October 14, 2016

Weekend Plans

So I'm bringing back the Weekend Plans posts. Mainly because this is my favorite time of year, and I simply love the cozy autumn weekends. Not that we do anything remotely exciting, but because I imagine one day I will take a look back and remember the cozy family days we shared.

Friday evening we are staying in. Dinner will be Peyton's Stuffed Pepper Soup and homemade bread. I am hoping Peyton and Flynn will also make our favorite Spider Web Munch to enjoy as we watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. : )

Saturday I have some lesson plans to write and floors to vacuum. Then we have Mass at 4:15. I am actually loving this new Mass time, as it makes our evenings seem longer. Steve and I are planning to visit his Mum before having a date night at the theatre. I am hoping to see The Accountant with Ben Affleck. And eating tons of popcorn with butter.

Sunday looks beautiful, so we will probably spend some time outside before watching our Steelers play. I am planning on a crock pot meal involving beef and gravy simmering all day long. I am also penciling in a nap. : )

But before we step into the weekend, here is a look back at the past week here in our country home.

Steve, Rhett, his friend Austin, and Uncle Chris had a great time in the big city cheering on our Steelers!

Steve did an awesome job of arranging our Pumpkin Patch goodies...

A few before Mass photos of my girl...

And her very best friend.

Flynn completed a unit on Apples last week...

So we celebrated with an evening Apple Fest Tea!

My Mom and my sweet niece Carly joined us as we enjoyed some yummy apple treats.

Flynn and Peyton made homemade applesauce...sooo good...and some delicious apple muffins with a recipe from my super sweet friend Danielle. We also tried some apple cider. : )

Fall is spoiling us this year...

And we are soaking it all in.

Peyton made a yummy spider web cake this week...

And she had some help from a very friendly witch!

Well, I think I will go enjoy a little Pumpkin Spice, my friends!

Pinterest and I wish you a wonderfully, cozy autumn weekend!
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  1. Perfect! I don't know what stuffed pepper soup is but I am about to google it because that sounds divine! Has Peyton seen the melted marshmallow spiderwebs for cake? It looks so messy to create, but fun. And then it looks so great! Seems right up her awesome dessert alley. I hope your weekend is everything you hope!

  2. Sounds like a nice week and weekend! Enjoy!

  3. Love your fall photos and family fun! Your weekend sounds perfect to me! Off to Friday night lights here tonight and pumpkin patch on the weekend! Enjoy your weekend and date night!

  4. I love your table all set for apple afternoon tea, looks amazing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and it is all you want it to be.

  5. Beautiful home, yummies and family. Ahhh, yes. You are definitely living a beautiful Fall.

  6. Oh my, an apple fest tea sounds delightful! Your upcoming weekend sounds wonderful, sweet friend. Enjoy every minute of it.

    Hugs to you!

  7. I always love visiting here, my friend! Your apple fest tea sounds wonderful! So glad you enjoyed the muffins! It's like I was (kind of...) there : ) Have a cozy weekend with the folks you love! I too want to use my crock pot on Sunday. It's so nice to have something bubbling away with the football game is on! Have a great time at the movies too! xx

  8. Lovley! All of it! Your porch and outside decorations look just as cozy and inviting as everything on this inside. Have a great weekend! And I hope you get that nap.

  9. Sounds like you have a lovely cozy weekend ahead! The pepper soup sounds great! And pumpkin spice tea is just perfect for this time of year. The apple themed tea looked simply delightful, special memories for all! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you get to keep your nap appointment :)

  10. I loved your weekend posts and am so happy you have brought it back..:)
    Love your porch all ready for fall.

  11. Aww, Billie Jo your post was just filled with hominess and delicious apple smells (well, the latter in my imagination!).
    I do enjoy your enthusiasm for this season...its one of my favourites too, but this year I have not been able to give it my full attention. So thank you for giving it yours!!

  12. I love your outdoor fall decorations! It looks as if you all have been making some yummy fall treats. I just made a carrot cake today. Have a blessed weekend. Hugs. Juli

  13. Billie Jo, love that new time for Mass. Was it terribly crowded? I love all your pictures of desserts, children, and pumpkins!

  14. Hi there! I cannot seem to keep up with blogging these days. Popping in your little corner of the world :) It's so nice and cozy here. Wonderful plans (past AND present). Enjoy this weekend and I hope you have lovely weather!!

  15. I love your love for family, home, and the seasons, Billie Jo... Your posts always warm my heart and put a smile on my face. Have a fabulous weekend with your dear family! XO

  16. If I lived closer I'd be at that Apple Fest Tea with bells on! Oh Flynn, I'm so proud of you!

  17. Billie Jo, could you please send me an email with your home address? I lost it when my computer crashed. My Halloween cards are ready to be mailed.... Bwahahaha

  18. Oh you know how I love posts like this!! Perfection my Friend. I love sweet Flynn with her missing teeth. ;) Everything apple looks SO good and is calling my name!

    Your weekend plans sounded so fun and hope it went just as you planned (especially the nap!). I'm finally feeling better and getting everyone here back on track too - so now I'll get to catch up and be back on track with our favorite season too!



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