November 4, 2015

A Few Weeks In November

“November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.”

Clyde Watson

I savor the first few weeks of November. The fun of Halloween is but a memory, and the excitement of the holidays waits for us like an unopened package tied with a festive bow. While I may be making assorted mental notes and even a few Amazon orders, I tend to enjoy these first few weeks of November by snuggling in our country home as the darkness comes earlier and spending time with the simple things. Happy November, my friends.

The orange and black of Halloween are replaced with shades of brown. And cute felt turkey coats too. : )

The candles burn longer now, as the darkness comes sooner.

Apple pies are made with the last of the freshly picked apples.
And I'm quite sure there is something very similar to this in Heaven. : )
Afternoon coffee and tea are spent looking through catalogues.

Plans are made for our annual Ornament Day.

Rooms are cozier now...

and I spend my evenings in my spot. With my tea. And my book. And my people.

Enjoy your first few weeks of November, friends. : )


  1. Oh, what a warm and cozy post! I so love November!

    Dear Billie Jo,
    Thank you so much for following my blog. You are such a thoughtful dear!

    :) Hope

  2. You and I truly are "Sisters from another Mister" Billie Jo! Lol So alike in our love for the change of seasons, cozy, what this time of year means and what it brings. LOVE blogging so much for the very reason of lovely friends like you. Stay cozy and enjoy this season as it slowly drapes over us like a warm blanket. Just the best. xoxo

  3. I always love seeing how you decorate for each season, and since the fall is my all time favorite, I enjoy visiting your blog even more. Have a snuggly day!

  4. Everything about this post is cozy!! Happy November!

  5. Sigh, to be young again and wear such fun things, smiles. Thank you Billie always make me smile...and thank you for not making a Christmas post yet...our downtown and town square has put up the Christmas decorations already...sigh...... Blessings sweet friend.

  6. This, the first few weeks of November, will always be special to me. Because I KNOW how your house feels this time of year. I've BEEN there. On that couch, around that table, in your church pew, with your people. It is one very special place in one very special time of year. I'm a sap but I don't care... I will TREASURE our weekend together friends meeting friends forever! Love your spot on the couch, love her turkey coat, love the spot right outside the door, love the catalogues around the family table, all of it, just love!

  7. Same to you Billie Jo! I love these first few weeks of November too. We are settling into the coziness of the season, with a hint of excitement of the holidays to come. Such a great time of year. Happy November, dear friend! ♥

  8. Looks so beautiful and cozy! What a lovely home you have and wonderful of you to share it and your beautiful words today!

  9. Your posts brighten my day, Billie Jo! I swear we're Kin ☺️ I just received the same pottery barn catalog. So many pretty things 😍 I just ordered baby girl her unicorn stocking from them. Have a blessed November! Lots of birthdays in our family. What a blessed month. Lots to be thankful for 💛

  10. Very comfy..your home is! I cant believe we dont have snow yet in Minnesota. The hunters will have a nice warm hunt this year!

  11. Billie Jo, your home pictures always make me smile! Thank you!

  12. November is probably my least favorite month. NO wait, maybe it's January.

    You make it seem wonderful!


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