November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween Day was wonderful. It was clear and crisp, but not too cold. We started the day with some doughnuts for breakfast and then watched Halloween movies until it was time for our Halloween Feast. Then, we dressed and headed out to Trick-or-Treat!

We had some spooky doughnuts for breakfast...

and burned a spooky candle all day.

After we watched some Halloween movies, we prepared for our Halloween Feast!

Then it was time to get ready!

My Cinderella...

She was so happy. : )

And my Peyton...who is so wonderful about dressing up and taking her Flynn every year.

Madison was thrilled to do her hair and makeup. : )

And my Rhett. Such a good sport. He went too!

My little Mocha was all set too.
Kirby opted to stay home this year. : )

One with Grandma...

And more outside!

Trick-orTreating was wonderful, and when we got home, the kids dumped out their buckets and began to sort and trade.

Soon enough, it was time for Cinderella to change out of her gown and head to sleep. With memories of an amazing evening in her mind and in her heart.

I want to remember so much about this night. I want to remember how Flynn danced with her dress on the hanger and sang just like Cinderella does in the movie. I want to remember how excited she was after ever single house, and how she said, "Where next?" before she was even in the car. I want to remember how beautiful my Peyton looked, and how happy she was to take Flynn's hand at every house. I want to remember my Rhett, and how he suddenly looked so grown up as he walked from house to house. I want to remember how he was so happy to go with his family rather than with friends. I want to remember my mom and my best friend in the back of the van, having as much fun as we were. I want to remember my husband, driving around in search of porch lights. I want to remember it all. The fun of having children on Halloween night. And so I put it all here. And I thank you for reading. : )


  1. You and your family definitely had a wonderful Halloween this year. Your children are blessed more than they can know, but will one of these days when they have the great memories you have.

  2. And I thank you for sharing. It makes us all smile.

  3. Okay. Would you be mad at me if I tell you Mocha was the cutest of all ?? Adorable!!

  4. What a perfectly hauntingly wonderfully magical Halloween day and night. That Cinderella's smile really does say it all. Love your touches! ;)
    Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  5. Okay, I have missed SO MUCH of your amazing blogging! Can I just start by saying your photos are awesome! I'm so glad you're taking so many these days. I love 'visiting' when I can't visit! Okay, so Flynn ... she's a Cinderella transforming right before my eyes as she gets a little taller every year. And the cape... love it! I love all of the food you had. I need to do more that that kind of fun next year. Remind me, okay? Love your love of holidays and your love of family and your love of home and your love of it all!

  6. I so want to be adopted by you, smiles and giggles. Rhett ---did he scare your mom? Just wondering...thank you for sharing, always makes me smile. Blessings

  7. They look great! And what a perfect day! Your such a good mommy ����������

  8. Great costumes! Love all the Halloween goodies and touches around your home. Looks like everyone had a great evening!


  9. What a wonderful Halloween and time with your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love what you wrote about what you want to remember! That is what I want to remember too!
    Only different costumes here...but all the excitement and love of the night.

    Can I say that Rhett's mask....scary!!!
    And your girls looked beautiful!
    Fun night. Fun memories!


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