

  12. You are right on most of these. :) No coffee for me though, and I'm good with drop in visits!

  13. Ugh to scented laundry bags. Or pretty much scented anything. BTW, I made spinach omelets today - inspired by your last post! I've never cooked with goat's milk before (only have used it in salads), and it was wonderfully melty. What a great discovery that was!

  14. A fun game! I like freshly laundered curtains, a hot cup of tea, the comfort of a good book, long conversations, hugs from children, beautifully wrapped gifts, cake, evening walks, oh, so much more.

  15. You have a shower curtain and not shower doors? Luck you! As for scented garbage bags, I'm guessing the same person also thought roundabouts (instead of four way stops) would be a good thing. Blessings to you and your family!

  16. Such a fun post, Billie Jo!
    Things I don't like...long car rides, seafood or the smell of seafood, waiters that come to the table every 5 minutes. Things I do like...coffee ice cream, blog comments and waiters that check in, but don't stand at the table and tell their own stories :)

  17. Like outdoors walks in winter. Dislike the treadmill.

  18. Always enjoy reading your lists of things so much. So, I'll put away the mint chocolate chip ice cream when you come for a pre-arranged visit over here. Honestly, it depends on who is dropping in to see me whether or not I mind. And why does the smell of maple syrup linger so long? I found some Clorox lavender scented garbage bags that were tolerable. The rest stink, I think. Hope your Thursday is off to a great start!

  19. There are a lot of things on your list that I agree with. I can't eat mint anymore. I still color my own hair. Saves a lot of money! Enjoy your weekend!

  20. I love my first cup of coffee in the morning too, and I intensely dislike drop in visits! I would never do that to anyone...family or friends without calling first! We have one friend who constantly just drops in on us! On some cold winter days, we stay in our jammies it we have nothing planned. Ohh she said, still in pajamas at this time of day!!!!


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