October 12, 2016

A Fashion Post? What?

I know. I know. Let's list all the things I might post about before I do a post on Fashion, shall we?
  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Candles
  4. Holidays
  5. Halloween
  6. Fall
  7. Food
  8. Food
  9. More food
  10. My children
  11. My children's school
  12. Pajamas
  13. The weather
But, one recent Saturday night, I actually felt I had it all together and why not document such a momentous occasion? Excuse the awkwardness that seems to result from Madison being on the other side of the ocean. When I'm on my own, the struggle is real. Trust me.

Ok, so here we go. On our way to Mass, I noticed that my bag matched my sweater perfectly, and my new jeans were feeling pretty good. I even had make up on. Winning! So after Mass, I asked begged Rhett to take a few pictures . He responded with, "Mom. You are not going to put this on the blog, are you?!?!?" So of course, I am! : )

Ok. So maybe he was right.
No going back now!
Super comfy but dressy enough for Saturday afternoon Mass..

The sweater is super comfy and roomy.
I hate feeling tight in a sweater!
It is a belldini brand I picked up at T.J. Maxx. I'm wearing a size Large.
We keep it real here, folks.
It may look red, but it is actually more of a burnt orange.
The tank is one of my staple pieces.
It is a tank from Gap, size Large.

Love this necklace!
I actually found this as I was shopping for Flynn on Zulily.

Perhaps my favorite bag. Ever.
Steve found this for me last summer in Las Vegas.
It's a Dooney & Bourke bag and it was on sale!!!!
And it has Leaves on it!
And I love it!

The jeans are super comfy too.
They are Lucky Brand and I found them at T.J. Maxx too!
These are a size 10..
But I may have been able to get away with an 8 because they stretch...you know?
And the sandals?
Yes. October. And Sandals.
I just cant part with them.
They are Dansko brand and they are sooo comfortable.
I purchased them in Las Vegas at The Walking Company.

Ok. That's it!
That's my very first and most likely last Fashion post!
Because let's face it.
One should write about what one knows.
Coffee, books, holidays...I've got you covered.
Fashion? Not so much.
In any case, it is a favorite outfit that I am sure I will be wearing often.
And I am just as sure I will be changing into my jammies as quickly as I can. : )


  1. You look wonderful! I love your sweater and bag especially! Those are the cutest Danskos I have ever seen too. I like your list of stuff, but I think you can definitely pull off some fashion posts some too.

  2. You are so beautiful, my friend, inside and out! I LOVE your outfit :) The bag is simply fabulous and that sweater....so cute and cozy.

    I enjoyed your post, dear Billie Jo. I hope we get more like this {{smiles}} Hugs to you!

  3. Oh my Gosh! I didn't think I could love you any more, but this post pushed me over the edge! We are the same! I am certainly no fashionista (faaaar from it!) but I can appreciate a nice outfit! So comfy and fashionable! I love it!!! That comfy sweater! I am a sucker for a cozy cardigan! You hit it out of the park with your bag and that adorable necklace! Plus, in the interest of keeping it real, I am the same size so I could borrow that outfit at any time : ) xx

  4. What a fun post. I was laughing at your list when it got to "more food" and "pajamas". You are too cute.
    You look fabulous in that outfit. I can totally see why you'll be wearing it often. Don't you love TJ Maxx?? I really only like to shop for clothes there because other stores overwhelm me for some reason.
    You look beautiful, even without Madison's help. Kudos to Rhett for helping out. My kids say the same thing about the blog. They know us so well.
    Have a great day, my friend.

  5. Oh my word -- you look super cute! LOVE your outfit and sandals and bag and well, everything about it! Must look for those jeans as mine are way too tight --keeping it real! :) Have a great day!

  6. Not only are you cute but so funny! I scared my dog laughing when I read Rhett's response to you asking him to take pictures of you. Love the outfit, and I do think you should do more. This way I can sort of live though you hee hee. Ya know There was a time I LOVED Fashion, I took fashion design over one of my summer breaks, I even wanted to attend FIDM. then I became lets say un-enchanted with the world of fashion and now since becoming a SAHM once again I'm happiest in a pair of forever 21 jeans and a cute top. I do enjoy dressing up (layering) during colder months, I leave the fancy for my aprons.

  7. Love it and adore the bag!!! I do prefer pjs myself these days but must get ready for work today. Yikes!

  8. You did great!! Madison would be proud!!!!

  9. You did great!! Madison would be proud!!!!

  10. You look beautiful. I LOVE the bag perfect for the season and the cardigan is a delight, a girl from my own heart I adore cardigans and have a wardrobe full. Great post.

  11. You are adorable my friend!! I love your outfit!

  12. Really love the sweater and purse!

  13. A very cute outfit you were sporting there. (Smiles) I love the color of your sweater and the purse is so cute.
    I have the same sandals and they are a comfy shoe! And I'd say wear them until the snow falls! Ha!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy

  14. A very cute outfit you were sporting there. (Smiles) I love the color of your sweater and the purse is so cute.
    I have the same sandals and they are a comfy shoe! And I'd say wear them until the snow falls! Ha!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy

  15. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Why not wear sandals if you enjoy them and they are comfortable.

    I really love that beautiful autumn bag! And, yes, it goes perfectly with your lovely burnt orange sweater. I also love the sharp contrast of the the sweater with the white t shirt and blue jeans, a super outfit and one I can understand being a favorite :) I tend to wear the same outfit repeatedly when I love it; it makes life easier. And, stretch jeans - I recently found out how much I LOVE them. They look better on me than any other pants because I haven't enough rear for most pants. :(

    The fashion post was delightfully fun. You should do more :)

  16. You look so cute! When ever I am home for any extended time and no one but my family is at our house, you will most likely find me in my comfy pajamas. 😀

  17. Cute!!! I love the purse and sweater.

  18. Beautiful pictures! How fun to do a fashion post, I would never be brave enough to do something like that on my blog, lol! I'd have to scrape the farm "dirt" off any shoes I wear first, ha! You look just as lovely as can be, against the incredible backdrop of the fall leaves! Hugs to you today :)

  19. I love this, mom!!! SO PROUD! But please give yourself more credit - I learned so many fashion tips from you!!! Love you!

  20. YOU ARE SO CUTE!! Cute because... your outfit rocks it... and you're just cute! Love this post, and the burnt orange sweater, and shoes and bag! LOVE! And guess what??? I have that same brand jeans I picked up at Marshalls. Love Lucky (stretch) jeans! Biggest surprise from this post?! That you SHOP... like in a STORE... I thought you were an all on line girl! I can't picture you up and down the aisles of TJ Maxx, but it was worth it, great finds!

  21. I love this post! You look so cute! I love the outfit, especially that bag. I'm with you - I really don't like tight fitting sweaters - but something nice and lose and comfy, cozy. You really do look "all put together." Enjoy your Friday and the weekend!

  22. CUTE and COMFY.... can't ask for anything more........:)

    1. Hi Jodi!
      I sent a reply, but then noticed you were a no reply blogger.
      But thanks so much for visiting!
      Nice to "meet" you. : )

  23. Hi Billie Jo,
    Your outfit is so pretty!! It inspired me in my sweater styling for fall :) And your sweater is such a gorgeous cut and color. I also must say that is one of the prettiest bags I have ever seen. It is so neat that your lovely fall outfit photos were taken in front of the beautiful fall foliage. I wish Texas looked that way right now, haha.

    If you decide to do more outfit posts in the future, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see them!

    Have a blessed weekend!!

  24. You looked really nice in that outfit.
    Isn't it great when sweater weather comes?

  25. You looked really nice in that outfit.
    Isn't it great when sweater weather comes?

  26. You are skinny minny. You should see my jean size. You would be scared hahaha. You look beautiful sweet friend.


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