June 14, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee Talk


Good Monday morning! It is a lovely summer morning here, and I decided to dig out my Shark Week mug for my morning coffee. Just a friendly reminder that one of my favorite weeks of the year involving all things sharks starts Sunday, July 11, on Discovery. My holiday-loving friend Leslie, who blogs HEREand I are already marking our planners!

Our lives have suddenly switched to summer mode around here. That means stops at our favorite local fruit and vegetable stand. While I am a huge advocate of meal planning, I find that I prefer to have whatever Steve brings home this time of year!  This past week we enjoyed fresh strawberries, asparagus, and a salad with ripe tomatoes. I added some marinated chicken and baby red potatoes. Steve also grills extra chicken for salads later in the week. We eat outside and remember to light the torches and candles to keep those bugs away!

I started going through some storage tubs in our basement yesterday. I have things sorted and stored that at one point seemed so special, I couldn't part with them. After almost thirty years of marriage and countless moves, I decided that I could part with some of them. I mean, they had been in storage tubs for years and years and years, right?? I saved some, sorted, and made boxes for each of the kids with the things I thought were special to each one, and I threw some away! And it feels good.

One special thing I did find was this photo of my parents. I absolutely love every single thing about it! They are so happy, so young, so much in love! I love my mom's skirt, my dad's watch that I recognize from my childhood, and the fact that Rhett looks exactly like him! 

Well, time to continue my day! I have already had my coffee, did a low-impact aerobics workout, yes...really, and showered! I plan to write letters to people I haven't seen in a long time, do laundry, steam some clothes, and cut up strawberries to have with poundcake during Bachelorette tonight. What are you up to today, my friends? Whatever it is, I hope it makes you happy!


  1. Your grilled chicken looks yummy! I love the feeling of summer and eating fresh produce! Yay for getting a workout in :) I went to cardio rehab this morning and then to the grocery store. Now I am back home getting ready to make me some lunch...I think a nice salad might be calling my name! Hope you have a great week! :)

  2. I'll be right down (to enjoy the lakeside dinner, lol). It's raining here, ran to the store, signed the house papers (#5 has to be the magic number, right?) and that's that. Back to work tomorrow. smiles

  3. That's exactly what we've been doing this summer! A bunch of fruits, veggies and salads and some sort of main dish, typically grilled!

    Rhett is the spitting image of your dad. It's uncanny!

  4. What a wonderful photo of your parents! And all the food really looks yummy. We get whatever is in season and make our meals around that too. I'm cleaning and organizing some today. Hugs!

  5. Hi Billie Jo - yes, I think Rhett does look your dad and YOU look soooo much like your mom! I need to start going through stuff that is stashed in the basement too. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend. I sure hope you week isn't as hot as ours is predicted to be. Whatever the temperatures, have a good one!

  6. I love tho photo of your parents. We found so many when we were cleaning out Mom's house and it is wonderful to get a chance to look backward through time.

  7. Everything on your table looked so wonderfully healthy. Rhett does look like your dad and you look just like your mom. That one I found uncanny. Take care!

  8. Your back yard has a million $$$$$$ view!!!!

    Do the candles, etc., really keep the bugs away??? Lucky you!

    What a delightful and precious photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    🏊 😊 🏊

  9. The food you prepare always looks so amazing. I want to dig into it haha. There's nothing like fresh ripe tomatoes. That's nice that you eat outside in the Summertime. It's hard going through the boxes and deciding, "do I want to keep this? Can I give this away now?" Good for you for tackling something that most people put off. The photo of your parents is a treasure. I see a resemblance with you and your Mom. How special of you to write letters to friends you haven't seen in awhile. That's always a treat to receive notes and letters. It looks like you are having a wonderful Summer, and this season is so pretty around your home. : )


  10. I can almost taste the chicken- it looks SO good!! I've also been doing some purging, and you're right- after so many years, it doesn't have the same importance- well, except pictures, which are special to me too! :)

  11. I can almost taste the chicken- it looks SO good!! I've also been doing some purging, and you're right- after so many years, it doesn't have the same importance- well, except pictures, which are special to me too! :)


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