June 16, 2021

I Can, But I Can't


Things I can do:
  1. Cook a healthy, delicious meal for my family
  2. Care for, teach, love, and enjoy children
  3. Decorate my home in a cozy, comfy way
  4. Braid my daughters' hair
  5. Lose myself in books
  6. Describe every single episode of The Brady Bunch in detail
  7. Balance my checkbook to the penny
  8. Swim 
  9. Cook any type of pasta perfectly
  10. Fall asleep anytime, anyplace, no matter what
Things I cannot do:
  1. Keep any type of plant alive
  2. Sing, at all
  3. Assemble anything that requires more than two steps
  4. Pump gas
  5. Any math higher than Algebra 
  6. Sew, stitch, or thread a needle
  7. Parallel park
  8. Type, correctly
  9. Ride a horse
  10. Touch raw ground beef
Just in case you were wondering.
Have a cozy Wednesday, my friends.


  1. Gorgeous photo!!! The beach... The ocean... JOY!!!

    -grin- Very cute post!

    I don't touch raw hamburg either! And when it has been used, in my kitchen, I do a "Sterilize Surfaces" run. LOL

    Can't sing either. But my husband has a lovely baritone singing voice. So we balance out. -smile-

    Never rode a horse, but would love to!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Fun post. The first time I rode a horse, I fell off. Hard fall. Never again. I can sing, alto, but only at church when everyone else around me is singing loud. It's raw chicken that grosses me out. I love that picture of you by the beach. Hope you are having a good summer. I may do a post like this. I love it. :-)

  3. Nice to see some of the things you can and can't do. I guess we all have those pesky things which we don't like. I smiled when you mentioned The Brady Bunch, as I remember all the episodes too! I can't sing either, and I think that's why I appreciate American Idol so much, their talent, their courage. I'm not good at assembling things. But I love horses, and have been pumping gas since I first learned to drive. I remember when they used to pump it for us. Those were the days. Such a fun post, Billie Jo. And that is such a nice picture of you at the ocean.


  4. You are so funny. Add to your can list. You can make Kim laugh!

  5. I loved reading this and I too cannot stand to touch raw hamburger. HA! HA!

  6. That was a fun post. Don't feel bad I can't parallel park either. I went to driving school and I still didn't learn properly. I'm a good typist but not too good at math. We had a horse growing up. He was an old horse. We took turns riding him. I used to watch The Brady Bunch every Friday night with my siblings. I loved it then but I can't watch it now for some reason.

  7. Such a fun post which made me think about all the things I can't do. Maybe, I could change things around.

  8. Thanks Billie Jo for the many smiles, giggling over the raw hamburger. Currently we have to parelle park (thank you back up camera on the SUV!)--BUT soon we will have a driveway and a garage, smiles.

  9. This was so funny!! I CAN'T do 5 of the things you can, and I CAN do 5 of the things you can't. I was cracking up with these lists.

  10. This was so funny!! I CAN'T do 5 of the things you can, and I CAN do 5 of the things you can't. I was cracking up with these lists.

  11. Playing catch up - wasn't in blogland at all last week. I love that even after all of these years I still learn new things about you! Lol I hate pumping gas, but something I have done for myself since high school. I'm surprised how many women don't do it though.
    You have endless talents my dear Friend. Your list could go on for days. πŸ˜‰


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