June 21, 2014

The Dream That You Wish Will Come True...

My Flynn has a genuine love for Cinderella. It goes well beyond the usual favorite princess or favorite toy phase. She truly has a connection to the kind, soft spoken heart of Cinderella. So when we were planning this trip to Walt Disney World, we knew she would have to meet her. I credit Peyton and Steve for the planning of this trip, and they did an excellent job. We secured Fast Passes to meet Cinderella on our very first night, as well as have dinner in Cinderella's Castle a few days later.

Once we arrived at our villa in Walt Disney World, Flynn changed into her Cinderella sun dress and we set out to Magic Kingdom. We relished our first glimpse of Main Street and Cinderella's Castle before heading off to ride and explore. When the time arrived for us to head to Princess Fairytale Hall, Flynn was beyond excited. We waited just a few moments before we were ushered into the beautiful room where Cinderella was waiting. And then it was our turn...

Flynn ran into her Cinderella's arms.

And Cinderella was the sweetest, kindest, and most loving princess ever.

She spent so much time with Flynn...talking and giggling, asking her name, and posing for pictures...

And then she gave her one last big hug before it was our time to leave.
This moment melted our hearts. : )
The last thing Flynn told her was she was coming to her castle for dinner in two more days.
On Thursday. : )

On Thursday, Flynn dressed in her finest dress, complete with her crown, and we headed to meet Cinderella before dining in her castle.

She was so excited.
Can you tell?

We arrived at the castle and were ushered into the reception area where Cinderella greets her guests.

And then there was this...
The moment we all stopped and stared...
Except for Flynn who ran into Cinderella's arms again.
What made us so happy?
This lovely young lady...
This sweet Cinderella...
who must meet and hug hundreds of little girls a day...
stopped when she saw us, smiled, opened her arms and said,
"Princess Flynn! I've been waiting for you!"

She actually remembered Flynn from two days before!
How special did that make my baby feel?
Cinderella sat down and visited with her...
She told Flynn how much she loved her gown...
She told Flynn she had waited all day to see her.

And then Cinderella gave my baby the most genuine hug ever.
It was one of the moments I will remember for the rest of my life.
And I know, as young as she is, my Flynn will do the same.
She will remember with joy the day a young lady named Cinderella
made all her dreams come true.
After all...

"A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true."


  1. This is great. What a fun and lovely memory!

  2. Those Disney cast members are good. The little things they somehow manage to pull off because our most treasured memories. I am thrilled for Flynn. What a wonderful adventure!

  3. Oh my sweet goodness!! This touched this Nana's heart beyond words.
    I praise the tender heart of the wonderful young lady who was Cinderella. I pray that God will bless her for what she is doing for children all over the world. What a tremendous story. To know that she remembered your Flynn's name and gave genuine hugs and shared heartfelt communications with her warms my heart.
    Flynn is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It made my day.
    Dreams do come true.

  4. Oh my goodness I am seriously tearing up right now...that is SO SWEET. I was enjoying your instagram pictures so much!!! We are hoping to go next year for the first time and I'm even more excited now!!! So glad you had a great time!!!

  5. A very special time for Flynn but also for her family.

  6. Aww..how special!!! Thank you for sharing..she definately will remember this. Blessings

  7. This post made me teary eyed!!! I love that she remembered sweet Flynn's name and how amazing that memory is for her and you guys! Great pictures :)

  8. Oh, I totally cried reading this. What a sweet memory your family was able to have, especially your darling little Flynn. I love that you took all those pictures and shared that moment with all of us. :)

  9. I just love this. Love it! What a sweet, sweet memory to treasure.

  10. How absolutely, amazingly awesome! In so many ways. I bet Flynn is still dreaming about this...and will be for the rest of her life!

  11. Billie Jo, what a heartwarming story! Your precious Flynn will remember that always. And it is wonderful to see that there are still lovely people in the world that go above and beyond their jobs to bless others. :-)

  12. What wonderful pictures!! And I just love that Cinderella remembered her name!!!

  13. Oh my goodness Flynn how exciting that must have been! What memories you made on your magical vacation my friend!

  14. awww I am all teary eyed after that post. So sweet. My eldest dd loved cinderella when she was around 2 and 3. But, she would be that way too. It would be a dream job for her to play a princess.

  15. You can't get anymore precious than that!! She will remember that for the rest of her life. My girls were the same way when they met their favorite princesses.

  16. Really, if there was a pair more meant to be than your Flynn and her Cinderella... they are perfect together and you captured it beautifully! Love, simply love!


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