November 1, 2015

The Day After

Have a wonderful first day of November, my friends. It is dark and rainy here, so after Mass celebrating All Saint's Day, we will snuggle in and rest up. Dinner will be a big pot of comforting Tuna Casserole. And my Peyton is baking Fresh Apple Pies. Happy November!


  1. Yummy Apple Pies!!! (I'll skip the tuna casserole, thank you, smiles and giggles)

    Have a beautiful Sunday, Billie Jo. Blessings

  2. Time is marching on for sure. It is a dark, dreary day here as well. Church and then afternoon nap for us! God bless you and yours.

  3. Sounds like a perfect a cozy day to me my Friend! I love your new blog background too. Blessings to you as we begin this beautiful new month and begin the holiday season. xo

  4. MMMMMM apple pie sounds really good right now.... if only I had some! Happy first day of November!! Have a great evening.


  5. I would love to join your family for a slice of that fresh apple pie! Sounds delicious! Glad your Halloween went well. Have a great week and Happy November!

  6. Sounds nice, we also enjoyed mass on all saints day, we got to join our sons Sunday school class and I enjoyed hearing what kids thought all,saints day meant and how they smiled hearing the teacher explain the real reason behind it ❤️ Your daughter makes fresh apple pies! WTG momma! You are bringing them children up right! They are going to have such great memories. That's what it's all about! : )


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