November 2, 2015

The Night Before Halloween 2015

I love Halloween. You knew that right? So we celebrate it big here in our country house. This year we started on Friday night...the eve of Halloween.

We started off with a fun Halloween inspired dinner...
This was the menu...
and it looked like this!
My bestie Marian came for the weekend and brought some amazing Concord Grapes that we added to the Not-So-Poison Apples.
And there was Candy Corn Pizza and Mummy's Macaroni and Cheese.
And of course...Peyton made Dark as Night Brownies. They were amazing!
After dinner, we carved pumpkins! Peyton is all about this!
And my Madison joined in too.
She prefers to paint her pumpkins. They are amazing.
Marian was in charge of Mocha...
when she wasn't doing this. : )
And my baby loved it this year!
It was a wonderful start to our Halloween!


  1. How fun. Wish I was there! That candy corn pizza is so cool.

  2. Oh how fun, Billie Jo!!! Thanks for sharing....Blessings

  3. Hello Billie Jo,

    Yes, you have seen me before on my blog The Simple Life of Hope. I stopped blogging for awhile but am now back. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment! You are very encouraging.

    :) Hope

  4. Looks like a great way to kick off Halloween!

  5. There was not a doubt in the world in my mind that you wouldn't celebrate BIG! Always love to see what kind of event you create. Love the table, the pumpkins, big and little ones:)

  6. Just love how festive you are with your family. You make it seems so easy! Looks like good times were had by all!

  7. Sounds wonderful! Love your dinner

  8. I'm with Madison, I prefer to paint (something about pumpkin guts).
    Always fun at your house! You are an inspiration!

  9. This was the first year my kids really enjoyed scooping out the pumpkin guts...every prior year it grossed them out. Glad we got back into the carving pumpkins - it was great fun!

    What a festive evening you all had!

  10. Fun times!! One of our pumpkins actually had baby pumpkins growing inside!!! I think it's because of how hot our fall was this year.

  11. I wanna be there!!! I just love how beautifully you put it all together... your family is learning how to do holidays from you. Someday you'll walk in their houses and see cute little cupcakes and brownies, and table cloths... all of it! What a fun night you had!

  12. How fun, the food looks delicious! I really like your Madison's pumpkin 😊👍🏻

  13. I love all the themes you do!! How fun! Fun memories for all your beautiful kiddos!


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