March 16, 2015

Keepin' It Real...I (Still) Have Issues

A little over a year ago, I shared this post about some of the issues I have with certain things. I came clean about how those seemingly harmless things really freaked me out. I am back to share some more things that make me who and what I am...weird. : ) Just keeping it real around here! So here goes...

I am a homebody. I love being home. I could go days without leaving.
And have. : )

I like people. I really do. And if I do go out with friends, I actually have a good time.
Right, Tara?
But for the most part...I'm quite happy being a hermit homebody.

I love retro game shoes. As in...LOVE.
I watch them on Game Show Network, and actually forget for awhile that it really isn't 1985.

Or 1975. : )

I don't exercise. Or work out. Or go to the gym.
Or whatever the term is these days.
I just don't.
I don't enjoy it.
I can think of a million other things I'd rather be doing.

See...I'm not the only one.

And...I have a fear. A legitimate fear...of raw eggs.

Like...I could almost wear this when I have to use them.
They just freak me out.
I truly feel like I will get violently ill if I come in contact with them.

Except that...I love raw cookie dough.
I could eat this entire bowl by myself!
Now explain that one. : )

A big shout out to Pinterest for all the pics.

Well, there you go.
Now, please...share some of your issues with me.
Let me know I'm not alone. : )


  1. The staying home thing? Yes. I would never leave if it wasn't for Mass. (And I'm going to be honest if the TV Mass counted I would leave even less.) So in February I left 5 times. (4 Masses and 1 Target trip.)

  2. Billie Jo....this is Hilarious!! Those pics are too funny. Every one of those is a gem and I've felt the same way. Love the game shows too...especially Match Game. Here's a weird quirk. I've sorta had a crush on Gene Rayburn. How's that for keepin' in real?

  3. Oh dear friend, you have me giggling...I have a fear of speaking in public, yep, there it is, in front of adults, now, children, that is fine. And I want to be a adol. teacher? Overcoming tons of fears is something I have to work on and being back in college for almost a year, is a work in progress. Your not alone, my friend, truly your not. I know it may seem I have "it together", but really, I have some long standing issues. Blessings

  4. Haha Bille Jo!! Your little pinterest picture comments were perfect to go with this post and hilarious!!

    I thought my daughter (who is only 8!) was the only one who loves old game shows!! Her favorite is card sharks and she watches it often in the AM before school. Lol

    And the egg thing is quite a new one to me - I don't think I've ever heard of anyone who was afraid of them. And then especially one that will eat cookie dough - now that is a puzzle!!

    I think I have some OCD tendencies if that counts? Like when I'm doing something like say curl my hair with a curling iron...I have to count the exact number of seconds over and over for each curl just right. I have a lot of other things similar to that too - where I have to count the same each time. Or I have to turn the light switch off a certain way... things like that. So sort of OCD, but not so bad that it will ruin my day if I don't do them. Just weird the quirks we have. ;)

  5. I am right there with you on the cookie dough! Raw eggs be damned!!!!!

  6. I have many things that bother me too. I prefer staying home rather than going out among a group of people. We have a small Sunday School class of 9 ladies and I can handle that ok, but social events are just not for me. One on one, I am fine...others, not. I am OCD as far as things being in place...the table clean and the counters in the kitchen too. I have a routine I do at night and so far have not had to change it. See how much we are alike? lol

  7. Great getting to know a little more about you :-) Have a wonderful week!


  8. This is a fun post and I totally get you! I am also a homebody. Sometimes I so have to push myself to get out and "mingle" and be social. Both hubby and I are usually the "no shows" at church and work parties and social events. I know I have some social anxiety. Saturday, Charly and I went out to dinner at a very good, popular restaurant and it was crowded and that made me really uptight to we ordered our food "to go" brought it home and enjoyed the delicious food in the comfortable setting of our home. and I also love cookie dough. It's raw chicken that freaks me out - but raw eggs are right up there too. Thanks for keeping it real. I think we all have some "issues" to deal with. Have a great week :-)

  9. I am so like you, it is scary. LOL

  10. I am so like you, it is scary. LOL

  11. Interesting how many of us in bloggy land are homebodies. I AM ONE TOO! I love being home and in nature with my loved ones.

    How is it you eat all that wonderful food your daughters make and those cute cupcakes and yummy drinks and not work out!!?? do share you magic secret!!!!

    I have a healthy fear of spiders, tornadoes and bears!

  12. All of these crack me up!! We are constantly on the go, and because of that I find myself really enjoying my downtime at home and not wanting to make any plans to fill it up! :-)

  13. What a fun post! I love when people can laugh about their quirks. Mine tend to be more about my OCD especially when it comes to food - like I measure out or count my snacks before I eat them. My husband loves to get under my skin about this one by taking a bite of my snack when I'm not looking so that my measurement is off. ;)
    Have a great day and thanks for making me smile! :)

  14. Oh my -- you are too funny!! I do exercise because I have a love love love affair with chocolate! :) I could eat that whole bowl of cookie dough too. In fact, I made cookies recently just to have some dough to eat! I would also usually rather stay home! I think we could be best friends! :)

  15. I'm a total homebody as well and I feel the same as far as hanging out with other people. I always have fun once I go out and do it but I usually have to talk myself into going out because I am completely fine just spending my time alone. I even get irritated when a friend wants to hang out numerous days in one week, hermit problems ;)

  16. Yup... the biggest shocker when we met was how adored you were by everyone in the town. (not that you wouldn't be adored of course. Because you are adorable.. . it's more how you handled it... like you were the most outgoing leave your house gal there is) And how you could "work the crowd" with your smiles, hugs, "how are you????" "how are the kids????" "sure, call me, we've got to get together and have lunch" My mouth hung open. And then... poof! You're in your home and the happiest person on the planet. I LOVE that about you. I love that you're a hermit (except for craft fairs the size of the state) (and when I come) You are awesome just the way you are! That's why we all come here. We want a slice of your homebody happiness pie. You serve it well! Love ya! ~tara

  17. You are not alone! I live for Match Game (circa 1980). I also kinda sorta believe in fairy tales. But who doesn't, right?! xo

  18. Oh,we all have issues! I had fun reading these memes you posted. Especially the first one. Hello, introvert! :)

  19. Oh, this is fantastic! Thanks for being real I would choose staying home over going out ANY day. And I have done exactly that this week. I've cancelled nearly everything and have thoroughly enjoyed the quiet solitude of my little nest. And...I also don't like to exercise, but every now and then I force myself to walk because I DO like to eat things like pasta and donuts, and at 5'2" (barely) there isn't a lot of extra space for that stuff to go, so I have to walk...a little. :) Love you and love this post. Thanks for being real. You give the rest of us permission to love being real, too! <3

  20. I'm with you on the hermit part! I always love seeing my friends, but I REALLY need to be by myself a little bit every day! Let's see... my keeping it real for today: Our hand towel holder in the guest bath has been falling off the wall for almost a year. I'm seriously considering super glue, because my hubby is not handy and we are never home long enough to wait for a repairman!

  21. I have issues too. Loved reading yours!!

    You are so funny.
    I actually kind of liked not knowing anyone down in Texas for 3 chance of running into anyone, no chance of anyone stopping places to was a nice part. BUT at the same time, I did get a little lonely around week 3...just a little, and it quickly went away. :)

    Love you and I love this!

  22. Hello Billie Jo,

    I also am an extreme homebody and I prefer not to have too much visiting; it tires me out. Moreover, I do not like the phone. I rarely call anyone. I screen ALL of my calls. I will talk if my family members call, but they all know how much I really do not like being on the phone for too long. (I do love them, I just don't like talking on the phone.) I do have one exception, I am very close to one sister in particular and sometimes talk to her for hours, but we try to keep that quiet from the rest of the family so that no one's feelings are hurt. AND I do not carry a cell phone. I hate those things!

    Have a wonderful day in your country home away from the world,


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