June 28, 2017

Cruising 2017

Our summer family vacation is in the books. And it was wonderful. I am so thankful our children are each other's best friends, and enjoy spending time together with their old Mom and Dad. We enjoyed a week together aboard The Carnival Pride, a beautiful ship in their line, and sailed from Baltimore to the Bahamas and back, with stops at three beautiful islands. Below are way too many photos of our trip. I apologize for subjecting you to our online scrapbook! Kinda of like the agony of watching a slideshow of your neighbor's summer vacation, right?!

Ready to go!

Reunited with her Nicolas...

A special surprise waiting in the stateroom for our graduate...

Checking out the arcade...

And an ice cold daiquiri while we departed.

On stage with the comedy club's hysterical comedian...

Pictures during our first dinner in the Dining Room...

With dancing too!



And more pictures!

Daddy and his girl loved swimming on board the ship...

And had even more fun playing in the splash zone.
(Throw in a mommy who is forever grateful her husband does all the swimming!)

Afternoon naps.
Because vacation.
And late nights.


And Beanbag Toss Tournaments.

A day spent at Carnival's beautiful, private island, Half Moon Cay...

And back to find sweet touches waiting for our girl...

Fancy dinners meant getting dressed up...

And taking pictures with a wait staff that quickly became like family...
Alan, who always served with a smile and kind, inspiring words...
And who can really dance...

John, who made sure my little girl had a plastic cup of milk with a straw every single night.
And who has the biggest heart ever...

And Sanjib, who brought Flynn her chicken with fresh broccoli every night without fail.
And who always made us laugh.

The table artist kept us guessing too.


And pictures with Mom...

Watching the ocean go by in the evening...

And in the early morning too.

Did I mention the food???

We loved spending time together...
Away from it all...

With nothing but time and food and drinks and conversation.

And an 80's Dance Party.
With an awesome fluorescent t-shirt that a certain mom got for participating in a competition.
Enough said.
Except that it involved a big screen and Michael Jackson music.

It was hard to say goodbye.
But maybe it isn't goodbye forever.
Maybe it is goodbye. For now.

A cruise is a wonderful way to relax with your people.
To spend time together.
Without technology.
Without anything.
Just you.

Making memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. Living vicariously through your pictures!! We LOVE to go on cruises.
    Those beaches looks gorgeous and oh so relaxing.
    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I don't do cruises because I get seasick easily.

  3. What an AMAZING time you all had!! Cruising is the best and it looks like your family made the most of it!!!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, I enjoyed everyone!

  4. Looks amazing. Lots of memories made that will last a lifetime. Fantastic that you were all together as a family, spending quality time together. A joy to be included.

  5. What fun! What great memories to treasure.

  6. So wonderful! What age do you recommend kids being to cruise? I would love take a trip like this sometime!

  7. Oh Billie Jo, you guys had a wonderful time! I'm so happy for you. We sailed out of Baltimore on the Pride a few years ago with our family as well. It's a wonderful getaway especially for mama's who need a much needed break from the routine. Your photos speak to the volumes of fun you all had. ♥

  8. Billie Jo, There is so much to say. I wish there was more... how I loved it all. It's been so long since we've been on a cruise... the Disney cruise way back when Anna was in first grade! I think we might be thinking about one after all of your pictures! I loved that you did some amazing crazy 80's dance that I wish someone got on their phone!!! I loved all all all of it! Thanks for sharing. Just like you said, memories to tuck away for a lifetime. And now you get to enjoy summer, on the porch with your coffee and relax.

    Love all of it my friend. So happy to see it allll

    Can I tell you what I loved the most?

    I love the picture of you and Steve walking hand in hand on the beach with Flynn right behind you. I loved Madison beaming because they were back together. I loved Flynn's splash pad messy hair and smile underneath it all. I loved the sparkle in Steve's eyes in every picture with his family. I loved Peyton's surprise graduation party cake. I loved your coverups... I loved

    1. Hi Tara. I have gained access to a very, very classified video of Billie Jo's participation in above mentioned dance competition. Contact me for more information.

    2. Nicolas!!!!
      And to think I ironed all your clothes today! ; )

  9. I love all the pictures!!! Especially the ones with Flynn by the ocean, so sweet! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  10. One of the most amazing weeks of my life!!! Thank you so so much <3

  11. Wow!! Looks like a trip of a lifetime! I could dream of doing something like that with my own family! You are so blessed Billie Jo! You truly are! I think my favorite picture is of you & Madison hold hands on the beach! But really all the pictures were great!
    God Bless,
    Lisa ( hot_coffee4lisa from insta)

  12. What a great trip!!!! It looks like you guys had the best time!!

  13. {{{Big, Big Smiles}}} and giggling over Nicolas' comment, smiles.

  14. Not agony I enjoyed every photo ♥️ I don't like to travel but I do like photos of other places.
    My son is leaving soon for a cruise, I think he is flying to Jamaica and then stopping in Cuba and he is very excited about Cuba.

  15. I love these pictures so much! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and an 80's party??!!! How awesome is that, lol ;-) Looks like your summer is off to a great start! Have a wonderful evening!


  16. I've never been on a cruise before, Billie Jo, but your pictures are so lovely that perhaps one day I will. You've made such beautiful memories with your family. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  17. Oh!!! You recapped it all beautifully!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    You need to go work for their advertising department. I agree with it all ��

  18. Hi Billie Jo!!!! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! I was thinking about you all last week wondering how it was going. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!! How wonderful to spend these vacations with your family. Everything about the cruise looks amazing! And I love the photos of you all on the beach! ♥ Welcome home and I will be talking to you soon. (I will email you! I want to hear all about this 80's dance party competition! And to think you have been hiding your Michael Jackson moves from me all this time! lol)
    Happy July 4th weekend! xoxo

  19. So glad you had such a great time it all looks wonderful and I am sure you enjoyed having all of your family together

  20. Amazing Summer Vacation!!! I'm dying over the blue water, I don't think it could be any prettier! So many great family pictures and I'm sure even more memories you all shared. I think I need to plan a family cruise in the future :)

  21. What a fabulous vacation! Looks like so much fun and so beautiful too! You have such a lovely family -- happy to hear you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Wow...what amazing photos. It looks like such a fun time that will remain in your hearts for ever. That beach is just absolutely breathtaking! You and your family all looked so lovely as well. Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us all. I have not been on the computer too much for the last week or so, so I am just now getting to see these. Hugs to you my friend. Juli

  23. Oh what great memories-I want to go on a cruise just for the 80s fun lol


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