June 18, 2021

An Easy Summer Dinner


Summer. The time for easy, delicious, and mostly nutritious meals, right? That is what we enjoyed last night. Madison and Nicolas joined Steve, me, and Flynn for dinner on the deck. Madison then prepared a plate for Rhett, who was working late. What did we have? Well, we had marinated flank steak and gourmet butter, grilled vegetables, red potatoes with fresh parsley, and corn on the cob. I also made a salad with baby romaine, garden tomatoes, fresh basil, Fontina cheese, and Balsamic vinegar. (Doesn't that sound so fancy?!? The reality is it was very simple, and I ate it in sweats and a t-shirt while my Mocha barked nearby! )

If you want to recreate this delicious summer meal yourself, here are some tips.

The recipe for the Flat Iron Steak with Gourmet Butter is found HERE.

I purchased the grilled vegetables at my local grocery store. They were in the fresh vegetable section labeled as a kabob kit. We simply grilled them with some olive oil and salt and pepper. No sticks needed!

The red potatoes are easy peasy microwavable right in the bag. I put them in a bowl, added a bit of butter, and clipped some fresh parsley to throw on top.

Madison brought some corn on the cob from the store. I always add a bit of sugar to my water when I boil it.

The salad is a staple this time of year. I use baby romaine from the store until I can find garden lettuce. And Fontina cheese is my new obsession!

I drink water during the day, but I do enjoy a glass of lemonade for dinner. Our favorite? Simply Lemonade. Raspberry!

Ok. Enough about my meal. I hope you all enjoy a lovely summer weekend. And to all those amazing fathers, godfathers, fathers who are waiting to be or wanting to be, Happy Father's Day. Enjoy! 

And Happy Father's Day to this guy. He is the fun one. The beach swimmer, kickball player, and concert-goer. He is also the driver's ed teacher, new clothes shopper, emergency room taker, and financial advisor. I am so glad he is my partner on this amazing journey of parenthood.


  1. Yummy looking meal!!!!

    Delightful "old" photo!!!!

    🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞

  2. That looks so delicious! I love the cute family picture. Those are the ages of your kids when I started following you in blogland. Time flies. Happy Father's Day Weekend, my friend!

  3. Looks so good, love the picture of the family from years back, they just grow up too darn fast.

  4. Your dinner looks so yummy! Happy Father's Day to your hubby! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. Your dinner looks delicious! Have a great weekend!

  6. Your summer meal is just what I love about this time of year. It's making my mouth water. Happy Father's Day to your Steve!

  7. Hope your weekend is everything you want it to be!

  8. Your meals look so healthy lately. I am going to have to start doing better. LOL Happy Father's day to Steve. Hope he has a wonderful day.

  9. Lovely dinner you had!! We don't have a grill anymore since my husband didn't want to grill as he doesn't like it at all! So he sold it to a coworker a few months ago. So it need to figure out how to cook items when they need to be grilled. Sometimes I do it in the Lodge cast iron pan, or instant pot. I drank caffienated tea thia a.m. when Megan and I were watching a virtual convention. I was so tired last evening since I had to get up early to eat breakfast and connect to tv from laptop and get it open before live session started. So good to watch and learn things from Young Living convention!! Have a good weekend and thankful you have a wonderful husband and father of your dear children!!! God bless!

  10. Eating summer food on the deck in one's sweatpants is truly one of life's greatest joys. You have such a lovely family, I love reading here..happy Father's Day to your husband!

  11. That's a beautiful dinner and the addition of the Fontina cheese sounds perfect! Have a great weekend. :)

  12. Hi Billie Jo!

    Nothing better than steak on the grill! Your dinner looked amazing...yes, to the Fontina cheese!

    It's crazy how fast kids grow up, but they are just as fun, right?! Happy Father's day to your husband, hope your day was blessed!


  13. Sounds like perfect summer days to me. I love the pace of summer. Working on lots of healing (talk about it on my blog today a bit) and me time this season. I'm working to grow into a true new season of my life. And I love getting lost in your beautiful family and treasured days. Life is wonderfully perfectly messy. 😊

  14. Oh my, that meal looks delicious. And I love this wonderful family photo! It was nice catching up on your sweet posts this morning, Billie Jo. : )



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