November 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Flynn Grace!

My baby is four. And I am ok with that. Maybe because 4 year olds are awesome...and because I am realizing that no matter how old she becomes, Flynn will always be my baby.

Flynn is a happy person. Really happy.

She loves to play. With toys. Real toys like baby dolls and pretend food and Little People.

She loves school. She loves to learn and calls me Teacher.

Flynn loves to snuggle. She asks me to snuggle with the brown blanket, and when she does,  I drop what I'm doing and snuggle with her. Because I know, some day she won't.

My Flynn has spunk. And I am glad.

She loves white milk and pepperoni pizza.

She loves Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Olivia, and Tickety Tock. (I'm still trying to figure that last one out.)

She loves her crib. Yes, she still sleeps in it. And I am glad. She can cuddle up in there as long as her little body fits.

My Flynn is my shadow. She tells me she loves me every single day. She takes my face and holds it in her hands, and says, "Ahh, I love my mommy..." I never want to forget that. Ever.

I ask her every day, "Flynn, what does mommy say?"And we say together, "Dear Jesus, thank you for my baby. Amen."

Happy Birthday, Flynn Grace! We love you!

Just as sweet as she was when she turned...


and two...

and three! : )

Happy 4th Birthday, my Flynn. : )


  1. Happy Birthday to Flynn. I think 4 is the funnest age. I love your "Dear Jesus" line. She will remember that forever!! I hope she has a happy day.

  2. I love that age! She is so cute, Billie Jo. Happy birthday to her. May God abundantly bless her throughout this next year!

  3. Happy Birthday Flynn!!! That is what I love about when we visit our grand nieces..I get to play with dolls, and all girl stuff. No boy stuff around, lol. Have a blessed day!!!!!

  4. She is precious! I hope you both enjoy her special day! You are a great mama! :)

  5. Beautiful! Happy Birthday Flynn!

    You sound like a wonderful Mommy!

  6. Hi Billie Jo! Happy Birthday to your little Flynn! I loved seeing the photos of her through the years. She is so cute, and really rocks those bows :). I agree with you, snuggle when you can. Those are precious moments.

    And the vision of her grabbing your face and tells you she loves you...what a gift that is! You get a gift on her birthday, and that's pretty special.
    Blessings on Flynn, you and your family. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Four is the perfect age. What a little sweetie Flynn is. Wishing her a wonderful day and a happy year #4. <3

  8. Happy 4th Birthday Flynn!! She is so cute...those eyes! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating her today.

  9. Oh, my gosh, I love what you said about stopping everything and snuggling with her!! SO true and SO special!! My 4 year old is a mama girl and I SO love that, she loves everything to do with mama...(a couple of my kids are daddy kids, so I appreciate it)

    I love those sweet little baby pictures!!

    Happy birthday sweet sweet little girl, we love you--God bless you honey!!

  10. She is the most beautiful four year old.. look at her in her birthday dress... lovely! Happy birthday to your always and forever baby! xo tara

  11. Oh she was an adorable baby.
    Happy Special Birthday to Flynn. My "baby" isnt four till Feb. so I am holding on to the days. They grow up fast.

    My "baby" loves peppa pig also. Loved learning about Flynn and all her likes and her sweet personality. Your family is blessed.

  12. What a sweetie!!!
    Love all these pics and everything you wrote about your cute baby girl.
    AHHH I can't believe how fast it goes!!!
    I'm glad you're enjoying each step of the way!

  13. the sweetest ever!
    happy birthday Flynn!
    Aubrey says welcome to the 4's!! they are great!!!:)
    and your baby....sent from know I so get that one!
    have a happy day billie jo

  14. Happy birthday to that beautiful, sweet girl! It is so clear from your blog what a blessing she is to all of you! :)

  15. Awww man... I'm so preggo emotional I cried at that one where you say "What does Mommy say?" Ava knows I always say "Mommy loves you (and she finishes) SOOoooooooooo MUCH!"


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