January 11, 2016

Keepin' It Real...More Of My Issues

I have shared some of my...oh...let's say...quirky issues before...here and here. Check them out if you want to see how weird I really am. And guess what? There's more!

I cannot fold a fitted sheet. And you know what, I've quit trying. The flat sheet and the pillow cases? Well, they are folded and smoothed just so. The fitted sheet though...well that just gets balled up and put on the bottom. Which is why you have never gotten a peek inside my linen closet.

I don't just LOVE to read...

I truly believe I love books more than people.
Except you all, of course.

I could exist on cereal. And coffee. Now, in the morning, I have my adult cereal. My current favorite is Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch. But I also love love love junky kid's cereal too. Captain Crunch?? My fave!

I am also very picky about the milk to cereal distribution.
You have no idea.

And finally, anyone who knows me, knows this about me. I'm serious. I live in pajamas. Except on Saturday. I dress for Mass. And the occasional lunch out or appointment that forces me to explore my closet. I do shower...I just put on fresh pajamas after. Comfort is a priority in my life.

So there you are. More weirdness. Thanks for sticking around, my friends. And feel free to let me know if I am not alone. : )

Thanks to Pinterest for the pictures. : )


  1. The cereal one is very true for me! At one of our wedding showers, John Paul was asked a series of questions to see how well he knew me. One question asked my favorite food, he replied "cereal!" Everyone laughed saying only a man would say that, but he was right! I am also picky about the cereal/milk amount as well :)

  2. You, are not weird, Billie Jo. I can not fold a fitted sheet, I like my cereal/milk just right and since I have been home on break--I live in clean pj's as well--unless we have to go somewhere. Gosh forbid if we ever got visitors, lol

    Have a beautiful day, friend. Bitter cold and snowing here.

  3. Yes! All of them! I'm not going anywhere, why do I need to wear real clothes? I will definitely pour my own cereal thank you very much. And I truly don't have bookshelf space at all, but the kindle prices are more than paperbacks (which seriously?! How? I can't even loan out the kindle books most of the time.) so I keep buying the books and squeezing them in. I read 4 books this week and I feel so invigorated. And fitted sheets? Why waste the time folding? Not worth it.

  4. Also cannot fold a fitted sheet and they drive me crazy and I must admit I put on my robe as soon as I get home -- esp. on those super cold winter days! :) Have a great week!

  5. What a great post!
    Kid cereal is the BEST! My mom never bought anything besides bran flakes, Cheerios and Kix when we were kids so I use deprivation as my excuse to indulge now! ;)
    Oh, and I write this while sitting in pajama pants in the my living room at one o'clock in the afternoon - having showered at 5:30 this morning. :)

  6. Loved it, keeping it all real. I am the same about cereal I like just the right amount of milk too much and it is all over for me.

  7. You are not alone in any of the things you mentioned. I want to be comfortable when I am home too, and p.j.'s are just the most comfortable of all. I am OCD in lots of little things, so see....you have many friends here!

  8. I would stay in my Jammie's all day, too, but I always end up needing to run an errand. So...how many pairs of winter pj's do you own?! Lol

  9. I adore you! And jammies are my best friend!! :)

  10. I needed this laugh, I love these! especially the "breakfast club" : )
    Happy Monday Billie Joe.

  11. I'm extremely jealouse that you get to live in pajamas!!! If I could I would, when the girls are not in sports and there is no where to be after school I change into pajamas right after pick up ;) There is nothing better than being at home and in pajamas!!

  12. Hi Billie Jo!

    I giggled through the whole post! It's so nice to know that you are just a normal woman!! I think we are all so human, we all have those wonderful quirks that make us who we are, and that also makes us wonderful! I also love Captain Crunch, I hate to fold fitted sheets, and if I didn't have a husband home all day, I would live in my PJ's!! Thanks for getting real with us!


  13. Not putting on clothes makes me nervous. I'm afraid there will be an emergency and I won't be able to rush out of the house. Irrational? Yes. I guess that's one of my issues!!!

  14. Billie Jo, why did they make jammies so comfortable if they weren't meant to be lived in 24/7? I think it rather cruel to only wear them at night time.

  15. Kindred spirits ... except for that fitted sheet dilemma. I learned from my mom years ago and it really is not hard to learn. I should do a YouTube tutorial, perhaps? LOL! You start by making a fist with your left hand (if right-handed) and draping one corner over it. You then move to the right and bring that corner in backwards and tucking it under the first corner and draping both corners over your fist. Then, it's on to the last two corners. WHen all four corners are tucked and draped over your first, lay on flat surface (a couch is fine) and flatten sheet, then bring the ends together and fold over.

    I know ... easier to just ball it up. :)

    1. Ooops ... draped over your "fist" not your "first." Typing faster than brain working.

  16. Oh honey dear, I could have written this post! Yelp, all me! I think I put on real clothes at 2:00 when I thought I was going to the doctor. I canceled my appt because it was too cold to get out and almost put back on my pajamas but realized had to pick up medicine for the Mr.

  17. I can't fold a fitted sheet either. In high school I briefly worked in laundry. The lady that worked with me barely spoke English. When she saw me trying to fold sheets she would always look at me, say No! And fold them herself 😹

  18. Ha! I love it Billie Jo! I also relate on many levels. Lol

    I cannot fold a fitted sheet to save my life either!! I have watched youtube videos and have practiced and tried, but it's hopeless. It doesn't help that we have a king sized bed and I'm only 5'3"!

    I also LOVE pj's/sweats comfy clothes. I try to live in the as much as possible as well. ;)

    I like cereal a lot too (maybe not as much as you have expressed) = but Capt Crunch is my favorite sweet one too!

    So fun to learn quirky things about you. :) Blessings my fReind. xoxo

  19. Hi Billie Jo, I guess we're both quirky because I couldn't fold a fitted sheet to save my life. Oh and I'm right there with you on cereal. Right now, I've been eating Raisin Bran, but I'm going to try that cranberry almond crunch that you like. It sounds delicious. I just posted about how much I love books, too. Have a lovely hump day!

  20. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Your not alone in your love of wearing pajamas.

    As for folding fitted sheets, I do fold them nicely (I think), and it really is not so hard to do. Folding the sheet in half, you match the fitted ends - one end inside the other - lay the sheet on a flat surface, such a a bed, bring the sides in neatly; and from here you fold the sheet into thirds, the rounded end a little lower than the straight edge; lastly, you fold the sheet from side to side into thirds or fourths - depending on the size you like it.

    Maybe I should post that.

    Always a pleasure to spend time at your blog.

  21. Milk, I KNOW that story! PJ's yup.. no surprise! But fitted sheets? Never knew that one!!! When I was home from my honeymoon I did the laundry. For the first time I hade sheets to fold. Yes, my mom did my sheets til I was married. (sorry) I called her CRYING when I was 23 because I could not fold a fitted sheet. I was so mad that I couldn't figure it out myself. And hers were always perfectly perfect in my 'growing up' linen closet. She talked me through it on the phone which didn't work. So then she came over. I still can't fold a fitted sheet like my Mom. But reading your post made me remember that sweet time!

  22. Just found this and I love it!! I could have written the entire post ~ :)



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