January 6, 2014

Keepin' It Real...Around The House

It occurred to me a few days ago, as I glanced up at the light fixture in our upstairs hallway, that perhaps I could keep it real here with a few pictures of my not-so-perfect home. I admit, I am a bit OCD about keeping our home neat and clean and organized. That is just how my mind works and it is just how I function best. No excuses. That being said, I must admit, my house is not always perfectly clean. Or organized. I mean, six people and a dog live here and as I have aged, I have been blessed with becoming much more relaxed. And here is the proof... I'm just keeping it real here, my friends...be warned!

The one that started it all...I glanced up and saw the numerous cobwebs adorning the light fixture and a burnt out bulb as well. And guess what? It still looks exactly like this. ; )

This is a peek inside Peyton's room. Madison sleeps here as well...and guess which bed she sleeps in? This picture illustrates two things actually...the polar opposites that are my girls, and the fact that I actually leave unmade beds in my home. Sometimes.

Laundry room. On a good day.

This poor little old corner always seems to miss the Swiffer parties.

And our family room on any given night. This one actually makes me happy. I dread the day when toys no longer cover my carpet, and all the blankets remain perfectly folded.

So there you have it...a peek inside my home...
Thanks for sticking it out!


  1. It still looks pretty neat and tidy to me! Living with 8 boys has taken me away from my OCD days of housecleaning in order to remain sane I had to let a lot of that go. One day, it will all be ordered well, but until then I also embrace a few unmade beds and the unfolded blankets - but, I must admit that there are some days I go through the house like Stormin Norman bellowing out to "clean this mess up". Your house looks great, my kids would call that extreme home makeover clean.

  2. I love how organized your laundry room is. Even with lots of clothes in it, everything has a place and it looks like everything is where it should be!

  3. Reallyyyyy Billie Jo? (lol)--looks perfectly fine to me. I do miss the scattered toys as our son is "grown" up. I ma like you..I do like a nice decluttered home. Stay warm..Blessings

  4. You would not want to see the dust bunnies in our house. I tell my kids they are our pets ;)

    Nobody makes beds in the morning at our house either. Sometimes my husband will throw the duvet across the bed so it looks a little neater, but the kids beds are never made. I have to say, I do not see the point, especially since nobody is home all day to look at them. Perhaps if I had to walk by unmade beds all day, I would be more strict about that chore???

  5. We always have unfolded blankets and socks! You never know where you might find a sock!

  6. I love it that you are 'real' and dont pretend that everything is in it's place 100% of the time.

  7. Hi Billie Jo! You know, that is not messy, but everyone defines messy differently. Its all in perception. Traveling back home after being in KC . I had to make sure my house was clean before i left because I cannot stand coming home to a mess.

  8. Happy New Year, Billie Jo! Hope all is well. We haven't visited in quite a while. I love the shot of the "little people" spilled all over the floor…messes like that make me happy, happy, happy! Hugs.

  9. Perfectly imperfect. You have a lovely home even with a little dust and a few cobwebs and Legos on the floor. The way you have organized your laundry room is great! Enjoy your week.

  10. Oh, thanks so much for sharing this. I have been wandering around my house frustrated that it takes so long for all the helpers to come home, but that I still can't quite manage it all myself. This little reminder is exactly what I needed to remember that dust bunnies and unfolded blankets and unmade beds mean that there is life happening in this house. Megan was sweeping one day during the break and discovered that in one of our "dark corners" there was actually a very old cookie that had become petrified sometime since it rolled there. People live here. Cookies get dropped and forgotten. Love and life abounds in this home! Much love, friend! <3

  11. Oh so clean! Haha.
    You know what I love, that guys and girls are so different when it comes to cleanliness. Picked up is not "clean," as I always have to tell Bill.
    And although I like things clean, I don't always do it!
    Now organizing - that is what I need help with! You've got that down!

  12. Hi Dear! Thank you for visiting my new blog home. Your place looks so cool! Nice updates on the theme :)
    I had to change to a different platform because of technical problems on my Blogger site. Oh well. Not sure why link doesn't work, it should be forwarded? You can sign up on the new blog for posts by email and RSS. That would take care of it!

    I'll be back to blogging in a few weeks. Thank you for your lovely comment, it was so fun to see a friend! Keep warm too :)

  13. Wow! Your laundry room is wonderful...it looks organized even when lightly messed up. What a great system you have there.

    :) Hope

  14. Are you kidding!! That's the worst it gets? I love ya friend! We are the SAME! I'm neat and super organize. House pretty well clean but I've got lights with cobwebs and areas of the floor that the Swiffer doesn't get to. I love your keeping it real posts! And my favorite picture of all is the one of your family room with the toys everywhere! LOVE these posts! xo happy Tuesday

  15. You are great, I am dying over your very organized laundry room!

  16. Your messy is really not that messy...but I love it, I love real posts the best!

    It's funny, when I take pictures of messes, they don't look as messy as they really are in real life, or maybe it's in my head...the mess that is.

    I, too, love your laundry room!


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