November 21, 2013

Weekend Plans...And The Last Of The Birthday Pictures!

The weekend is here... this is what I always consider the final "regular" weekend until after all the holiday excitement subsides in faraway January. The upcoming weekends will be filled with celebrating, hunting camp, visitors, parties, decorating, and so much more. So this weekend we plan on keeping it simple...with a few fun things thrown in. : )

Friday night Rhett will be working at our local theatre for the opening of...Catching Fire!!! We have been waiting for this for so long, and are so excited. (We are going to watch The Hunger Games Thursday night to get prepared!) The girls and I are going to see it, and Steve volunteered to stay home with Flynn. I'm sure he and Rhett will go see it sometime soon. : )

Saturday during the day is free. I really have no plans other than to put some veggie beef soup in the crock pot and relax all day. Steve has some outdoor work to do before winter, and I'm sure Rhett will give him a hand. They will take the autumn decorations down, take our remaining pumpkins and cornstalks out to the woods behind our house, and prep the garages for winter. Saturday night we are attending late Mass, as Rhett is serving. After that, it's home and jammies.

Sunday is a free day. We are going to drive up to camp and spend the cold afternoon snuggled inside watching our frustrating beloved Steelers and snacking on take out from our favorite nearby restaurant. Sunday guessed it...The Walking Dead. And jammies. : )

So there you have it...our super exciting weekend. I hope yours is cozy and filled with family fun, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh...and don't forget to take your turkey out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to give it plenty of time to thaw!

November cupcake delivery...cranberry...need I say more? ; )

Someone snuck in a little car seat nap on the way to visit Grandpa last weekend...

She woke up in time to see the random bull elk roaming in someone's in Pennsylvania is nothing short of amazing. : )

We had a nice visit with my sweet dad...and he ATE! He actually ate half a sandwich. : )

All ready for Mass last Saturday night...outside without a coat in November!

After Mass, we celebrated my friend Mary's birthday with a yummy dinner out...shrimp scampi...

and triple chocolate cheesecake. Because she was having a piece and that's just the kind of friend I one should ever eat decadent desserts alone on her birthday.

My Peyton...reading on her iPad...pretty much what you will always find her doing. If she isn't helping me with Flynn, or the laundry, or making dinner, or baking desserts...

My sweet Madison and I snapped a quick pic before Flynn's party last Sunday...

where my sweet baby had a wonderful time, and was such a great hostess. : )

On her actual birthday the six of us celebrated with Olivia...

and she was happy!

She loved her Elf on the Shelf nightgown...

and her Peppa Pig play set...which she has been playing with for over an hour. Not kidding.

She smiled when we sang to her...

and made a special wish before she blew out her candle.

And one more shot of my sweet girl waking up in her crib on her 4th birthday...because someday I won't remember these amazing baby days.

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. My daughter is trying to get us to agree to take her to see Catching Fire this weekend too. You're killing me with the pictures of all those sweets! Great pictures of your sweet family. Enjoy your weekend, Billie Jo.

  2. We were just discussing that this is the last "free" weekend as well. We want to go see that movie too. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Wonderful pics!! Have a Blessed and wonderful weekend.

  3. OH my gosh! So this is our FIRST free weekend since August! No joke. It is so nice to see the weekend calendar squares uncolored (I have to color code to keep everyone's activities straight!) Your moments with your father make me so happy! How I wish I lived close to my mom and in-laws. Are you schooling next week? I had scheduled it off for us. Looking forward to low key starting Friday. Enjoy your weekend! ps - your Peyton and my Sally are two peas in a pod!

  4. Look at all that delicious food! You guys sure know how to celebrate :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. Isabella really wants to see Catching Fire with a friend and her mom tonight. I love that Rhett works at the movie theatre.....what a fun job.

    I see Flynn had a wonderful Birthday. Juliana loves peppa peg as well.

    Where did you find the Elf on the shelf nightgown? I think that would be fun to have Buddy of Elf bring for Juliana when he arrives next week.

  6. Love the pic of her asleep on the car, totally captures the moment.

  7. Your baby is still in a crib!! My baby still has a bottle!! It is hard to let the baby go when there isnt another baby to push them up and out like my other ones had.

    So good that you see your dad often. He is a lucky lucky daddy.

    Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! Love the cupcakes as always bloggy friend.

  8. Billie Jo, I don't get tired of looking at cupcakes! :-)

    All your pictures are so sweet. I haven't seen Peppa Pig yet but my daughter tells me that my grandson enjoys the show. I may have to watch it too to figure out what it is.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi Billie Jo! I love that picture of you and Madison in black and white! And that one of Flynn in her crib. She looks so happy in her birthday pictures and that Turkey dress? Where is that one from? Darling! Have a happy weekend friend, tara

  10. Love this. I love to look into your beautiful home life. You and Madison are like serious twins... caraaazy! Flynn... sweet sweet girl, happiest of birthdays (belated). Many blessings on your sweet soul this year (and tell your Mom to save that super cute turkey outfit to hand down to my girls someday...ha!)

  11. Hi Billie Jo! Such cute pics of your family, your daughter especially. What a fun birthday you had for her!
    So today is soup day, and I hope it's a relaxing one for you. I went out for dinner with a friend of mine last night. Tonight, after a day of cleaning, my husband and I will probably go see Captain Phillips at the theater. Enjoy your trip with the family to the theater!
    I lector at 11:30 am mass tomorrow. Then our football team will probably get mauled. But we'll watch anyway :)
    Have a lovely day my friend,

  12. Oh what precious pictures, dear friend! And the one of you and your daughter is so beautiful - she looks just like you :)

    All of the food made me hungry :) And what a blessing for you to visit your dad and see him eat - praise the Lord!

    Blessings to you, sweet lady!

  13. OK, we are getting ready to push our almost 2 year old out of the crib!! (haha) One of my god friends wait til the 5th birthday to move babies to big beds! Wait til she's 5! :)

    Did I tell you my oldest daughter's middle name is Grace? (it is)
    I'm late to the party, we've been down with the flu this week....lots of yuck.
    Hoping it's over...we'll see. 5 down, 3 to go!

    You have the greatest seasonal outfits for Flynn, Love them all!
    Love all your blessings...Could your oldest daughter look any more like you? I don't think so! (pretty ladies)

  14. Awe! What wonderful pictures!! And you and your daughter SO look like twins! I hope you've had a good weekend! Stay warm, my new friend! :)


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