June 27, 2017

What I Wore...Embarkation Day, Cruise 2017

Hello, my friends! We are back from our cruise, and it was wonderful! I am sorting through and editing pictures, so in the meantime I am sharing a fashion post with you. Crazy, right? Because if there is one thing I am most uncomfortable with...it's fashion. But my Madison snapped some pictures of me the day we set off on our adventure, and encouraged me to put a post together. So here we go...

I do like to dress nicely on travel days. 
I have found that if I dress better, I tend to feel better.
That being said, I strive to keep it real here, so I must admit, I chose this dress mainly because it is so comfy! I wore the shoes because they are hard to pack, and easy to slip off in the car! : )

The dress can be worn up on the shoulders too.
But I figured, when else would I wear them off the shoulders if not on a cruise?!?!

I love this bag!
It is big enough to carry all my travel necessities, but not bulky at all.
What was inside?
I didn't take a purse, so I had a wristlet with my driver's license and credit cards inside.
I also put some hand wipes, mints, a small makeup bag, my book, our travel documents, my phone and charger, and tissues inside.
You know, all the essentials.

And there you go...
Another fashion post from someone who really has no business doing one. : )

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's
Size: Large
(On Sale now for  $34.93!!!)

Shoes: Loft 

Bag: Vintage Addiction from Zulily

Sunglasses: T. J. Maxx

Awkward Pose: Free


  1. You look so beautiful!!!
    Love that dress.
    Also...that BAG. All the heart eyes!

  2. Super cute dress! Glad you're all home safe and sound and had fun!

  3. I was laughing because you summed up exactly how I would feel about myself doing a fashion post. :) The dress is cute and I love the bag. Perfect for a summer vacation.

  4. You look wonderful and so happy! I feel the same about clothes shopping. Great accessories. Thank you for sharing��

  5. Oh my goodness I love it all! And ditto to what Wendi said, ha!

  6. You're so cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  7. You look darling, Billie Jo. I really like the dress on you. We love cruising. I bet you had a wonderful time. ♥

  8. You look wonderful, love the dress. Looking forward to hearing all about your cruise.

  9. You are the cutest thing ever!

  10. You absolutely have the right to do a fashion post!! This one is amazing. You look so good!! From your hair, to your outfit, to your accessories--Perfect!
    I can't wait to hear all about the trip.

  11. LOVE IT!!!! You look so adorable Billie Jo, smiles.

  12. I love the dress!! I actually bought a blouse that is the same style for the summer! Great for wearing to bbqs as I can eat all the hot dogs & hamburgers I want & still look great!! Haha!!
    Lisa from Instagram (hotcoffee4lisa)

  13. Look at you!! So fun, I can feel the excitement from that photo session through my computer screen :) Love the words on your bag!

  14. I think you always look great in your photos, but it is lovely to hear that you have been enjoying what you have been wearing too. I really like the dress and the bag is fun too isn't it! Glad you had a good time on your cruise.


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